Song of the Day

Christina Aguilera – Reflection When first heard this song I cried, why lie. I am a crier. I first heard this in Christina Aguilera. It was the end of my freshman year. Having this vivacious fantasy of what life would be after high school disregarding my family when they said “Life isn’t fair,” not tellingContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Reflection by Christina Aguilera

Let’s start the day with some music to encourage you to be the amazing and authentic you.

Modern Mythology That is Marvel – Morals in the Modern Millenia

One of the many things that shapes the way of storytelling that explores the lessons and the unknown the modern era’s are faced with. Marvel and DC are those storytellers of todays pop culture mania. As we approach the horizon of what “Phase 4” has to offer what’s to come based on the theories andContinue reading “Modern Mythology That is Marvel – Morals in the Modern Millenia”

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