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A Rideshare Chronicles Novella
The Cusp of Destiny

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

The Concerns of Happiness and Fears


Jonathan pulled up to Abuela's house as he parked the car as the engine stopped.

     "We're here, Princess," Jonathan said in a whisper as Alessandra looked down at the floor, silent. As she was for the entire ride to San Antonio.

     "Hey, sis," Timothy whispered, looking at Alessandra as she stared at the floor.  He turned to Jonathan as he continued to stare at Alessandra in a helpless trance. "You're a hero," Timothy said as Alessandra finally looked up at Timothy. 

    "She was dead," Alessandra whispered as she turned towards Jonathan as he gently placed his hand on her left leg.

     "It was a good thing that you were there to help her," Jonathan said as his eyes began to water.

   "But I didn't do anything?" Alessandra whispered.

     "You gave her hope to want to come back," Jonathan whispered as he looked up as saw Maria Romero's face peep at the window.

     "Remember the conversation we had during our last session?" Timothy said as Alessandra turned towards Timothy.

     "Yeah," Alessandra said as she turned towards Timothy, which had her turn towards Jonathan.

     Jonathan began to nod as he smiled gently.

    "It's the power of divine intervention," Timothy said as he smiled at Alessandra. "I have a feeling Mike helped with that," Timothy said.

    Jonathan turned towards in suspicion as Timothy looked at him in confusion.

    "Yeah," Alessandra said as she nodded with a smile. "You're right," Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan.  Jonathan immediately smiled as he nodded as Alessandra turn his way as Alessandra got out of the car as she stood as she waited for Jonathan.

    "How do you know about Mike?" Jonathan whispered in defense.

     "Alessandra brought him up today," Timothy whispered back at. They both smiled as Alessandra knocked on the window. 

     The two men immediately got out of the vehicle as Alessandra joined Jonathan. She wrapped her arms around his waist as she greeted him with a kiss.

    "That was very brave you guys did today," Alessandra said as she looked at Timothy.

     "Can we just stop and talk for a bit," Jonathan said as Alessandra looked up into his blue eyes. "About you're moves in there!" Jonathan said proudly as Timothy nodded in agreeance.

     "Damn girl, I knew you had it in you!" Timothy said as Maria Romero walked out the door as she waved towards the three.

     "It was about time!" Maria Romero yelled as she opened the gate from the front yard.

    "Abuela!" Jonathan said as he gently released from Alessandra's grasp as he greeted Romero with a hug. 

     "And you!" Maria Romero said as she looked at Alessandra up and down. "You're going to disappear with how skinny you're getting from the last time I saw you!"

     "Hi, Abuela!" Alessandra said as Maria Romero brought her in as she began to kiss Alessandra to the point of embarrassment.

    Jonathan looked at Timothy as they both began to chuckle.

     "Abuela!" Alessandra yelled as she attempted to push her Abuela away.

     "It's good to have you home!" Maria Romero said as she stole another smother kiss.  She turned to Timothy as she smiled. "And you must be Timothy!" Maria Romero said as she pulled Timothy in.

     "Oh!" Timothy said in surprise as Maria Romero brought him in as she hugged him like family.

     "Our family is huggers," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra as he kissed her on the lips. "You'll get used to it!"

     "Come inside!' Abuela yelled. "Tia and your dad are dying to see, Mija!" Maria Romero said as she rushed the three in.

     "What's going on?" Alessandra said in suspicion.

    "Well, you took forever, and the food is getting cold," Maria Romero said as she rushed everyone in. "Come!" Maria said as the three began to follow her inside.

    "Why is it so quiet?" Alessandra said as she immediately jumped back in shock.

     "Surprise!" her family and friends yelled as they jumped out of the hiding places as the three walked in. 

    "OMG!" Alessandra said as tears began to fall from her eyes of happiness. Alessandra began to cry with joy as she saw not only her direct family there.  But her two friends, AR Jay and Christina. Her long-life childhood friends.  Along with the college friends she got close to. Harkness, Seraphine, and Hari.

