Psychology of Charity

Charity is one of the instant gratifications that one gets when doing this genuinely out fo the kindness of your heart. Charity is something that changes you instantly as it’s a immediately good deed that you do. Do you recall that time that you saw someone who was without something they needed, and you helpedContinue reading “Psychology of Charity”

The Psychology of Chastity

Here is something to hold you over till I return back from NYC.

Like gluttony is associated with over eating, chastity is associated with virginity. However if chastity is preserving something that is pure in us, why not make the modern day chastity preserving your self worth. As let’s be real. That ship has gone and sailed a long time ago.

The Psychology of Desperation

We are fully moment of desperation in our lives. Feeling desperation comes from a need of change that we don’t get. Here’s what you need to know about desperation in the way you never should lose hope.

The Psychology of Fear

Fear is something we all have. The fear of the unknown, the fear of death, fear of spiders; however it’s fear that also stops from becoming the people we truly come up as fear of success if more common than we would like to admit. Did you ever have a situation that you told yourself,Continue reading “The Psychology of Fear”

The Psychology of Pride

Pride is a revolving door of sin. But what is the real fear that this sin stemmed from. Here’s what you need to know about sinful pride.

What Does Forgiveness Look Like?

The day I learned how to forgive someone truly. I learned how to live again. Frieda Lopez Forgiveness. One of the many acts in morality is one of the most gracious and greatest gifts one can provide. Just like the many morale slogans made to remind us how to complete these acts. Like “Don’t DoContinue reading “What Does Forgiveness Look Like?”

The Subliminal Conditioning in Peer to Peer Interaction

Do you remember when you were a kid, and someone began to ignore you for whatever childish reason back then? And when they were over whatever they were upset with you about, you would do the same thing? Do you find yourself making the same habit as an adult? The truth is this is perfectlyContinue reading “The Subliminal Conditioning in Peer to Peer Interaction”

How Childhood Behaviors Follow Us Into Adulthood

Warning: The contents of this blog post may contain events that may trigger emotional and behavior that is surrounded by child abuse, child sexual abuse, and adult sexual abuse. If you now a child or an adult who has or is experiencing this type of abuse, please contact in ChildHelp at (1-800-4-ACHILD) for abuse occurringContinue reading “How Childhood Behaviors Follow Us Into Adulthood”

The Truth Behind Drug Addiction and Other Addictions

Since we are still in the matter of codependency. Let’s revisit some of the things people can become codependent on.

Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness

As this was a previous blog post that broke down my thought process and what I was feeling in the chapter of my book “Journey of an Unraveled Road” before taking the life coaching journey. This may put some of things that I claim, into prospective.

The Balance In Co-Dependency and Inter-Dependency

We are not made to be perfect. As it’s not programmed in our DNA. However, we do have the choice to gain personal growth along the way. Codependency is a phrase that is immediately associated with chemical dependency. Which has us neglect behaviors in codependency in life But with everything in life is about finding te balance in dependence and interdependence. Here are some tips on how to gain this back in your journey ahead.

Where Does Discrimination Stem From? An Analysis of the Psychology Behind Acts In Stereotyping and Discrimination

Stereotyping and discrimination are far more common than we like to admit. As my direct look at this issue was an incident, I worked for the Business team with Sprint in Houston, TX. If I knew what I know now, I could have probably won the lawsuit the first time around. However, if that were the case, I wouldn’t freely discuss this due to non-disclosure agreements. Dissecting the incident a lot more closely can have a more empathetic understanding on something that almost hindered my personal growth with the understanding of the concept in life coaching called the “Map of Our World.” Which in today’s blog discusses where the act of discrimination comes from. And the types of acts of discrimination you should take note of.

How Personal Core Values Help Guide You’re Way

When I first was presented with personal core values ages ago. Which was in elementary school. It got me a bit excited as I felt like I was planning my life and standing up for what I believed in. After high school and into college, and joined the working class. The enthusiasm I had wasContinue reading “How Personal Core Values Help Guide You’re Way”

The Curiosity that Killed The Perception of the Cat

Have you ever had a situation where you had high hopes or expectations for an outcome? Better yet, have you ever had this same idealism as a person? The truth of the matter is I think we all have in one way or form. A long time ago, I avoided certain things such as confrontationsContinue reading “The Curiosity that Killed The Perception of the Cat”

The Bittersweetness of Love

Love is a beautiful thing along with the truth as @gal_gadot says in #ww84. It makes us stronger and makes us feel like we can move mountains all at the same time provide a pain that my don’t see yet. I think about the times I had the true sensation of being in true love.Continue reading “The Bittersweetness of Love”

The Map of Our World – What I Learned Through My Life Coaching Training

We live life asking many questions that revolve around the what, when, where, why, and how? Mostly in the ultimate question that is, when will I be happy? When will it be my turn? Which, in my past mistakes, were circled a perception of a perfect world. In many of these scenarios, it set meContinue reading “The Map of Our World – What I Learned Through My Life Coaching Training”

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