The Bystander Effect started off their article with the perfect introduction to their publication “What Is Bystander Effect?” which is as follows: If you witnessed an emergency happening right before your eyes, you would certainly take some sort of action to help the person in trouble, right? While we might all like to believe that this isContinue reading “The Bystander Effect”

Twisted Sister Tuesday

Each Tuesday there will be a new story at noon. Look out for the first one of the short story series which starts with “An Assaulter’s Affair.”

Twisted Sister – A Short Story Blog Series

In Kindergarten, I remember a book the class always called “Poems for Rotten Kids,” which were moral stories made for kids to behave. Which research says it was made to prevent bullying. But let’s be real, most of those bullies became predators based on the continued internalization of their issues they continued throughout their lifetime.Continue reading “Twisted Sister – A Short Story Blog Series”

Stuck In the Middle – How to Handle Those With Negative Behavioral Patterns

Let’s be real. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of completely staying away from those who show harmful behavioral patterns. It’s like saying buy a Louis Vuitton bag to increase your social status when you were barely putting food on the table—later finding out that it doesn’t work because of the things that also tookContinue reading “Stuck In the Middle – How to Handle Those With Negative Behavioral Patterns”

What Abuse of Power Looks Like

“People Love That Cozy Feeling That Supes Give Them […] Swoop Out Of The Sky And Save The Day So You Don’t Gotta Do It Yourself.” The Boys is by far one of the best portrayals that adapts fiction with true to realism ideas as the plot of the story is about a government secretContinue reading “What Abuse of Power Looks Like”

Let’s start a non profit

So helping a woman get out of a bad situation as well as the other situations I’ve helped other domestic violence victims as well as sexual assault victims do you need my services had me thinking. As in the moment in this Covid era causing so many additional domestic violence cases to increase including homicideContinue reading “Let’s start a non profit”

The Common Behavioral Patterns To Look For

When I think of behavioral patterns, I think of the Matrix as the movie’s basis is on the idealism that we are all programmed to be a certain way not to disrupt the Matrix. But if you think about it, it holds a little truth. If you look at social norms and how people engageContinue reading “The Common Behavioral Patterns To Look For”

Why Altruism is Much Needed In the World

November 12, 2020, is the day I will never forget. As I realize this was available resolved all of my internalize issues. It was about 9:15 in the morning when I ended up seeing something that just triggered a reaction. I was driving up on Hillcrest Drive reaching the intersection of Cheryl when I endedContinue reading “Why Altruism is Much Needed In the World”

Un-conforming The Act Of Comformity

We all have conformed or still conform in our everyday lives just to fit in. Whether it be betraying a friend because of what is saved, a group of people thinks about the group’s oddball—or breaking up with someone because of what our family or friends thought of what they thought of someone. Or rockedContinue reading “Un-conforming The Act Of Comformity”

The Empowering Kindness of Strangers

Today I was able to help a domestic violence situation that could’ve cost them on her life as well as her unborn child and daughters life dramatically today. I will write further about the story and how it developed later on this week but in the interim here is my message that I gained outContinue reading “The Empowering Kindness of Strangers”

How To Identify Toxic Relationships

OK. Now you guys know that I talk a lot about perceptions and behavioral patterns. Now let’s cut through the meat and talk about everyday scenarios. The first real-life I’m going to speak about is toxic relationships. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship, toxic people are the crucial factors in our lives thatContinue reading “How To Identify Toxic Relationships”

The Grimm Wonderland of Social Norms

A blog of my amateur days. Another blog post to prep you for Wednesday’s blog.

Why Do We Live In Assumption?

One of the things that we do in our everyday society is assumptions, where we assume someone’s situation, feelings, motives, intentions, etc. The term “Karen” is an iconic name for those who believe a political view and entitlement drive the worst. Which many of those people living in denial about the world around them. AndContinue reading “Why Do We Live In Assumption?”

Journey Of An Unraveled Road has been deemed a self help on how to overcome abuse.

Appreciation of Unsung Heros

In human nature, we are programmed in our emotions to take things for granted. We tend to focus much more on what we don’t have in life versus the things that we are blessed with. Which one of the everyday stuff that catches us off guard. Which amid; an uncontrollable factor by nature. Has manyContinue reading “Appreciation of Unsung Heros”

Sneak Peak to The Concealed Infliction

Here is a sneak peak from a upcoming book scheduled for October 2021. Chapter 1 Hey guys.  Let me first start by introducing myself.  My name is Jacqueline Lopez, and I am talking to you from beyond the grave.  No, this is not a Tales from the Crypt kind of situation.  I didn’t die fromContinue reading “Sneak Peak to The Concealed Infliction”

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