Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist

Demi Lovato – Confident So as I work on the seventh book in “The Rideshare Chronicles,” we find our protagonist stuck between two emotions. Fear and Grief. Human nature and conditioning have us doing two things and engaging in self-destructive behavior in many situations. As Alessandra has done, we get a glimpse of in theContinue reading “Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Playlist”

Song of the Day

Demi Lovato – Let It Go This has special meaning in this song. I talk about Mama P in a previous blog, when I got news of her passing from COVID, which was devastating for me, as she was one of many important people in my tragedy that was Houston, TX. I have no resentmentContinue reading “Song of the Day”

The Song of The Day

Demi Lovato – Anyone Demi Lovato is an amazing and courageous woman as she freely shared this beautifully versed song. Addiction is not a chemical dependency but can be behavioral as well. Addiction I feel is only expressed as chemical dependency to make those who depend on things to escape reality. However narcissism behavior isContinue reading “The Song of The Day”

Blind in Rose Colored Glasses – The Absence in Empathy in a Blind Perception

I will be the first to admit that prior to writing “The Journey of an Unraveled Road” I was still had another pair of rose colored glasses on. I was woke but still not understanding the full meaning of this all. In the book, I also say “I’m still learning and open to getting theContinue reading “Blind in Rose Colored Glasses – The Absence in Empathy in a Blind Perception”

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