Denial Is A River In Conformity

Denial is a river in conformity what you should know to stop self-doubt the apple doesn’t fall far from the river bank of denial I remember when I first realized I was in a toxic relationship. One of the hardest things to do was leaving my first toxic relationship. I begin to ask myself whyContinue reading “Denial Is A River In Conformity”

Preview: Denial Is A River In Conformity

denial is a river in conformity what to expect in tomorrow’s post Many of us develop many ways to self-preserve. But where does this come from, really? The alarming truth is that it may be a behavior that you conformed to from two primary outlets, social and cultural norms, which becomes a fight for superiorityContinue reading “Preview: Denial Is A River In Conformity”

The Alarming Effects of Toxic Relationship

The Alarming Effects of Toxic Relationship What You Need To Know To Take Back Control The Cry From an inner child ” A rollercoaster ride of twist and turns that will have you jumping out of your seat. An experience that will take you on an up and down journey of emotion, suspense, drama, andContinue reading “The Alarming Effects of Toxic Relationship”

Conquering the Ghost of Insecurity Past

Have you ended up being so overwhelmed with negative emotion that you just wanted to stop? So you treat yourself to something that would lift your spirits. Whether it be hanging out with friends, going for retail therapy, eating at your favorite restaurant, or buy that fancy bottle of liquor? Only to later realize that you might have gone a little overboard due to the severity of circumstance you were working through? I think we have all been there. In those moments when you have gone overboard, was it an independent choice? Or was it a choice you made with a bit of influence? Regardless of the situation, you made a choice. Which in many cases, you may have needed the distraction to take your mind off of things. So you can go back into them with a clear mind and less resentment that makes you want to say, “fuck this shit!” In many cases, it’s a personal choice. But in other situations, the influence is created by intimidation, peer pressure, and persuasiveness. If the person being influenced doesn’t know how to say no. It not only can cause conflicts in the present, but long term can be the reason why you also might be what’s validating your insecurities and your misperception of your true self.

Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Uncertainty

And Avoid repeating the same mistakes Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn what makes us creatures of habit Remember when you were a kid and were told never to touch the stove? What was the first thing you did? Knowing that many in denial and ego will deny theContinue reading “Effective Ways To Overcome Self-Doubt and Uncertainty”

How To Detain Your Ghost of Insecurity Past

In psychosexual development, which is the basis that creates our IDs. We begin to use our unconscious minds to make decisions based on experiences and other factors in our thought process and decision-making. When faced with certain situations, our defense mechanism begins to take over, relying on the pleasure principle, which can replace these undesirable feelings. During my moment of feeling insufficient, doubtful, hopeless, and felt lost control, one of the common things relied one

The Ghost of Insecurity Past

The Ghost of Insecurity Past Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn How I avoided the act of self-sabotage from a conditioned trigger response One of the things that I realized when writing the book is that we are all creatures of habits. I know that we all have heardContinue reading “The Ghost of Insecurity Past”

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