The Hate Needed To Love Me – Resentment Needed To Carry On

This is the first blog that doesn’t follow a graphic title image as this is hard to pinpoint the perfect one that fits this specific blog. However the lyric to Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” is the perfect way to start this blog, as one of the things we always are told toContinue reading “The Hate Needed To Love Me – Resentment Needed To Carry On”

Twisted Sister Tuesday

Each Tuesday there will be a new story at noon. Look out for the first one of the short story series which starts with “An Assaulter’s Affair.”

Rise above the gaslight

An oldie but a goodie. Here is the early start of my journey.

The Double Edge Sword of Society

The Conformity Behind Stereotyping and Discrimination One of the thing that I mention in my book “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” is that we all become someone’s stereotype, if we haven’t already been a stereotype to someone. Ironically enough the reality is that it is more frequent than we want to admit too. AlthoughContinue reading “The Double Edge Sword of Society”

What’s in The Actions Behind the Actions – The Question Behind the Question

Shakespeare is one of the greats in literary history. He in the form of theater was able to decrypt the things that was the humanity in the history we now can only assume occurred based on the artifacts that remain. One of the amazing facts is that Shakespeare was known to be ahead of hisContinue reading “What’s in The Actions Behind the Actions – The Question Behind the Question”

A Picture Perfect Trauma

Trauma is occurrence we all face where we run away from it attempting to avoid it or face it. Here’s the truth about facing trauma.

The Traumatic Events that Changed My Life

September 11 changed a lot of lives, it affected me in more than one way. Where once the threat coming from outside terroist becomes the grim reality is that we ourselves have become terrorist in our own social norm.

October 2020 Blog Series

In the sprit of Halloween, we will explore the psychology of spiritual warfare starting off the week with the psychology of the seven deadly sins.

The Beauty in Pain – A Double Edge Sword

When a person suffers a traumatic event, they are deemed undesirable. The irony in this is that people who heal from trauma become the most qualified to handle traumatic events that others experience. However, the enabled bad behaviors that one can gain in this can lead to a demise in our own self improvement. Here is my story and the tips on how to avoid it.

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