The Beauty in Pain – A Double Edge Sword

When a person suffers a traumatic event, they are deemed undesirable. The irony in this is that people who heal from trauma become the most qualified to handle traumatic events that others experience. However, the enabled bad behaviors that one can gain in this can lead to a demise in our own self improvement. Here is my story and the tips on how to avoid it.

The Dangers of Self Doubt

Self doubt is something we all carry in our life’s. It’s not about holding in these emotions but nipping them head on. Here’s the story on what eliminating self doubt does. As the protagonist in “The Rideshare Chronicles” Alessandra deals with this in the story, she becomes the super hero he all can relate to and need in this modern day era.

The Keys Gained on The Journey of an Unraveled Road

The keys was made within my journey, which in my journey I gained 17 characteristics that everyone can get with a little help and guidance. Check out what to expect from my follow up book to “Journey of an Unraveled Road”

The Conflict In a Haggled Self Worth

From my early blogging days, before use references, and talked from the heart. Here is a personal perception of things before my professional blogging days and before I officially became a lifestyle coach. This is going to prep you for what’s to come for the rest of the blogging week. Followed with a number to get the mood set for tomorrow.

Narcissist Against Narcissist – The Truth Covered by Naive Perception

The era of COVID-19 has brought so much to our attention. Call it the prodigal rabbit hole per say of how human civilization has in the end become. Many of the truths that has been revealed to this still become a dodge of the truth, where people result to more insult and more narcissistic tendencies,Continue reading “Narcissist Against Narcissist – The Truth Covered by Naive Perception”

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