Lessons from my dad

The Power Through Love and Grief

Embarking on a journey on an unfamiliar road is always an uneasy and menacing task for everyone. I first thought when I sacrificed the life that I thought I wanted. I was blessed with being my father’s caretaker from the life I was blessed with. But one of the things that I would find toContinue reading “The Power Through Love and Grief”


There was a time earlier in my life that I would reflect on conflicts. Of course, as a kid, they were minimal than the ones we encountered as adults. That through the process of figuring out my problems. Of course, comes the thought part of resolving our life, acceptance. Acceptance, in my experience, is theContinue reading “ADVERSITY ISN’T MEANT TO LAST FOREVER”

The Bittersweet Marvels from the Spiritual Intervention

Resentment of the Unknown One of the things that kept me from being open about seeing things in a much more positive light came from various factors. The chaos and the destruction that in most recent times has seemed to get worst instead of getting better, human nature can be the purest evil that theContinue reading “The Bittersweet Marvels from the Spiritual Intervention”

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