Song of the Day

Imagine Dragons – Believer In my freedom rediscovered, I was gaslighted to kingdom come. Having people in my circle and out attempt to make me believe that they’re was no other way than to run. But there was one problem. I was tired of running. Which the plot twist was when I challenged those whoContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of The Day

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive In this world where we are looking for the answers, it seems like we only get bandaids. Living a life of using bandaids, there was a moment that made me realize something. As I in most situations would have rationality, was always told that I didn’t which enabled the self doubtContinue reading “Song of The Day”

Writing the Wrongs in Accountability

Here’s my early work on accountability. An oldie but a goodie

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny Playlist

Check out the music that inspired the book Destination Destiny on Apple Music.

World Income Expert

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Yoga Special

All you need to know about yoga