The Demons of Our Inner Fear

An earlier blog from my earlier blogging amateur days. Here is an article to prep you for Wednesday’s blog.

My Ride or Dies Forever

One of the things I’m most grateful for is my Abuela. The other day was talking, and one of the things that she said was, “we had some pretty awesome adventures together.” The truth of the matter is she has so much truth behind that logic. As a beginning adventure that we had together, itContinue reading “My Ride or Dies Forever”

What Is Illusory Superiority

Which if you think about it, it’s a positive perfect illusion of one’s own ability. Which is why psychologist these days feel that our survival instinct fails us these days. As the illusions we have in our overestimations in our abilities or qualities. Is the reason why we set ourselves for failure. Frieda Lopez –Continue reading “What Is Illusory Superiority”

The Applied Philosophy of Epistemology

The study of determining whether things are real or fake has long before existed as early as ancient Gracian times as this is a most recent trend of the last to be coming back into our current era. As many things are too good to be true. Or they are easily identified as hoaxes. We’reContinue reading “The Applied Philosophy of Epistemology”

The Bittersweet Lessons of Trauma

However, in many cases, even if a fresh wound of trauma is inflicted. Those who survive it will never be victimized as they know that they will get through it once again. As they’ve done before over and over again. Frieda Lopez – The Bittersweet Lessons of Trauma Many people would assume that people withContinue reading “The Bittersweet Lessons of Trauma”

Gratitude Gained In 2020

So in this blog, I start with a Tik Tok video titled “How Everyone Be In 2020.” Which let’s face it, 2020 was one hell of a year. With a virus, pandemic, quarantine, murder hornets, and climate change was rearing its ugly head, releasing methane gas into the air, with everything that can go wrongContinue reading “Gratitude Gained In 2020”

The Ugly Truth About COVID-19 Unit Care – A COVID Unit Tale

Which shortly after happened at the beginning of March. About 70% of the staff ended up being skeptical that it would ever turn into something so tragic. Regardless of the pushback, the preparations did not stop. While America was getting quarantine, the hospitals were getting ready for the busiest and saddest moments of their lives.Continue reading “The Ugly Truth About COVID-19 Unit Care – A COVID Unit Tale”

The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19

We follow idols who enable bad behaviors and do as they say in all schemes in religion and non-religion. Justifying our bad behaviors for one common thing. Greed and lack of compassion. Frieda Lopez – The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19 In religion, The Rapture, in Christianity, the eschatological (concerned with the last thingsContinue reading “The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19”

The Emotional Aftermath of Frontline COVID Staff

Which was what these staff members would selflessly do in those last moments that these patients had on their final hours of this ever-mutating disease.  Many of these staff members would risk feelings of pride; in some cases, their jobs show these patients that they are not alone.  Which if in the scenario, you were to contractContinue reading “The Emotional Aftermath of Frontline COVID Staff”

The Realism of Poverty

COVID. I have to say is what made people realize that “Poverty can strike anyone.” In previous times, you were told that six months or more of savings is all it takes to make sure you can prosper. However, this was not taking the worst-case scenario happening as many of us have not been conditionedContinue reading “The Realism of Poverty”

How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong

That their loyalties to me would prove otherwise. But one reality that we don’t realize. Is when the odds are against the majority, and everything is at stake. Those loyalties will never be intact. As the truth is, it’s a dog eat dog world. Frieda Lopez – How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong EveryoneContinue reading “How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong”

Why I Said Goodbye To The Yellow Brick Road

Doing the same damn thing everyone does thinking they are going to get a better result of it. Truth of the matter was that in every scenario I was always brought down from grace from someone who was intimidated by me in one way shape or form. Frieda Lopez – Why I Said Goodbye ToContinue reading “Why I Said Goodbye To The Yellow Brick Road”

Problems That Increased In Turning A Blind Eye

As stocism is one of the thing I possess when it comes to dealing with adversity. And in those lessons, I gain knowledge, forgive, become grateful, take accountability, apologize in hurting those who I have along the way, always aim to do the right thing, give a helping hand when I can, have empathy, andContinue reading “Problems That Increased In Turning A Blind Eye”

Grandma Lives A Thug Thug – Why This Is Not Your Typical Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood

Even those in the wrong that walked away for me, gained a bit of strength from them and learned a lot from them. Both in the positive and the negative aspect. It made me also see the mistakes they made that kept them from consistently keeping me strong. Which for me it’s water under theContinue reading “Grandma Lives A Thug Thug – Why This Is Not Your Typical Fairy Tale Red Riding Hood”

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