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A Rideshare Chronicles Novella The Cusp of Destiny

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

Miracles Do Exist

Act iX

Alessandra woke startled as she began to survey her surroundings. She began to inhale slowly as she began to calm her rushing pulse.

"Tio Mike was right?" Alessandra said as she began to recall the events of her dreams that came back from childhood. Alessandra started to exhale as Mike Romero instructed her in the dream as she began to analyze the events that she could have fixed with the battle she had with the demonic dragon-like creature.

"Alessandra?" Timothy yelled as she looked towards the door.

"In a minute!" Alessandra yelled as she looked at the rose that was placed on top of the envelope.

"It's one thing for the student to be late," Timothy said as he turned on the TV. "But it's another for the teacher not to show up!" Timothy yelled as Alessandra smelled the rose as she began to open the envelope.

"Sorry about that," Alessandra said as she smiled at the birthday card Jonathan left on the side where he slept.
She opened the card as it read, "To my love, my person, and my badass," Alessandra read as she began to smile. "They say that miracles still exist, and I am a believer because you are my miracle. I will see you and Timothy at the boxing gym. Don't be too hard on our friend. I can't wait to have you in my arms once again. Happy birthday and with love, Jonathan King," Alessandra read as she pulled the card close.

"Let's go, molasses!" Timothy yelled as Alessandra yelled back.

Alessandra picked up the tights that she hung on the hanging door rack, along with her sports bra and tank. She quickly rushed out the bedroom door as Timothy picked the duffle bag that Jonathan prepared.

"I hope you're ready for the final lesson, Alessandra said as they walked out the door. Alessandra locked the door behind her as they began making their way to his vehicle in the complex's front office.

"I hope you're prepared for what's in store today?" Timothy said as he unlocked the car with his vehicle remote.

"You said that the last time and looked what happened?' Alessandra said as Timothy smirked at Alessandra in the offense.

"That's because you cheated!" Timothy said in defense.

"Cheaters are for people who don't have the skill," Alessandra said as she looked at Timothy as the vehicle began to move. "You just are behaving like a bad of molasses," Alessandra said as Timothy looked at Alessandra with a grin.

"I won't be so kind to you," Timothy said as Alessandra turned on the radio.

"We will see about," Alessandra said as she raised her eyebrows.
Timothy came out ready to spare as Alessandra began to wrap her hands for the final lesson that Timothy asked for.

Alessandra turned as she smiled at Timothy as she nodded in approval.

"You look like a fighter, now!" Alessandra said as Timothy began walking towards Alessandra.

"But a fighter always comes prepared," Timothy said as Alessandra blocked the swing with her wrapped hand.

"And a fighter always prepares for the unexpected in the arena!" Alessandra said as Timothy backed away.

"It seems to amaze me of all the wisdom you possess," Timothy said in admiration.

 "I can't take all the credit for it," Alessandra said humbly as she clenched her fist from the tight wraps so the wrap could mold with her hand. "I got this wisdom for my Uncle Mike," Alessandra said as she sighed. "He taught me how to fight in combat at well. We use to spare the way Jonathan and I do," Alessandra said as she smiled from the flashback of happier times. "He always said knowledge is something that we shouldn't keep, but something we should pass on," Alessandra said as Timothy smiled. "Including this!"


  "Well, I can't wait for the shake the hand of the man that not only an fucken awesome sensai," Timothy said as he took a sip from his water bottle. "But to have blessed me with friends that have an amazing aura!" Timothy said as Alessandra looked down in sorrow.


   "He's gone," Alessandra said in sorrow.

    "I'm so sorry, my friend," Timothy said as Alessandra stared at the floor with growing concern. "What is it?" Timothy said in concern.


  Alessandra looked up at Timothy as she said, "Do you believe in life after death?"


   "It's a naïve thing to believe that something afterlife doesn't exist?" Timothy said as Alessandra looked down in concern.

   "Do you think that the dead can speak to us, wherever they may be at?"

  "That is something that hope is possible," Timothy said as a tear fell from his eyes. "There is nothing more that I would want is to speak with my father again," Timothy said as tears began to fall.


  Alessandra looked at him in sympathy as she stood up and made her way towards Timothy. "As you said, miracles exist!" Alessandra said as she patted Timothy on the back in comfort. "Enough mushy shit and back to the final lesson!" Alessandra said as she walked towards the end of the gym.

As she circled his shoulders.  


   "In the final lesson, as this played out perfectly, Alessandra said as she turned on her speaker. "How to turn your grief into strength."

    Timothy huffed as he undermined the statement since Alessandra seemed to struggle with that in real life.


  "Just because I'm working through that in the real world doesn't mean this applies in the ring!" Alessandra said as she turned towards Timothy. Who was shocked as the rebuttal matched what Timothy was thinking?