   "Surprise bitch!" Seraphine said as she walked towards Alessandra. Alessandra began to wipe the tears from her eyes as she embraced Seraphine as Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" began to play from the untouched speaker Alessandra gifted Abuela last Christmas.

      "Did you do that?" Abuela whispered as she neared Alessandra.

     "I think it's one of her powers," Jonathan whispered back.

      Alessandra looked back as Jonathan smiled in happiness as she said the words "Thank You!" as she wiped the tears from her eyes. 

     Alessandra turned back as she began to hug the rest of the friends and family as she wiped tears from her eyes. 

    Jonathan sat on the porch as Alessandra in the patio set that he set up with her friends, along with Timothy. Jonathan smiled with joy as he looked at Alessandra, smiling in happiness once again.

    "I brought you a cold one!" Maria Romero said as she handed Jonathan another frosty beer bottle.

    "Thanks, Abuela," Jonathan said as Maria Romero sat next to Jonathan. Adjacent to the chair that Jonathan sat at.

    "Thank you," Maria Romero said as the joy Alessandra brought a smile to his face.

    "For what," Jonathan said as he chuckled from the joyous laugh that Alessandra belted out. 

    "For putting this all together," Maria Romero said as she put her hand on top of Jonathan. Maria Romero sighed in happiness as she looked at Alessandra, smiling on her birthday for a long time. "After my son passed away," Maria Romero said as she looked down in sorrow. "Her birthday was just another day for Mija."

    Jonathan looked at Maria Romero as he smiled gently. "You know," Jonathan said as he took the last gulp of beer that remained in his current bottle. "He's here, right next to us."

    Maria Romero's eyes began to water as Jonathan looked up at Mike Romero's ghost. As he snuffed in happiness as he could see the translucent tears falling from Mike's cheek.

    Mike Romero turned to Jonathan as he smiled, still in tears. He knelt over and hugged Maria Romero as he closed his eyes.

    "I miss you, mom," Mike whispered as Jonathan wiped the tear that rolled down his eyes. 

    Jonathan looked as Seraphine began walking his way as she hugged Jonathan.

    "We need to talk," Seraphine whispered as he looked at Seraphine as nodded.

    "Do you guys need anything?" Jonathan yelled as Alessandra looked in his direction as she smiled, which caused Jonathan to smile as well.

    "I think we are good, babe!" Alessandra yelled back as she blew Jonathan a kiss.  

    Jonathan grabbed the invisible kiss with his hand as he put his fingers to his lips as whispered, "I love you." Jonathan smiled as she returned the words. Jonathan popped the top of the fresh bottle of beer as he took a quick chug.  The glass clattered on the glass of the table as he made his way inside.

     "You need to stop this carelessness immediately!" Seraphine yelled as Jonathan slam the door in quick fright.

     "What are you talking about, Seraphine?" Jonathan rebutted.

    "I am talking about you taking Alessandra to the lion's den!" Seraphine hissed back. "The whole paranormal realm is talking about what's going on with the Dark Order!" Seraphine said in fright.

    "What!" Jonathan said in frustration.

    "I don't know yet," Seraphine said as she looked at Jonathan with concern.

    "That's the problem with you witches!" Jonathan said as he made his way towards the bathroom. "Always fucken paranoid," Jonathan said as he unzipped his pants as he began to urinate. Seraphine stood outside the door well.

    "You know something awful is brewing," Seraphine said as she stood against the wall. She was assured that Jonathan still kept some privacy.

    "Do you fucken mind!" Jonathan yelled as Seraphine sighed.

     "The dilations are merging!" Seraphine said as Jonathan huffed. "How do you explain the demons you have had to fight off lately!" Seraphine said as she heard Jonathan's pants zip up as she waited for Jonathan to come out.

     Seraphine's body slapped against the wall as she looked at Jonathan in the face with flames ignited.

