Stuck In the Middle – How to Handle Those With Negative Behavioral Patterns

With a very symbolic day, I thought i would share some advice to help you with your resurrection if you choose to go through one of your own. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

The Bystander Effect started off their article with the perfect introduction to their publication “What Is Bystander Effect?” which is as follows: If you witnessed an emergency happening right before your eyes, you would certainly take some sort of action to help the person in trouble, right? While we might all like to believe that this isContinue reading “The Bystander Effect”

Manipulation Tactics Used by Abusers

Manipulation happens to us all. Whether it be in personal relationships, work relationships, and romantic relationships. You are not alone, which is why I included this video in starting this blog with Black Shadows’ personal experience in the situation. Manipulators come from all over, believer it or not, which many in denial will say thatContinue reading “Manipulation Tactics Used by Abusers”

Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Edition

Berlin – Take My Breath Away In writing, foreshadowing is a technique that portrays the doom that is about to happen in any piece of literature. In “Destination Destiny,” the first book in the “The Rideshare Chronicles,” the protagonist, Alessandra, has already been through and back before her journey in destiny continues as she alreadyContinue reading “Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Edition”

Song of the Day – TRSC Edition

Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX – Fancy The Rideshare Chronicles Series has one thing that inhabits my everyday life, music. It’s what inspired the series, to begin with. This is why I will be featuring the songs that inspired every chapter. If you read the book, then you know. And if you have, please feelContinue reading “Song of the Day – TRSC Edition”

The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles”

Last night, I had a continuous dream that began where it left off after waking up three different times. The truth is it almost was the scariest nightmare that somehow I gained control of and had me the protagonist in the dream. Ironically enough, it inspired my next Sci-FI Novel series that plays into theContinue reading “The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles””

The Rideshare Chronicles-Highway to Hell

Available now for preorder today Highway to Hell

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