  "How did you?" Timothy said as his eyes began to widen. "What the fuck!" Timothy yelled as Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life" began to play from the speaker as Alessandra held a sword in position. 


  "This is the final lesson," Alessandra whispered as she slowly began to approach Timothy with the sword drawn.

    "On how to die in an unfair fight!" Timothy said as he nervously got into position.


"Well, life isn't fair," Alessandra said as she swung the sword as Timothy dodged the first swing of the blade. Alessandra kicked him as he rose from the back-bending deflection.


 Timothy was thrown back as flew to the floor as Alessandra circled the sword as it flew into her right hand as the shiny point of the sword's tip pointed down to the floor.


"You're as good as dead in a real area as your father did," Alessandra said as Timothy began to scream as he charged at Alessandra as she bent towards the ground as Timothy was thrown back as Timothy hit the ground hard.


"Focus!" Alessandra yelled as Timothy stood up as he stubbled. "Those are comments you must expect from your foe," Alessandra said as she bowed elegantly as Timothy followed. "Which is why it is important to turn grief into power," Alessandra said as she spread her legs as she squatted towards the floor as raised the sword. "Again!' Alessandra yelled as Timothy began to strike with first of fury as he kicked the sword up.  Alessandra flipped back as she caught the sword as pieces of rubble began to fall from the roof.


"Oh shit!" Timothy said as he broke his pose.


"Focus!" Alessandra yelled as Timothy lifted the piece of rubble that fell in front of him. He kicked it towards Alessandra as he did backward roundoff as he reached the armory section of the gym. 


Alessandra slashed the rubble with her sword as she charged after Timothy.


Timothy kicked Alessandra as she groaned from the pain of the strike as she fell back to the floor.


"Only if you could you knew how to do that before you ran like a coward from your father's assassin!" Alessandra said as Timothy screamed as he charged Alessandra. The cling of metal echoed through the empty gym. The clinging grew louder as they began to fight with swords. 


The fencing with on for minutes as Alessandra began to grin in satisfaction as she began to see Timothy's progress in the few short days that they started the training as Alessandra was about to make the exercise more challenging.


  Timothy struck the sword as Alessandra dropped her sword on purpose. She bent backward and executed a high kick as she rose as it through Timothy's back as blood came up from his mouth. 


Timothy snarled as he pushed the sword towards Alessandra, which followed with a jump as she stepped on the blade. It hit Timothy in the face as he let the sword as Alessandra retrieved the handle. 


 "How the hell are you going to avenge your father's death if you can't even keep a sword in your hands!" Alessandra said as Timothy flipped forward as he extended his leg. It hit Alessandra in the face as she fell back. 


Timothy quickly rolled to Alessandra's sword as she quickly struck as the metal clinked as. He blocked the incoming blade as he began to push the edge forward.   Timothy fell as Alessandra sweep kicked as he fell to the ground with the blade right at his throat.


"And this is where you're dead!" Alessandra said as she panted as she held the sword steady.


"Well, a very wise woman taught the value in the element of surprise," Timothy said as he began to paint.


"There's no way you would get out of this one?" Alessandra said as she looked into Timothy's eyes.

    Jonathan quietly crept in as he stood at the entrance of the entrance.


"Are you sure about that?" Timothy said as he looked at Alessandra.  Timothy clasped the blade as he kicked Alessandra's shin as she fell to the floor, which followed a back roll as Timothy stood up and charged at Alessandra.


Alessandra and Timothy were eyes to the eye as both of their blades were near each other's necks.  The two turned as Jonathan began to clap.


Timothy walked away as Alessandra pulled him back as she attempted to flip him, causing Timothy to roll back as. He flipped her to the floor as he held his fist towards her face as both swords fell to the ground. As the sound of metal echoed through the empty gym. 


"Is the lesson over?" Timothy said as Alessandra wrapped her legs around him as she flipped him towards the ground.


"What do you think?" Alessandra said as Timothy put his hand underneath Alessandra as she fell back in a roll.


Timothy rolled back as he grabbed the sword from the floor as he faced Alessandra. Alessandra was on the other end of the gym as she had her sword ready for combat again. In the same position that Timothy did.


Alessandra looked at Timothy in rage as he looked back in the same manner.


"And you, my friend, are ready for combat!" Alessandra said as she grinned. 


Timothy circled his sword as he held the handle in between his palms as bowed towards Alessandra. Alessandra followed shortly after as she stayed bowed for a few seconds. 

"That was intense!" Timothy said. Alessandra threw the sword as Timothy ducked out the way as it hit pierced the wall as it stayed in place.


"It's a good thing your coachable!" Alessandra said as she flipped vertically as she kicked the sword as flung it up into the stud of the roof that Timothy threw.


