Rise above the gaslight

An oldie but a goodie. Here is the early start of my journey.

The Traumatic Events that Changed My Life

September 11 changed a lot of lives, it affected me in more than one way. Where once the threat coming from outside terroist becomes the grim reality is that we ourselves have become terrorist in our own social norm.

The Journey of the “Journey of an Unraveled Road

“Journey of an Unraveled Road” was a labor of love. Here is what I faced and how I moved forward with making a difference.

What We Do Wrong In Change

We all get discouraged in change. However I feel that we never get told the key points we need to be aware of when we attempt change. Where the “progress is progress” can’t be seen, here are some pointers to get you prepared not only for universal positive change, but for your NY resolutions that are around the corner.

The Dangers of Self Doubt

Self doubt is something we all carry in our life’s. It’s not about holding in these emotions but nipping them head on. Here’s the story on what eliminating self doubt does. As the protagonist in “The Rideshare Chronicles” Alessandra deals with this in the story, she becomes the super hero he all can relate to and need in this modern day era.

The Keys Gained on The Journey of an Unraveled Road

The keys was made within my journey, which in my journey I gained 17 characteristics that everyone can get with a little help and guidance. Check out what to expect from my follow up book to “Journey of an Unraveled Road”

The Price of Mutual Respect

We live in a society that is quickly disturbed in it’s delicate balance. One of the things that hinders justice is the behaviors in social norms. Here’s my story on how I realized that injustice is more frequent than we want to admit.

Not Today Misery, I Ran Out of Pendejadas for the Day

It’s easier to disengage with he idiots and the criticism of the world. It starts by being true to yourself and just saying “Bye Felicia” or “Bye Felipe” if he’s your male counterpart.

The Misperception of Discrimination

Today’s blog talks about the realness of discrimination and the place it happens in live action, during travel. Discrimination in the hotel industry is on the rise having a major chain, Wyndam Hotels settling a class action from 2016. You might think it was then, read more to find out my current experience and the degration I faced, even as a published writer.

The Dangerous Act of Turning a Blind Eye

One of the biggest dis-services the world can do is turn a blind eye. Find out why it’s important to break that habit and how doing this can make a huge difference to inspire success in the movements we desperately need to make a difference.

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