    "Who are you working for!" Jonathan said as his eyes began to glow as he looked at Seraphine.

     "Nobody!" Seraphine said as Jonathan's flame began to soften as he put Seraphine down. "She's family to me too, you know!" Seraphine said as Jonathan walked towards the living room. 

    "Are you sure this time!" Jonathan said as Seraphine immediately rebutted.

     "Look," Seraphine said as she sat on the love seat that faced the front window of Maria Romero's home. "I know I made mistakes before, but you also feel something is starting!"

     "It's not like we can just quit and act like everything is rainbow and gumdrops!" Jonathan scolded as he looked at Seraphine. "It's just going to raise more suspicion!"

    "Do you not think I know that!" Seraphine pleaded as Jonathan got up in rage.

    "But do you have a solution!" Jonathan yelled as Seraphine fell back into the plush sofa in fear. "Do you!"

    Seraphine sighed as she looked at Jonathan in concern as she said, "I might have a solution!"

    "Might!" Jonathan said as his face began to turn red. "Might!" Jonathan screamed in frustration. "That is my life out there!" Jonathan said as he pointed towards the wall where the backyard laid. "Might is not going to be sufficient enough!" Jonathan pushed his fist down as he began to cry. "If anything happens to her," Jonathan called as Seraphine interjected.

     "I have an opportunity with The Underground," Seraphine whispered as Jonathan rushed to Seraphine as he grabbed her by the arms.

    "What the hell are you doing associating with The Underground!" Jonathan screamed. "Don't you know what they're capable of!"

     Seraphine looked dead into Jonathan's eyes as she said, "Love can make you do stupid things." 

     "Are you spying on us!" Jonathan said as he released Seraphine in concern.

     "Don't be arrogant extraterrestrial!" Seraphine scuffed as she turned away.

    "So why would you say that?" Jonathan said as he stood up as he slowly backed away.

    "Because Caspian is a fool for love that he lost centuries ago. That's why!" Seraphine yelled as she looked at Jonathan in rage.  

    Jonathan backed up until he fell into the seat of the sofa. He put his hands over his face as he began to cry.

    "I'm just as worried as you are," Seraphine said as she turned. She heard Alfredo Romero's voice.

    "Is it going to work, though?" Alfredo Romero said as he rolled his wheelchair into the living room.

    "Dad, you should be in bed!" Jonathan said in empathy.

    "When it comes to my daughter, rest in the least importance," Alfredo Romero said as he looked at Seraphine. "So tell me. What does this all entail?" Alfredo Romero asked in concern.

    "Well," Seraphine said as she looked at Alfredo Romero and Jonathan. "Voodoo magic and Wiccan Magic is not going to suffice in this matter."

    "Well, what about Luz?" Jonathan asked in curiosity.

    "There is a 20% percent chance that it would be effective," Seraphine said with a sigh. "But it's not worth taking the chance with," Seraphine said in sorrow. "Besides, Luz isn't in the right state of mind with the murder of her grandmother."

    "Give her our condolences," Jonathan said in sympathy.

   "I'll give Harkness the message," Seraphine said with a nod.

    "Why Harkness?" Jonathan asked as Alfredo Romero yelled with anger.

    "What do you need!" Alfredo Romero yelled as Seraphine continued.

     "We need something stronger. Inorganic. Blood magic," Seraphine said.

    "Blood magic?" Jonathan said in confused anger. "Why dark magic!"

    "Vampires have a way to manipulate that magic. Making it light or dark. Organic and Inorganic."

     "But is it going to work!" Alfredo Romero scolded.

     "With the three types of magic, it's guaranteed to work," Seraphine reassured.

    "What do you need from us!" Alfredo said as he raised his finger towards Jonathan as he was about to speak.

    "Something that Alessandra will have on her always," Seraphine said as Jonathan stood up in frustration.

    "And how the fuck is an item and magic are going to help in this situation!" Jonathan yelled.

   "Because it's a protection clock," Seraphine said as she turned to the sound of the door opening.