"When am I going to learn how to do that!" Timothy said as he huffed with impressiveness.


"You know the basics," Alessandra said as she walked towards Timothy to shake his hands. "It just takes practice on your own moving forward."


"Thanks, Alessandra!" Timothy said as he put his palms together as he bowed.

    "No problem," Alessandra as she followed with the same gesture.


"So who's up for a road trip!" Jonathan said as he walked towards Alessandra he. He held her close as he kissed her as smiled. "Happy birthday, my person," Jonathan whispered.


Alessandra pulled gently away as she followed with, "Thank you."


"Get a room, you too!" Timothy said as he faked gagged.


Jonathan pulled gently from the kiss as he said, "Just wait, bro!" Jonathan turned towards Timothy. "That will be you and Sabrina one day!"


"We're going to San Antonio, aren't we?" Alessandra said as she began to move up and down in her seat.


Jonathan looked at Alessandra as he shook his head as smiled. "You have to go again, don't you?"


Timothy immediately ejected from lying in the back seat as he said, "Thanks for driving, man." Timothy groaned as he massages his arm.

"I told you to be easy on him," Jonathan said as she turned the radio on as The Weeknd's new song "Starboy" began to play as she began to jump up and down again.

Timothy looked at the sign that said "San Antonio 100 miles" as he looked at Jonathan. "I've never been to," Timothy said as Jonathan turned slowly. "On a road trip before!" Timothy said as he looked at Alessandra.

Timothy looked at Alessandra moving up and down as he shook his head. 


"Look, there is a gas station!" Timothy said as he pointed towards to petro station that was on the left of the road. "I got to take a piss!" Timothy said as Alessandra sighed in relief.

"You know, if you had to stop, I would have done this a long time ago," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra.

"You know how my sister can be!" Timothy said as Alessandra turned towards Timothy in anger.


"Alright," Jonathan said with a smile as he took the exit. "Rest stop it is!" Jonathan said as Timothy began to move his head to the beat of the song.

"What's so funny?" Alessandra said as Timothy began to laugh.

"Did they make a song about you, bro!" Timothy said as Jonathan looked at Timothy with frustrated anger.


Alessandra felt the tension between the two as she turned towards Timothy and then Jonathan. "Are you boys keeping girly secrets?" Alessandra said as Jonathan parked the car at the Petro Station.

Alessandra ran in as she bolted to the bathroom as a car pulled into the parking lot that Timothy and Jonathan began to argue.


"What the hell is wrong with you!" Jonathan yelled as he turned towards Timothy.   

"What!" Timothy rebutted in a yell.


"Saying shit as you did earlier!" Jonathan yelled.


"You act like she knows and shit!" Timothy said as Jonathan huffed in anger.


The door opened as Alessandra looked at the two as she grinned. "Now, boys," Alessandra said in exaggeration. "How many times do I have to tell you two to play nice," Alessandra said as Jonathan started the car.


"Wait, I thought Timothy had to go too?" Alessandra said as the two stayed quiet as they pulled out the parking lot. 


Timothy looked through the back window as he saw some awkward activity occur as Timothy's vehicle pulled away.  


Jonathan looked through the rearview mirror as he could sense that Timothy was growing concerned as he continued to look in a focused manner through the back window of the vehicle.


"What's wrong?" Jonathan said in concern as Alessandra looked back a Timothy.


Timothy turned around in a fearful expression as he said, "Trouble!"


"I'm going to call the authorities!" Alessandra said as Jonathan grabbed the phone gently from Alessandra's hand as he turned around.


"Babe, no!" Alessandra said as she grew fearful.


"The police in these parts will be too late," Jonathan said as Alessandra's eyes began to get watery as Jonathan parked the car.


"Listen to me and listen to me carefully!" Jonathan said as he grabbed Alessandra. "I need you to stay in the car, no matter what!" Jonathan said as Alessandra nodded. "Don't call the cops till I signal you," Jonathan said as Alessandra nodded in silence. "Got it!" Jonathan yelled as Timothy slowly opened the door as he got out of the car.


"Promise!" Alessandra said as Jonathan kissed her quickly as he carefully opened the car. The gunshots began to make Alessandra cover her mouth as she screamed. Tears began to fall as Alessandra looked at Jonathan, and Timothy began to crouch low as they began to run towards the entrance of the Petro station.


Alessandra ducked as low as she could as she saw two men pop out the door as they began to crouch and follow Jonathan and Timothy.  Alessandra began to shake as her heart began to beat harder in anticipation and worry. She began to clench her fist as she began to inhale and exhale as she closed her eyes as she began to recall the advice given by her Tio Mike from the dreams that started two days ago.

Alessandra opened her eyes as she saw the door slowly creek open as she saw the two men.


