The Self Doubt of Self Preservation

Let’s be real we all have self preserved in one way or another but what are we self preserving. The perception of what we want people to perceive us as? Or the person we really are? Check out this classic from me early blogging days.

I Am Loyal, Brave, and True

The Disservice We Do To There is no doubt that I borrowed this blog post from Christina Aguilera’s song “Loyal, Brave, and True” and for good reason. Before l get into the post let me just vent about society for a bit. Why do we live in a society of bandwagoning and use individual’s personalContinue reading “I Am Loyal, Brave, and True”

The Positive Power Of Gratitude

In a burins world where the perception of entitlement is a dominant, gratitude become a more powerful characteristic. Gratitude was realized after very bad Uber drive and a verbally abusive experience. Here’s what happened.

Call It A Bad Romance – The Ignorance of the American Dream

The way I viewed the world ended up being a bad romance. I didn’t know then but the family which when see the attacks of being racist I gained who came from the African American community who “All Lives Matter” is what they stand for as their grandchildren now being discriminated for being biracial. WhichContinue reading “Call It A Bad Romance – The Ignorance of the American Dream”

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