Twisted Sister – A Short Story Series


Human Psychology has shown that everyone is mapped differently based on the things we experience in life.  In many cases, those who experience trauma in life are the ones that end up suffering the most.  In many cases, people avoid idealism, as people live in denial to prevent the things that replay in their heads, suppressing the nightmares that haunt them of these internalized events.   But we aren’t talking about the traumas that you are thinking about.  As trauma out of our control are what I am referring to as car crashes and accidents, people experience common trauma that keeps people in subtle fear.  However, in a situation where trauma is an ongoing occurrence starting in childhood.  Where those who prey on the vulnerable to cope with the internalized fears of feeling powerless.  Inducing trauma to those around them and preying on the weaker.

            Many of these predators prey on the less vulnerable. They use manipulation tactics to keep their prey in line, forever trapping them in a toxic and dangerous situation.  Where many of those victims with consistent onset trauma never get out.  As the ultimate reason is that they become confused about what is reality and what isn’t.  Many of these trauma cases blame themselves for the things that they cannot control, feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, and finally getting the courage to get the help they need to get out.  The business of those who judge them prevents them from getting the help that they truly need to get out.  Where in that final attempt, all hope is lost.  And the faith in humanity is eliminated.

            In many cases, this is how a predator develops, wherein their ability to feel inferior to their traumas early on childhood, which is why this circle should be stopped.   But it doesn’t work in many cases unless the victim has a witness.  Wherewith, a master manipulator will end up taking away all the allies these victims could have had.  The stereotype of a typical victim becomes more victimized and, in the worst-case scenario, loses their life as justice is never served. But what happens when a victim breaks their chains in this sense of hopelessness?  Which is something you never hear about now, do you?

            As not all people are programmed the same, some will prey on those most vulnerable, causing others to feel pain.  But how about a selfless individual, who in the big picture scenario they begin to see the behavioral pattern that occurs in these predators.  In the state of strategic planning and a will to get justice back, they end up going dark and rouge.  Where in the presence of a failed judicial system in a world of systematics.  The prey becomes the predator with a motive for one thing.  A vendetta for blood and revenge from those who have taken the life they once knew.  Where fear turns into rage, and love turns into a lust for blood.  The only way out is to kill.  Depending on how far they are from the ledge, brutally and cruelly.  Where an eye for an eye is now a taste of the predator’s predator, where good is no longer an option, leans on, embrace the art of sadistic murder. 

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