The Art of Turning Trauma Into Creativity

You would be surprised how the expression of creativity is the best therapy to come to terms with things that were out of your control, but also. Can make an amazing expression of inspiration for those still attempting to cope with it.

The Bittersweet Lessons of Trauma

In many cases trauma breaks us, but what if I told you that once you go through the emotions of grief in trauma, and once you come to terms in resolving it. It can make you the most courageous and unstoppable force you never knew existed.

Stuck In the Middle – How to Handle Those With Negative Behavioral Patterns

With a very symbolic day, I thought i would share some advice to help you with your resurrection if you choose to go through one of your own. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

Everything Wrong In Seeking Acceptance

The ironic part of seeking acceptance is once we are in a place of inferiority. We forget who we have been and what took us to get there. The truth is, we begin to shun those from our past to avoid the truths of the lies we caste in the perception we become. We begin to engage in bad behavior in paranoia and the unresolved issues we haven’t resolved. Where in the face of avoiding transparency and accountability. The feeling of acceptance subsides. As those who we surround ourselves, would never accept us for the person we use to be. Having us learn a valuable lesson, which was inflicted by karma.

The Problems In Culturalism

The destructive behaviors we gained in hypothetically learned behavior through culturalism. Here’s what you should know.

Why I Said Goodbye To The Yellow Brick Road

Doing the same damn thing everyone does thinking they are going to get a better result of it. Truth of the matter was that in every scenario I was always brought down from grace from someone who was intimidated by me in one way shape or form. Frieda Lopez – Why I Said Goodbye ToContinue reading “Why I Said Goodbye To The Yellow Brick Road”

How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong

That their loyalties to me would prove otherwise. But one reality that we don’t realize. Is when the odds are against the majority, and everything is at stake. Those loyalties will never be intact. As the truth is, it’s a dog eat dog world. Frieda Lopez – How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong EveryoneContinue reading “How Freedom Rediscovered Made Me Hella Strong”

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