Song of the Day -The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist

Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing In the story, Alessandra is no stranger to many of the movies and music that in the fifth book is referred in our reality, the Common Realm. There is a backstory behind the relevance in the song that told in the early chapters of the book.Continue reading “Song of the Day -The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist”

Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist

The Weeknd – Earned It In my first attempt at writing a fiction based story. I did what any inexperienced writer would do. I scenario vomited all over the first book. I added horror and thriller into my sci-fi story and included a steamy hot sex scene as it was a kinship between the twoContinue reading “Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist”

Song of the Day – The RideShare Chronicles Playlist

Selena – Last Dance (Disco Medley) As a reviewer has reported (which, based on an email, is trying to push this review into a local publication), “The Rideshare Chronicles” is full of twists and turns, but it offers more than just that. It provides a break from standard norms. The setting on its own, inContinue reading “Song of the Day – The RideShare Chronicles Playlist”

Song of the Day – Rideshare Chronicles Playlist Edition

Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind One of my dreams has always been to visit New York City. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Sex and the City to my fifth book in “The Rideshare Chronicles,” New York City has been an infatuation of mine as far as I could remember. As aContinue reading “Song of the Day – Rideshare Chronicles Playlist Edition”

Song of the Day – TRSC Edition

Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX – Fancy The Rideshare Chronicles Series has one thing that inhabits my everyday life, music. It’s what inspired the series, to begin with. This is why I will be featuring the songs that inspired every chapter. If you read the book, then you know. And if you have, please feelContinue reading “Song of the Day – TRSC Edition”

Song of the Day

Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am We all have encountered situations that people tend to take advantage of people’s vulnerability and displace the deflective issues that they have about themselves directly. In many cases, when we fall from grace, none of those people are around as we no longer convenience their lives. However, once weContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of the Day

Katy Perry – It’ Not The End of The World Many people come into 2021 with hopelessness in this world of crisis that we all face. The truth is like today’s song of the day, “It’s Not The End Of The World.” Because the truth is, not everything lasts forever. Not if you don’t allowContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of the Day

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Ten Thousand Hours macklemore & Ryan Lewis is one of my favorite artist because of one huge factor. They both have the courage in themselves to be vulnerable in the public eye. This one song has a lot of meaning for me personally. As it paints the picture of myContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of the Day

Harry Styles – Fine Lines I was mesmerized by this song for many reasons. This is something that I notice we all have been feeling during 2020. Where many of us, for the sake of numbing the pain, crossing fine lines. All in the hope of having that pain go away. From my experience, beingContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song Of The Day

Ariana Grande – Focus When I started this writing venture, I had a lot of critics. When I posted this song, you can count on those same people attempting to dump their toxic comments about my attempts getting nowhere. A year later, I have two books published and a book series that I created thatContinue reading “Song Of The Day”

Song of the Day

Sia – Courage to Change <p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Initially released by P!nk, this rendition of the song captures the human condition of what it feels when faced with that fork in the road. "Are we courageous enough to make the changes in ourselves" to overcome the circle of obstacles that seems to continuallyContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song Of The Day – 2021

Rascal Flatts – Bless the Broken Road Today I ran into a Facebook Memory that had me thinking that I wrote on Janurary 2, 2018 “Featuring the new Frieda Lopez 2018 Edition.” Which many people laughed and sent me some belittling and somewhat verbally abusive comments that borderline would of broken me down if IContinue reading “Song Of The Day – 2021”

Songs of the Day – New Years

There are two songs I want to add on this post. First of all sorry for the absense. I am finishing the fifth series in “The Rideshare Chronicles” which I am sure you recall I finished the fourth on e a week ago. 2020 has been a tough years and many us feel that weContinue reading “Songs of the Day – New Years”

Song of the Day – Holiday Edition

Arianna Grande – Last Christmas Break up in the holidays can suck. I can only imagine it sucks more during a pandemic. But truth be told, the pain is much more worst because of the idealism of togetherness during the holidays. Being the 2nd year being single during the holidays, it feels pretty damn good.Continue reading “Song of the Day – Holiday Edition”

Song of the Day – Holiday Edition

Mariah Carey – Miss You Most (At Christmas Tine) There were some sorrow at Christmas Time for me some days. To feel like you own mother didn’t want you was a hard thing for a young girl to feel. Which being an adult and being a Psychology major, I realized it was resentment for somethingContinue reading “Song of the Day – Holiday Edition”

Song of the Day – Holiday Edition

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Everyone had their version of what the holidays felt for them. This is what Christmas felt like growing up for me. Yes we where kinda poor, but the family dynamic was super strong in our struggling family on both sides. Those who became successful in my maternalContinue reading “Song of the Day – Holiday Edition”

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