Alessandra began to open the car door open carefully, which she rushed immediately as she heard gunshots, which followed by screams.


"Jonathan!" Alessandra said that as she backed into the glass partition as heard screams, she began to think the worst. That something just had happened to Jonathan and Timothy.   

The door quickly bolted open as Paramore's "Misery Business" began to play as a swallowed deed in the middle of a sweep kick. 


The two men stumbled as they fell to the floor.  She opened the door as she rushed in.

"I told you to stay in the car!" Jonathan yelled as Alessandra lunged at Jonathan and Timothy as the three fell to the floor. 

"You wanted a badass, right!" Alessandra said as they duck below as they began to rush through the store.


"Oh shit!" one of the masked men said as they looked at their three friends lying on the floor.


Alessandra ran towards the men as they dropped the gun.  Timothy and Jonathan lunged as he kept the two men on the floor.  In a panic, they began to punch the two men to stay down. 


Alessandra kicked the gun towards her as she stepped in and kicked the man in the face.     

"You got this, Alessandra!" Timothy said as he continued to punch the man.      

Jonathan turned mid-punch as Alessandra began to assume into position. The man stood up as he lunged at Alessandra.


Alessandra ducked as he flipped over in the first isle, having the islands fall like a roll of dominos.

Jonathan rushed as the man stayed on the floor, which followed with Timothy pulling Jonathan back.

"Let me go!" Jonathan said as Timothy pulled him as stared into his eyes.


"You can't control your power when it comes to her," Timothy whispered as he looked at Alessandra in concern.

"She got's it!" Timothy reassured as Jonathan nodded in helplessness.

Alessandra jumped kicked the man as she fell to the floor on her hands as the man fell to the floor.


"What the fuck!" Alessandra yelled. She began to see the low flames forming on her hands.    

"Babe, look out!" Jonathan yelled as she saw the man pick up the gun as she ran as. The shots began to fire as Alessandra jumped towards the fallen isle.    

"Jonathan!" Alessandra said as the masked man's gun began to click from the empty rounds.


"We're okay!" Jonathan screamed as Alessandra began to run out as her heels clicked on the ground.     

Alessandra ran towards the car as the man attempted to enter the vehicle, which had the man and the door fly with Alessandra as she lunged towards him. 


"What the fuck are you!" the masked man said.   

"You're the worst nightmare, motherfucker!" Alessandra said as she began punching him in the face as pedestrian cars started to rush in.  Alessandra continued to hit him until he passed out.  Alessandra immediately stood up as she backed away.  She directly looked at her hands. The flames were gone.    

"Are you okay?" A chubby man said as he cautiously walked towards Alessandra as she looked behind her.


"Jonathan!" Alessandra said as she ran back into the store. 

Alessandra ran in as she saw Timothy standing with a look I sorrow. In instinct, Alessandra jumped over the counter as she saw Jonathan holding the wounded clerk as she slowly moved her hand towards the open wound of the gunshot


"No!" Alessandra cried as she pushed Jonathan out of the way as she kneeled next to the woman.


"It's too late for me, now," the woman whispered as Alessandra grabbed her hand.


"No, it's not!" Alessandra said as tears began to fall from her cheek. 


"It's okay," the woman whispered as she began to cough up blood.


"Stay with me!" Alessandra said as Timothy and Jonathan looked at each other in sorrow.

"Just tell my children that I love them," the woman whispered as the grip from the woman's hand began to weaken as it fell to her side.

"No!" Alessandra cried as she put her head on the woman's lifeless body. "I'm sorry we are too late!" Alessandra whispered as she began to cry in mourning.


"Babe," Jonathan whispered as he looked down.  Timothy gently hit Jonathan's hand as he looked up at Timothy with a shocked look.  Jonathan slowly turned towards Alessandra as the look of shock overwhelmed his face as he began to see Alessandra glow in lavender light.  

Alessandra immediately stopped crying as the woman's heartbeat began to beat, which started slowly as it began to beat back to normal as Alessandra pulled away.   The woman gasped as she lifted herself as opened her eyes. She smiled at Alessandra as she caressed her face in gratitude.

"Are you an angel?" The woman asked as Jonathan pulled Alessandra away.

"Babe, we need to go?" As the woman began to cry, Jonathan said she began to see that she made it out alive.    

"Sorry about the mess," Timothy said as Alessandra looked at the woman as she looked up at the sky in gratitude.

The woman stood up as she saw the three pull off as. The cops began to swarm in quickly as the woman cried in gratitude.


"Miracles do exist!" The woman said as the police began to storm in. The woman ignored the questions as she began to look at the car move.   

Alessandra looked back as the woman smiled as. She said thank you as they began making their way to San Antonio. 

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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