    "Dad, you're supposed to be resting," Alessandra scolded as Alfredo Romero smiled at his daughter.

     "Happy birthday, Mija!" Alfredo Romero said as he kissed his daughter on the cheek. "I heard you were a hero today," Alfredo Romero said as Jonathan looked at Alfredo Romero in shock.

    "Well Jonathan and Timothy was the real hero," Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan and Seraphine. 'What's going, guys?"

    "We were just catching up on the things I missed out on with you," Seraphine said with a smile. "You know it's been years since we have seen each other."

    "Since graduation!" Alessandra said as she smiled. "Well, we are going to cut the cake," Alessandra said as she kissed her father on the cheek. "Are you going to join us?" Alessandra said as she looked at her father.

    "I better get some rest," Alfredo Romero said as Alessandra nodded. "Happy birthday again!"

   "Thanks, dad!" Alessandra said as she looked at Seraphine and Jonathan as she pointed to her electronic watch.

    "We will be there in a bit, babe!" Jonathan said as he smiled at Alessandra.

     "I'll make sure to say bye before we go," Alessandra said as she kissed her father on the cheek.

    "Please do!" Alfredo Romero said as he watched Alessandra walk out the door.  The door shut close as Alfredo Romero looked at Jonathan in shock.

   "How did you know?" Jonathan said in a gasping shock.

   "I have my sources too," Alfredo Romero said as he looked at Jonathan.

    "Who?" Jonathan whispered.

    "My brother," Alfredo said as Jonathan sat back in shock.

    "The item?" Seraphine said. "Do we have one?"

     Jonathan looked at Seraphine as he said, "I have one."

    "No later than two A.M Jonathan!" Seraphine said as she stood up.

    "Make it one A.M," Jonathan said as Seraphine nodded. 

    "I'll text you my coordinates of where Harkness and I will be as soon as I get outside!" Seraphine said as she walked towards the door that leads to the background.

    Jonathan sighed as he put wiped his face.

    "What's wrong, son?" Alfredo Romero asked in concern.

    "Do you think this is going to work?" Jonathan said in a cumbersome tone.

    "Don't stop believing," Alfredo Romero said as he turned his wheelchair around. Jonathan watched him as he began to roll his chair towards the backroom of Maria Romero's house.

    Alfredo stopped as he said, "But you should know that by now. With how often you and my brother communicate," Alfredo said as he shut the door to his bedroom.

     Jonathan kissed Alessandra as he gently moved her as laid her on the pillow on the hotel room's king-size bed.   He slowly and cautiously slipped the engagement ring that served as promise wing.

     He stopped as she began to move, hoping that she wouldn't wake as he stayed still. He was holding the ring midway through her finger. He began to slip it off as Alessandra finally went back to sleep as. He put the ring in his palm as he rushed towards his clothes that laid on the floor.

    As he slipped his pants on, he pulled the phone out as he saw Seraphine's message as he quickly slipped on v-neck. He looked at Alessandra as he whispered, "I'm sorry, Princess," as he teleported to the coordinates that Seraphine left.

     As he arrived, Seraphine and Harkness waited patiently as he turned towards the couple. Jonathan handed the Tiffany diamond engagement ring to Harkness.

    "Are you sure she will never take this off?
Seraphine asked in concern.

    "I'm sure," Jonathan said as he looked at Seraphine and Harkness. "Where are we going next?"

     Seraphine looked at Harkness as she sighed.

    "Well?" Jonathan said in anxiousness.

     "The house on the rising sun," Seraphine whispered as Jonathan turned as he sighed.

    "Oh hell!" Jonathan said as he grabbed the two women as he teleported the two to the place that was located in New Orleans.

     "The man of the hour!" Caspian said as Jonathan looked at Seraphine and Harkness in anger.

    "This better work!" Jonathan said as Caspian began to laugh.

    "Of course, it's gonna work!" Caspian said as he extended his hand towards Jonathan.

