The Empowering Kindness of Strangers

Today I was able to help a domestic violence situation that could’ve cost them on her life as well as her unborn child and daughters life dramatically today. I will write further about the story and how it developed later on this week but in the interim here is my message that I gained outContinue reading “The Empowering Kindness of Strangers”

The Grimm Wonderland of Social Norms

A blog of my amateur days. Another blog post to prep you for Wednesday’s blog.

Goodbye My Dear Friend

How I’ve Been Coping The Lost of the Dearly Departed My Dad would always say was “Part of getting older is losing you friends to death along the way.” The on August 21, 2020, I found out I lost a friend to COVID-19 in my home city of San Antonio, TX which makes the twelfthContinue reading “Goodbye My Dear Friend”

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