Lady Lyria Made Me A Mortal Kombat Character

So my infamous TikTok back story time. So when I was a kid (I was a real tomboy btw) my cousin Rene was a gamer. He would come from Alice, TX and stay with my maternal grandmother. He graduated me from NES to Super NES and before the release of the game, got me intoContinue reading “Lady Lyria Made Me A Mortal Kombat Character”

Pandemic Prize Player Appreciation

Hey all. So my second day of my ride share adventures ha been very interesting. So since I’ve been given clearance to step out into to world again, I’ve been doing Uber and UberEats until The Journey of An Unraveled Road gets officially published, but in the last 24 hours I’ve gotten some major insightContinue reading “Pandemic Prize Player Appreciation”

Four Five Still Alive – Masks are Key

Hey guys. Hope all is well. As for me, I’m 80% better. So it has been confirmed that I not only was battling a bad ugly….parasitic infection turned viral, but a call today from someone who was assigned my case was instructed that I also contacted the COVID which explains why the fungal parasitic cameContinue reading “Four Five Still Alive – Masks are Key”

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