Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Uncertainty

And Avoid repeating the same mistakes Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn what makes us creatures of habit Remember when you were a kid and were told never to touch the stove? What was the first thing you did? Knowing that many in denial and ego will deny theContinue reading “Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Uncertainty”

How To Detain Your Ghost of Insecurity Past

In psychosexual development, which is the basis that creates our IDs. We begin to use our unconscious minds to make decisions based on experiences and other factors in our thought process and decision-making. When faced with certain situations, our defense mechanism begins to take over, relying on the pleasure principle, which can replace these undesirable feelings. During my moment of feeling insufficient, doubtful, hopeless, and felt lost control, one of the common things relied one

Rolling with the Punches of Life

First and foremost, hello again and welcome back. Sorry for my little hiatus these past few weeks. I was prepping and acting, working as a directing assistant for a trending film in Europe for an upcoming movie named Ombre Ma Fi. This opened me to a new venture just by allowing myself to experience thisContinue reading “Rolling with the Punches of Life”

Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness

They say there is power in numbers, but the greatest power I have encountered is the power of one. Check out what I learned on finding peace in solitude.

Pain Turned Beauty to Productivity – Behavioral Addictions Exposed

Many people have a coping mechanism, which is a normal and common thing. While many turn to the stigmatized behavioral addiction. The most common, unnoticed is the over productivity and being a workaholic. Here is my story.

What Is Illusory Superiority

If you don’t know, now you know. This has helped identify those who, at one point in my life. Was surrounded by these individuals who appeared to attempt to bring me down with their Illusory Superiority and how to avoid being one.

The Art of Turning Trauma Into Creativity

You would be surprised how the expression of creativity is the best therapy to come to terms with things that were out of your control, but also. Can make an amazing expression of inspiration for those still attempting to cope with it.

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