Day 10 of Quarantine- My Bittersweet Recovery

Today was the first day I woke up feeling 100% like myself today. The weird thing was today, since being diagnosed with COVID, I did something that I haven’t done since I was infected with the virus, which was waking up on my original schedule. Before catching COVID, I would wake up at 6 amContinue reading “Day 10 of Quarantine- My Bittersweet Recovery”

Day 9 of Quarantine- Almost To Complete Recovery

Today I woke up almost feeling like myself, as today I woke up with a sore chest. I am assuming that it’s from the coughing that occurred these last eight days. But the refreshing feeling that I got this morning was relief and comfort as I’ve made it to recovery without infecting anyone in theContinue reading “Day 9 of Quarantine- Almost To Complete Recovery”

Day 8 of Quarantine – Heading Towards Full Recovery

Today is a breath of fresh air, literally. Today is the first day I stopped gasping for air. Which at first was a constant occurrence when I first got it. Which in the beginning reminded me of the martial art days years ago when I would get the wind knocked out of me. Today, IContinue reading “Day 8 of Quarantine – Heading Towards Full Recovery”

Day 4 with COVID Quarantine

So as being a writer, everything becomes writing material. I decided to make my COVID quarantine a blog as many people are curious about how this feels. Which is the widespread consensus on the fear that people have of this pandemic, seeming to be that the majority gain denial and resentment. As many rationalize withContinue reading “Day 4 with COVID Quarantine”

Rolling with the Punches of Life

First and foremost, hello again and welcome back. Sorry for my little hiatus these past few weeks. I was prepping and acting, working as a directing assistant for a trending film in Europe for an upcoming movie named Ombre Ma Fi. This opened me to a new venture just by allowing myself to experience thisContinue reading “Rolling with the Punches of Life”

Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness

They say there is power in numbers, but the greatest power I have encountered is the power of one. Check out what I learned on finding peace in solitude.

Pain Turned Beauty to Productivity – Behavioral Addictions Exposed

Many people have a coping mechanism, which is a normal and common thing. While many turn to the stigmatized behavioral addiction. The most common, unnoticed is the over productivity and being a workaholic. Here is my story.

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