Stuck In the Middle – How to Handle Those With Negative Behavioral Patterns

With a very symbolic day, I thought i would share some advice to help you with your resurrection if you choose to go through one of your own. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

Why Altruism is Much Needed In the World

November 12, 2020, is the day I will never forget. As I realize this was available resolved all of my internalize issues. It was about 9:15 in the morning when I ended up seeing something that just triggered a reaction. I was driving up on Hillcrest Drive reaching the intersection of Cheryl when I endedContinue reading “Why Altruism is Much Needed In the World”

The Common Behavioral Patterns To Look For

When I think of behavioral patterns, I think of the Matrix as the movie’s basis is on the idealism that we are all programmed to be a certain way not to disrupt the Matrix. But if you think about it, it holds a little truth. If you look at social norms and how people engageContinue reading “The Common Behavioral Patterns To Look For”

Why Do We Fail to See the Big Picture – And the Repercussions that Follow

One of the biggest pet peeves I developed over my years of life is people talking about “living life day by day.” I will tell you why that has become one of my pet peeves, which if I am going to be transparent about it. It became a trigger response as it reminded me ofContinue reading “Why Do We Fail to See the Big Picture – And the Repercussions that Follow”

Problems That Increased In Turning A Blind Eye

As stocism is one of the thing I possess when it comes to dealing with adversity. And in those lessons, I gain knowledge, forgive, become grateful, take accountability, apologize in hurting those who I have along the way, always aim to do the right thing, give a helping hand when I can, have empathy, andContinue reading “Problems That Increased In Turning A Blind Eye”

The Bystander Effect started off their article with the perfect introduction to their publication “What Is Bystander Effect?” which is as follows: If you witnessed an emergency happening right before your eyes, you would certainly take some sort of action to help the person in trouble, right? While we might all like to believe that this isContinue reading “The Bystander Effect”

Manipulation Tactics Used by Abusers

Manipulation happens to us all. Whether it be in personal relationships, work relationships, and romantic relationships. You are not alone, which is why I included this video in starting this blog with Black Shadows’ personal experience in the situation. Manipulators come from all over, believer it or not, which many in denial will say thatContinue reading “Manipulation Tactics Used by Abusers”

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