COVID Depression – How COVID-19 Brought the Worst Out Society

Which many will not question the turn of events for many reasons. Some because of the fact that it doesn’t affect them. Other’s because they are hardcore followers and believe everything that they are hearing. Others because they refuse to see the reality of what’s going around in the world around them. Not seeing thoseContinue reading “COVID Depression – How COVID-19 Brought the Worst Out Society”

The Double Edge Sword That is Victimhood

Many of us think of victimhood or a victimized mentality as an extreme behavior of making excuses for the things that people don’t tend to not take control of in their lives. However, there are many levels in the intentions of victimhood. Many of us, even though we may not admit it. Or tell ourselvesContinue reading “The Double Edge Sword That is Victimhood”

The Reality of Surviving A Pandemic As A Stereotype

So let me just say this, I am doing a lot better. And thankfully, it wasn’t COVID. But it scared the shit out of me. Why lie about it. The feeling that took over me was resentment and anger. Mainly toward society and the people who know better and think they above everyone else. BecauseContinue reading “The Reality of Surviving A Pandemic As A Stereotype”

The Ugly Truth About COVID-19 Unit Care – A COVID Unit Tale

Which shortly after happened at the beginning of March. About 70% of the staff ended up being skeptical that it would ever turn into something so tragic. Regardless of the pushback, the preparations did not stop. While America was getting quarantine, the hospitals were getting ready for the busiest and saddest moments of their lives.Continue reading “The Ugly Truth About COVID-19 Unit Care – A COVID Unit Tale”

The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19

We follow idols who enable bad behaviors and do as they say in all schemes in religion and non-religion. Justifying our bad behaviors for one common thing. Greed and lack of compassion. Frieda Lopez – The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19 In religion, The Rapture, in Christianity, the eschatological (concerned with the last thingsContinue reading “The Rapture Effect That Has Become COVID-19”

Countdown to the End of the Presidential Election

I don’t know about you, but I am so over the Presidential Election. I mean for me I can care less who wins. I casted my vote and that is all I can do. It’s one and done. But what I can’t stand is that those who assume that my writing is meant to swayContinue reading “Countdown to the End of the Presidential Election”

The Aftermath of COVID

Making me wonder, if this virus might be a parasitic virus. As that microbiologist in me, makes me wonder what exactly is going on with this advance mutation of the common flu virus. Frieda Lopez – The Aftermath of COVID There is a lot that is still has yet to be discovered about COVID. TakingContinue reading “The Aftermath of COVID”

The Trauma Bond That Has Become COVID

One of the things that this pandemic has brought forward is how delicate the balance we presumed to be a strong and stable one.  People will arguably say that it’s the President’s fault, which is not entirely fair to blame on.  However, we can blame him for the controllable he neglected to dismiss, which is the truthContinue reading “The Trauma Bond That Has Become COVID”

The Emotional Aftermath of Frontline COVID Staff

Which was what these staff members would selflessly do in those last moments that these patients had on their final hours of this ever-mutating disease.  Many of these staff members would risk feelings of pride; in some cases, their jobs show these patients that they are not alone.  Which if in the scenario, you were to contractContinue reading “The Emotional Aftermath of Frontline COVID Staff”

The Bah-Humbug COVID has brought to Halloween.

So this Halloween has been kind of a bummer for everyone. Thanks to the pandemic of COVID-19. Thus, it’s perfectly normal for people to feel the bitterness as many things have felt the heartbreak in this COVID wear. In my brief moment of wearing the costume, you already have an available array of bitter peopleContinue reading “The Bah-Humbug COVID has brought to Halloween.”

The Bias-ness of our COVID Treatment in Our COVID Era

When it comes to patient care in the Era of COVID, it becomes a proverbial coin toss of the kind of treatment you care for.  1.  Based on the facility, you are sent to a COVID infection.  2.  Based on if you have insurance or not.  3.  If it’s private or a government ran insurance.  4.  What intention the staff member handling yourContinue reading “The Bias-ness of our COVID Treatment in Our COVID Era”

The Ugly Truth About COVID Treatments

In 2001, after turning down NYU for the fashion program, I had the brilliant idea of becoming a doctor to help save lives as I have always wanted to help people. Which this was, in my eyes, the best way to get to support. During my studies, I ended up leaving the field. Not becauseContinue reading “The Ugly Truth About COVID Treatments”

The Gateway Act That Is Anti Social Behavior

Where if you think about it. Society thrives off of anti-social behavior. Where truth of the matter is, everything we do in attempt to make a point becomes anti-social behavior. As it may be intended for the greater good, buts others in a harms way for the lack of consideration for others. Which if youContinue reading “The Gateway Act That Is Anti Social Behavior”

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