Self Degrading Through Validation

Group dynamics can be the wrench in our own self development. Here’s what you need to know on how validation may be your way of self sabotaging.

How Victimhood Fuels The Need For Validity and Acceptance

Have you ever interacted with someone that you begin to notice traumatic or erratic behaviors that don’t seem like their norm? In many cases, this is due to the onset of trauma that they experienced. In many situations, when people experience a trigger in a current moment of trauma. Do you also notice a behaviorContinue reading “How Victimhood Fuels The Need For Validity and Acceptance”

The Power of Showing Up

The power of showing up does so much for someone. it gives them hope and a sense of sincere concern. This is the basis of one the revolutionary books in childhood psychology called “The Power of Showing Up” which is why my dad raised me the woman I am. It wasn’t only on the values he instilled, it’s the actions he made. Here’s what you need to know about the Power of Showing Up

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