The Psychology of Desperation

We are fully moment of desperation in our lives. Feeling desperation comes from a need of change that we don’t get. Here’s what you need to know about desperation in the way you never should lose hope.

The Psychology of Fear

Fear is something we all have. The fear of the unknown, the fear of death, fear of spiders; however it’s fear that also stops from becoming the people we truly come up as fear of success if more common than we would like to admit. Did you ever have a situation that you told yourself,Continue reading “The Psychology of Fear”

Song of the Day

Everlast – What it’s Like One of the things that have been brought to psychology is that we have been desensitized to others’ pain. Traumas and hardships. All for the sake; of what is now being brought to the field’s attention. Is what social norms have caused, entitlement—many of those who have walked that lineContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of the Day

Lady Gaga – Til It Happens to You Disclaimer: The video shows graphic and triggering scenes that involve traumatic events in sexual assault. Suppose you are prone to these triggers. Please do not watch this song of the day. I have included the lyric version of the video below. One of the things that manyContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Song of the Day

Bon Jovi – American Reckoning Bon Jovi’s ” 2020 album is very direct as it has a lot of things that we all have faced in these last four years. Some have been more fortunate than others to not experience some of those untold worst case scenarios. Which “American Reckoning” talks about the things inContinue reading “Song of the Day”

The Need of Feeling Important

One of the things I have noticed in society and in social media, the desire of feeing important. Why feeling important is a product of society.

The Psychology of The Seven Virtues

The question I get asked is how do we change things on the actions of back and forward retaliation of bad behaviors. It starts with you and the seven virtues. Here’s what to expect following “The Psychology of The Seven Deadly Sins.”


From last month. A good read I am told. I realize that self doubt starts with the misperception of what self care really is. This early blogging day post well prep you for the articles coming up this week.

Rise above the gaslight

An oldie but a goodie. Here is the early start of my journey.

The Double Edge Sword of Society

The Conformity Behind Stereotyping and Discrimination One of the thing that I mention in my book “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” is that we all become someone’s stereotype, if we haven’t already been a stereotype to someone. Ironically enough the reality is that it is more frequent than we want to admit too. AlthoughContinue reading “The Double Edge Sword of Society”

The Traumatic Events that Changed My Life

September 11 changed a lot of lives, it affected me in more than one way. Where once the threat coming from outside terroist becomes the grim reality is that we ourselves have become terrorist in our own social norm.

The Keys Gained on The Journey of an Unraveled Road

The keys was made within my journey, which in my journey I gained 17 characteristics that everyone can get with a little help and guidance. Check out what to expect from my follow up book to “Journey of an Unraveled Road”

I Am Loyal, Brave, and True

The Disservice We Do To There is no doubt that I borrowed this blog post from Christina Aguilera’s song “Loyal, Brave, and True” and for good reason. Before l get into the post let me just vent about society for a bit. Why do we live in a society of bandwagoning and use individual’s personalContinue reading “I Am Loyal, Brave, and True”

It’s Not Always About Reaching the Finish Line

Life isn’t always about crossing the finishing line. It’s only normal for us to fall in the presence of failure. In our society, we use shaming in the presence of failure to make those feel about our short coming. Truth is when you shake it off and jump gracefully from the fall, you get something more valuable to acknowledgement. You get the power of change if you see the silver lining of failure. On the next fall, you may just shake it off and be like….Superstar.

Falling Through The Rabbit Hole of Assumption

Assumption is one of the most toxic things you can do in life. It might even be running your life. See what happens when you assume and also the health benefits nipping it in the bud does.

The Purge-ception of the American Dream

One of the many pop cultural phenomenons that braced us with the creative perception of the extremities that is capitalism is The Purge. Although the things don’t hold true to the idealism that the creative genius behind these story lines as the murders and the crimes that are freely committed however signs of this phenomenonContinue reading “The Purge-ception of the American Dream”

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