Preview of what I’m working on for a professional writing contest. Until the contest is over, this is all you get…..

The American Dream. A perception that is passed on from generation to generation that evokes hope for even the littles of underdogs. Praying and wishing that one day, they will get the chance to get just a glimmer of that hope that encompasses their reason for living becoming one of the greats to inspire generationsContinue reading “Preview of what I’m working on for a professional writing contest. Until the contest is over, this is all you get…..”

The Psychology of Wrath

One thing that is very apparent is that in society, we tend to over dramatize things. Am I right? Problems seem bigger than what they seem, but when we resolve it, we think why was I being so dramatic about it? If you are still in denial then you haven’t learn a damn thing, asContinue reading “The Psychology of Wrath”

The Bittersweetness of Love

Love is a beautiful thing along with the truth as @gal_gadot says in #ww84. It makes us stronger and makes us feel like we can move mountains all at the same time provide a pain that my don’t see yet. I think about the times I had the true sensation of being in true love.Continue reading “The Bittersweetness of Love”

The Ugly Truth that Promising Young Woman Presents

Seeing this movie made me reflect on things that I have experienced my whole life. The toxic male culture and how some men take advantage of vulnerable situations and attempt to utilize insults, belittling, gaslighting, and bandwagoning have them move forward with life-changing events that occur to the women they come paths with. It’s aContinue reading “The Ugly Truth that Promising Young Woman Presents”

Song of the Day – Rideshare Chronicles Playlist Edition

Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind One of my dreams has always been to visit New York City. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Sex and the City to my fifth book in “The Rideshare Chronicles,” New York City has been an infatuation of mine as far as I could remember. As aContinue reading “Song of the Day – Rideshare Chronicles Playlist Edition”

Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Edition

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” was not intentionally the unofficial theme song for the book as it was used to create the epic battle scene in Chapter 19. Which unofficially became the theme song for the series as Alessandra not only has the ability to materialize fire and other elements, butContinue reading “Song of the Day – The Rideshare Chronicles Edition”

The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles”

Last night, I had a continuous dream that began where it left off after waking up three different times. The truth is it almost was the scariest nightmare that somehow I gained control of and had me the protagonist in the dream. Ironically enough, it inspired my next Sci-FI Novel series that plays into theContinue reading “The Sister Series to “The Rideshare Chronicles””

Author and Former “American Idol” Contestant Frieda Lopez Debuts First Novel in “The Rideshare Chronicles” – Press Release – Digital Journal

Source: Author and Former “American Idol” Contestant Frieda Lopez Debuts First Novel in “The Rideshare Chronicles” – Press Release – Digital Journal

How Victimhood Fuels The Need For Validity and Acceptance

Have you ever interacted with someone that you begin to notice traumatic or erratic behaviors that don’t seem like their norm? In many cases, this is due to the onset of trauma that they experienced. In many situations, when people experience a trigger in a current moment of trauma. Do you also notice a behaviorContinue reading “How Victimhood Fuels The Need For Validity and Acceptance”

The Rideshare Chronicles-Highway to Hell

Available now for preorder today Highway to Hell

The “Rideshare Chronicles – Highway To Hell” Release Date

Date for the release of the second book for “The Rideshare Chronicles Book Series” has been set to be released for 3/23/2021. Preorders coming soon. The follow is set to be released in Summer 2021 followed by the fourth book in the series for Fall/Winter 2021 followed by the fifth book early 2022. Check outContinue reading “The “Rideshare Chronicles – Highway To Hell” Release Date”

Songs of the Day – New Years

There are two songs I want to add on this post. First of all sorry for the absense. I am finishing the fifth series in “The Rideshare Chronicles” which I am sure you recall I finished the fourth on e a week ago. 2020 has been a tough years and many us feel that weContinue reading “Songs of the Day – New Years”

Cover Art for The Rideshare Chronicles VOL II


Read the first two chapters for free on Amazon Kindle.

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