Song of the Day

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Ten Thousand Hours macklemore & Ryan Lewis is one of my favorite artist because of one huge factor. They both have the courage in themselves to be vulnerable in the public eye. This one song has a lot of meaning for me personally. As it paints the picture of myContinue reading “Song of the Day”

The Empowering Kindness of Strangers

Today I was able to help a domestic violence situation that could’ve cost them on her life as well as her unborn child and daughters life dramatically today. I will write further about the story and how it developed later on this week but in the interim here is my message that I gained outContinue reading “The Empowering Kindness of Strangers”

The Grimm Wonderland of Social Norms

A blog of my amateur days. Another blog post to prep you for Wednesday’s blog.

Song of The Day

Katy Perry – Swish Swish When I began to realize that I had a power I never could imagine, this became my truth. In a world where people use their fear against us, thinking that it’s also one we carry. We fall into the same trap. One common opinion was “You’ll never get anywhere.” WhichContinue reading “Song of The Day”

Journey of an Unraveled Road….the journey continues

The “Journey of an Unraveled Road” isn’t just a book, it’s a lifestyle. I’ll be the first to admit, I never expected to make a mark. Maybe a minor scratch, but the expectations that I could have ever imagined. For the long time, I identified with the character Gracie Hart pre-beauty pageant as I’ve alwaysContinue reading “Journey of an Unraveled Road….the journey continues”

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