A Million Reasons To A Perfect Illusion

Here is an oldie but a goodie.

Song of the Day

P!nk – What About Us Although this is a repeat of the song of the day, I feel it’s most needed as we reach into the elections. With the respect to both views, I won’t say anything about the election or the politicians. I will say this, everyday we are struggling and we are dealingContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of The Day

P!nk – What About Us In the act of sin, it becomes of selfless vendetta of protecting ourselves from fear. Leaving those in danger left to be victims of bystander effect, where if we are all consumed in fear, will never have anyone step up to the plate, with one ultimate fear, the fear ofContinue reading “Song of The Day”

My Oppressed Life

Here’s the next story to my oppressed life a short story blog series

The Psychology of Envy

Envy is the one sin we all committed . But why do we feel envious of people? And what are the dangers of envy. One being discrimination. Here is The Psychology of Envy.

The Psychology of Greed

In society, greed is the enabled behavior that makes deceives one’s vision from being to selfless to selfish that we all have demonstrated once or twice in our lives. Here is the psychology of greed and how to stop this first seven deadly sin.

The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins

One of things that came too my attention last month was the topic that is Spiritual Warfare. In simplicity Spiritual Warfare consist a fight against good and evil, which many have references is happening in our current time. During my research of this topic, this has been references since 2016 by spiritual and religious leadersContinue reading “The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins”

Those Phoenix Wings Were Meant to Fly

When you rise out of the ashes, you earn your wings every time. Where the people who care about you always hope that your not wasting your life, will prove to not only you and them, that the wings you always earn where meant to fly. When I was first presented with this song wasContinue reading “Those Phoenix Wings Were Meant to Fly”

Courageous Act of Change

An oldie but a goodie. This expresses why change is necessary

The Ignorance of Perception

An oldie but a goodie. Here are my early thoughts on perception.

Song of the Day

P!nk – Fucken Perfect One of the things about our current social norm is that mistakes are tabu and made to perceive that others don’t live a life of trial and error. I will be the first one to admit that my entire life was trial and error filled with consistent acts of bad behaviorsContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Got A Story, Let Your Voice Be Heard

Taking submission now. Check out what the hype is about on friedathewriter.com/myoppressedlife

The Tears That I No Longer Cry

People wonder if I am hiding and concealing other underlining issues. This is why I have no more tears left to cry.

The Best and Worst Case Scenario of Determination to Survive

With what’s coming to light here’s a oldie but a goodie

A Short Story Blog Series

Hey guys come check out out my fiction short story series about the trials and the triumphs of life behind the untold tales behind the American Wall. Each week I will be featuring short story starting with the todays story called “Paralyzed By Closed Doors.” Check it out at friedathewriter.com/myoppressedlife

The Second Lesson Must Always Hurt

Oldie but a goodie. This depicts the moment I let go.

Passive Profit Life

A little setup, A lot of profit

Puppies and Pooches

Your Daily Dose of Cute Dogs

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