Psychology of Charity

Charity is one of the instant gratifications that one gets when doing this genuinely out fo the kindness of your heart. Charity is something that changes you instantly as it’s a immediately good deed that you do. Do you recall that time that you saw someone who was without something they needed, and you helpedContinue reading “Psychology of Charity”

The Psychology of Chastity

Here is something to hold you over till I return back from NYC.

Like gluttony is associated with over eating, chastity is associated with virginity. However if chastity is preserving something that is pure in us, why not make the modern day chastity preserving your self worth. As let’s be real. That ship has gone and sailed a long time ago.

The Social Illusion of The Caste – A Short Story Essay

      As a teenager, I learned one thing early on in life.  Through a misconstrued idealism of optimism as a child, I learned the idealism of expecting the worst and hoping for the best.  The truth is, life for me was not a cakewalk as adversity has been an early acquaintance that I began toContinue reading “The Social Illusion of The Caste – A Short Story Essay”

The Chains of Conformity

A SHORT STORY ESSAY It’s been about three years since I have been fortunate to open my eyes to how the world can indeed be at many detrimental points in life. As cynical as this statement sounds, I say it in the most positive way I possibly can because it prepares me for what’s comingContinue reading “The Chains of Conformity”

The Psychology of Lust

Lust is defined as follows in a positive form of lust: a passionate desire for something. Where the negative form of lust is: a sensual appetite regarded as sinful. There is a healthy balance when it comes to Sin, as all sins are not as bad as they are perceived as balance is key. HumanContinue reading “The Psychology of Lust”

The Psychology of Wrath

One thing that is very apparent is that in society, we tend to over dramatize things. Am I right? Problems seem bigger than what they seem, but when we resolve it, we think why was I being so dramatic about it? If you are still in denial then you haven’t learn a damn thing, asContinue reading “The Psychology of Wrath”

The Psychology of Sloth

Sloth is referenced to the act of laziness. Which is far from the true meaning of this sixth deadly sin. Sloth’s true definition is the act of reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness. Which entitlement is the key to this Sin if you think about it. We live in a world where weContinue reading “The Psychology of Sloth”

The Psychology of Pride

Pride is a revolving door of sin. But what is the real fear that this sin stemmed from. Here’s what you need to know about sinful pride.

The Psychology of Envy

Envy is the one sin we all committed . But why do we feel envious of people? And what are the dangers of envy. One being discrimination. Here is The Psychology of Envy.

The Psychology of Greed

In society, greed is the enabled behavior that makes deceives one’s vision from being to selfless to selfish that we all have demonstrated once or twice in our lives. Here is the psychology of greed and how to stop this first seven deadly sin.

The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins

One of things that came too my attention last month was the topic that is Spiritual Warfare. In simplicity Spiritual Warfare consist a fight against good and evil, which many have references is happening in our current time. During my research of this topic, this has been references since 2016 by spiritual and religious leadersContinue reading “The Psychology of the Seven Deadly Sins”

What Does Forgiveness Look Like?

The day I learned how to forgive someone truly. I learned how to live again. Frieda Lopez Forgiveness. One of the many acts in morality is one of the most gracious and greatest gifts one can provide. Just like the many morale slogans made to remind us how to complete these acts. Like “Don’t DoContinue reading “What Does Forgiveness Look Like?”

The Subliminal Conditioning in Peer to Peer Interaction

Do you remember when you were a kid, and someone began to ignore you for whatever childish reason back then? And when they were over whatever they were upset with you about, you would do the same thing? Do you find yourself making the same habit as an adult? The truth is this is perfectlyContinue reading “The Subliminal Conditioning in Peer to Peer Interaction”

How Childhood Behaviors Follow Us Into Adulthood

Warning: The contents of this blog post may contain events that may trigger emotional and behavior that is surrounded by child abuse, child sexual abuse, and adult sexual abuse. If you now a child or an adult who has or is experiencing this type of abuse, please contact in ChildHelp at (1-800-4-ACHILD) for abuse occurringContinue reading “How Childhood Behaviors Follow Us Into Adulthood”

The Truth Behind Drug Addiction and Other Addictions

Since we are still in the matter of codependency. Let’s revisit some of the things people can become codependent on.

Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness

As this was a previous blog post that broke down my thought process and what I was feeling in the chapter of my book “Journey of an Unraveled Road” before taking the life coaching journey. This may put some of things that I claim, into prospective.

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