Song of the Day

J2- Goodbye Yellowbrick Road Originally sang by Sir Elton John and one of my favorite songs, I thought I said Goodbye to Yellow Brick road along time ago. Apparently Pandemic Life stated otherwise. Truth is I had this hope that maybe writing would pay off. Which in most recent events, almost said to hell withContinue reading “Song of the Day”

The Reality of Surviving A Pandemic As A Stereotype

So let me just say this, I am doing a lot better. And thankfully, it wasn’t COVID. But it scared the shit out of me. Why lie about it. The feeling that took over me was resentment and anger. Mainly toward society and the people who know better and think they above everyone else. BecauseContinue reading “The Reality of Surviving A Pandemic As A Stereotype”

A Cruiser’s Paradise

“No.  Stop.  Please stop. Noooo,” Frank said as he opened his eye swinging, which followed with an agonizing groan.  He opened his eye to see two police officers standing over his bed as he looked up from the lying position.  As he ended up attempting to lift his arm, he heard the clang of hisContinue reading “A Cruiser’s Paradise”

Song of the Day

The Band Perry – If I Die Young As morbid as this is, this is the reality we live in. As I face the long-awaited results as vomiting blood and having chest pain that is automatically associated with COVID when a fever is apparent, has everyone staying away to get a proper diagnosis. Where waitingContinue reading “Song of the Day”

This Ends And Why You Should Keep Hope Alive

in honor of being put into the Barnes and Noble’s family, I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduced the “Scenic Route to the Journey of an Unraveled Road.”

New Release Date For The Rideshare Chronicles

So I had to take a second test as the last one was negative. Hey, if it’s regular pneumonia and not covid pneumonia, it’s a blessing, I think. I’m stronger than people give me credit for. But hey, if it’s my time, the last years of my life were spent being a bad bitch andContinue reading “New Release Date For The Rideshare Chronicles”

Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness

But in the face of threat or fear is when the act that we all engage in is the act of trying to “scare that threat and fear away” that we find in other people. Which just puts us in a predicament that we are full circle to the habits we don’t change. And havingContinue reading “Solace From Solitude – The Power of Loneliness”

Problems that Want to Be Solved – The Truth Behind Self Preservation

in honor of being put into the Barnes and Noble’s family, I thought it would be appropriate to reintroduced the “Scenic Route to the Journey of an Unraveled Road.”

The Resentment Developing In Human Nature

For about a month already, I have been resenting the whole self-help venture.  I started with self-help because I didn’t think fiction writing was something I was good at.  But critics believe otherwise.   Which is the venture I am taking moving forward.  At first, I was hopeful that I had this illusion that people didn’tContinue reading “The Resentment Developing In Human Nature”

Song of the Day

J2 (Ft StarGzrLilly) -Crazy This version of this song is much more grim. As the foretelling in the song is much more of a warning versus the upbeat deflective version of the other. So recall the lyrics “I remember, I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place .EvenContinue reading “Song of the Day”

Breakaway Little Song Bird – The Start of the Journey to Freedom

Which the third time, getting the offer from Sprint in Houston, I said I couldn’t back down and would follow through. Which turned out to be the best decision I ever made in my whole entire life. Little did I know, it would be the start of the journey to freedom. Frieda Lopez – BreakawayContinue reading “Breakaway Little Song Bird – The Start of the Journey to Freedom”

Song of the Day

Rihanna – Umbrella (ft. Jay-Z) Life sometimes feel like we are going through things alone. One of things that I realize is that we sometimes push people away to as the fear of vulnerability and the fear of getting hurt is what keeps us from the getting the support you need. It’s those who standContinue reading “Song of the Day”

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