    "You better stay away from Alessandra!" Jonathan said as he slapped Caspian's hand out the way.

    "I'm sure I will need you and the thunderbird's help one day," Caspian said with a grin.

    Jonathan looked at him in confused anger.

    "She's an electrifying and feisty girl, is what I meant," Caspian said as he smiled. "Come with me!" Caspian said as he pointed towards Seraphine and Harkness.

     "How long is it going to take," Jonathan asked in concern.

    "A few minutes," Caspian said. "Wait here, extraterrestrial!" Caspian said as he looked at Jonathan up and down.

   "Time's wasting bloodsucker!" Jonathan said as Caspian bowed. "Ladies!" Caspian said as he extended both hands as Harkness looked at Seraphine in concern.

    "Don't worry, I don't bite," Caspian said as he ejected his fangs from his mouth. "Unless you want me too!" Caspian said as Harkness looked at Jonathan in concern.

    "If you need me, I'm here!" Jonathan reassured as they entered the room. The door slammed as they entered the room.

    In seconds, Jonathan looked at the door as a red light began to peek through the cracks of the door. Jonathan continued to monitor the entrance to assure that nothing went wrong, which in a few seconds. The light stopped glowing. 

    The door opened as Harkness and Seraphine ran out, which had Caspian slowly and calmy behind them.

    "It's done," Seraphine said as she handed the ring back to Jonathan.

   "This is going to work, right?" Jonathan asked as he looked at Seraphine and Harkness.

    'If it doesn't, I'll find our firey heroine," Caspian said as he smiled.

     "Let's go!" Jonathan snuffed as he looked at Caspian.

     "I'll be seeing you soon, Azullian," Caspian said with a grin as they teleported back to San Antonio.

     Jonathan took back into the room as he took off his pants and shirt as he crawled back into bed. He stood still as Alessandra sat up.

    "Babe?" Jonathan said as he heard no response.

    "I'm trying, Tio Mike," Alessandra whispered as her flames ignited for a few seconds. Which immediately flickered off as she laid back down as remained asleep.

     Jonathan slowly lifted Alessandra's hand as he carefully slipped the ring back onto her ring finger. He gently put her hand back down as he lay in the same position. Jonathan gently brought Alessandra close as Alessandra gasped as her flames re-ignited. He slowly coaxed her back to calmness as he kissed her forehead.

     "I'm not ready to do that, Tio Mike," whispered in her sleep as Jonathan looked at the ceiling in the hotel room.

    "Mom, if you can hear me," Jonathan said as a tear fell from his eyes. "Please protect her," Jonathan said as he began to cry.  Jonathan kissed her as tears started to fall from his eyes as he closed eyes.

    "No!" Alessandra said as she ejected up.

    'Babe," Jonathan whispered as he brought Alessandra close to him. Jonathan coaxed her to calmness as he kissed her on the forehead.

    "The dreams!" Alessandra said as she got closer to Jonathan. "Their back," Alessandra told as Jonathan scratched her head as a tear began to fall from his eyes.

     "They're just dreams, Princess," Jonathan said as he kissed her forehead as closed his eyes.  

     "Don't be scared for me this time," Alessandra said as she kissed Jonathan. She felt fall from Alessandra, still half asleep. "Tio Mike is showing me the way," Alessandra said as she snuggled back into his arms as she immediately fell asleep.

    Jonathan looked at Alessandra to assure that she fell back to sleep, which followed with his whimpering cries. Jonathan's tears began to fall harder as the helplessness settled in as he looked towards the ceiling.

    "Please, mom! Jonathan said as his tears of mourning began to fall. "Please protect her. I'm begging you," Jonathan said as he closed his eyes filled with tear. "It's here," Jonathan pleaded as he opened his eyes. "I need all the help to protect Alessandra," Jonathan cried in helplessness as he said, "from her destiny in stopping the second mass extinction."

     Jonathan cried and cried as he looked at Alessandra, pleading for help that he hoped would come until he fell asleep.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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