The Rideshare Chronicles – Sci Fi Book Series

Why the Rideshare Chronicles is deemed creatively wicked

Alessandra Romero is not your average girl as she doesn’t fit into the social norms that society has expected her to be. Which she is okay with after resolving her troubled past. But what else would you expect from someone who is destined to save the Universe? With the help of her team of Meta-humans, including her extraterrestrial love interest. She battles the evils that threaten the world and the Universe of an evil phenomenon, “The Mass Extinction,” from the evils that lurk deep in the galaxy. With the help of the Aztec deities and the “New Light Order.” Alessandra fights to not only save the Universe but instill hope in the small world around her.

Destination Destiny (Book #1) -Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

After a tragic end from her former life in Houston, TX, Alessandra struggles with adjusting to life in her hometown of San Antonio., TX. Attempting to come to terms with her past, she tries to make the best of life as a Rideshare driver for Passeio’s pilot rideshare program in her hometown. Struggling to find her place in her small world, she runs into a love interest in her past. Helping her to not only discover her destiny.  But to embrace her strength and her fate, to save the Universe.

Highway To Hell (Book #2) -Available on Amazon Kindle

As Alessandra mourns the loss of her love Jonathan King, Alessandra begins to contemplate if her newfound destiny is worth embracing, as her beloved Uncle and Spirit Guide in her journey come back into the physical realm. But there’s a new threat that becomes not only a danger to her beloved hometown. But also opens a hell-mouth into the city she left behind, Houston, TX. Struggling with the aftermath and the remanence of the life Alessandra left behind. She begins her journey on a highway to hell, in her everyday life and the life of her newfound destiny.  With the help of the Aztec Gods.

Destination Destiny (Book #3) -Available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle

Alessandra finds herself in a familiar place in the worst time of her life.  An insecure teenage girl.   As she attempts to find out the reason that brought her back in time.  She reveals many secrets hidden from her that unleashes a whole different type of ancient evil.   From her family.  And from her lifelong friend, ArJay.   As she begins to uncover the answers to the secrets that have been kept from her.   As she begins to learn why there was a “Detour in Destiny.”

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