Coming Soon – The Rideshare Chronicles Novella and an Animated Seires

After the successful release of “The Rideshare Chronicles,” “Destination Destiny,” and “Highway to Hell,” fans of the series have been asking for more from the series. It’s humbling to know people have gravitated towards the protagonist, Alessandra Romero. As I am all about the readers and the fan base I am growing, my publisher introducedContinue reading “Coming Soon – The Rideshare Chronicles Novella and an Animated Seires”

The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles”

Last night, I had a continuous dream that began where it left off after waking up three different times. The truth is it almost was the scariest nightmare that somehow I gained control of and had me the protagonist in the dream. Ironically enough, it inspired my next Sci-FI Novel series that plays into theContinue reading “The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles””

The Rideshare Chronicles-Highway to Hell

Available now for preorder today Highway to Hell

The “Rideshare Chronicles – Highway To Hell” Release Date

Date for the release of the second book for “The Rideshare Chronicles Book Series” has been set to be released for 3/23/2021. Preorders coming soon. The follow is set to be released in Summer 2021 followed by the fourth book in the series for Fall/Winter 2021 followed by the fifth book early 2022. Check outContinue reading “The “Rideshare Chronicles – Highway To Hell” Release Date”

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

Is climbing up the charts It is a great honor and privilege to see that my sophomore book “The RideShare Chronicle: Destination Destiny” is climbing the charts in the week and two days that it’s been released. Another big win is that it’s also available on Barnes& in the short time it’s been out. IContinue reading “The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny”

Cover Art for The Rideshare Chronicles VOL II


Read the first two chapters for free on Amazon Kindle.

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