The Bittersweet Marvels from the Spiritual Intervention

Advertisements Resentment of the Unknown One of the things that kept me from being open about seeing things in a much more positive light came from various factors. The chaos and the destruction that in most recent times has seemed to get worst instead of getting better, human nature can be the purest evil thatContinue reading “The Bittersweet Marvels from the Spiritual Intervention”

The Tragic Beauty of my Life Awakening

Advertisements Before this beautiful and tragic “life awakening,” I use to be highly insecure. Before I go into the description, let me emphasize the “beautiful and tragic” part about the life awakening. The reason why it’s tragic is that you begin to see things how they are. The misperception about people and the world aroundContinue reading “The Tragic Beauty of my Life Awakening”

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Day 10 of Quarantine- My Bittersweet Recovery

Advertisements Today was the first day I woke up feeling 100% like myself today. The weird thing was today, since being diagnosed with COVID, I did something that I haven’t done since I was infected with the virus, which was waking up on my original schedule. Before catching COVID, I would wake up at 6Continue reading “Day 10 of Quarantine- My Bittersweet Recovery”

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Day 9 of Quarantine- Almost To Complete Recovery

Advertisements Today I woke up almost feeling like myself, as today I woke up with a sore chest. I am assuming that it’s from the coughing that occurred these last eight days. But the refreshing feeling that I got this morning was relief and comfort as I’ve made it to recovery without infecting anyone inContinue reading “Day 9 of Quarantine- Almost To Complete Recovery”

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