The Rideshare Chronicles Novella Series – The Fire In The Stars – Lust for Life – Act VII

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella The Fire In The Stars

Lust for Life


The set was detailed in Old Hollywood glamour, with Alessandra playing a Hollywood actress seduced by a cowboy from Texas, which Jonathan played. Who came to rescue the actress from a gangster than has come to kill the actress, which followed Jonathan and Alessandra's character's falling and making love in the end? This was the only adult scene Jonathan would be in on his last and final shoot as an adult film star. Mark was getting frustrated since Alessandra showed she was uncomfortable.

"Cut!" Mark yelled from the director's chair as he immediately stood up in anger.

"Try to relax, Princess," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra. Who still looked nervous with everyone on set?

"What the hell, Alessandra!" Mark said as Alessandra looked at Mark as her eyes began to water.

"Chill," Jonathan said as he looked at Mark in frustration.

"This bitch is costing me fucken money!" Mark yelled as Alessandra grabbed the bed sheet as she ran offset.

"I can't do this!" Alessandra cried, running towards Jonathan and Alessandra's dressing room.

Jonathan's sculpted and intimidating figure stood up in rage as Mark began to back up.

"I didn't mean to call," Mark said as Jonathan began to stand in front of Mark as Mark started to walk away in fear.

"Don't walk away from me!" Jonathan yelled in anger.

Mark turned slowly as he cautiously walked towards Jonathan.

"I was out of line," Mark said as his voices trembled.

"She's just missing the cues, and it is taking longer to finish the film."

"Don't you ever call my lady a bitch," Jonathan said as he clenched his fist. Fighting to keep his power contained.

"It won't happen again," Mark whispered in intimidation.

"If you ever disrespect my girl again," Jonathan said as they stepped closer towards her. Mark began to look around as the actors and production crew started to circle in fear. Mainly to see what was going to happen next. "I will kill you," Jonathan said as he squinted in anger as Jonathan pushed him out of the way.

"Is that a threat!" Mark belted in pride as he stopped mid-sentence as Jonathan turned around, still naked from the take.

The set workers immediately walked away as Jonathan began to walk towards Mark. Mark started to whimper in fear as Jonathan approached him as grabbed his face.

"You want to find out if I am a man who keeps my word?" As he let go of Mark, Jonathan said as he began to scream as Jonathan's blue eyes glared into an electric blue.

"I was out of line!" Mark yelled as Jonathan released his grip from Mark's face. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again. Take all the time you need!" Mark said as Jonathan began to walk away.

"Everyone knows not to piss off, Jonathan," Timothy whispered as he rushed towards Mark. "Are you okay?"

"Why would anyone say that?" Mark asked, still panting from the scare Jonathan put in him.

Timothy looked at Mark in playful concern. "Didn't you hear? He's out of this world." Mark looked at Timothy in confusion. "Literally, they say," Timothy whispered as he began to yell to the team to reset the shot.

Jonathan knocked on the door as he heard Alessandra's voice say, "come in."

Alessandra looked at Jonathan from the mirror. Her waterproof eyeliner began to look faint from the tears. Jonathan knew that she was crying.

"I don't know if I can do this?" Alessandra said in disappointment as she looked down towards her lap.

"Sure, you can, babe!" Jonathan said in enthusiasm. "I know the cameras can be overwhelming, but aside from everyone watching," Jonathan said as he kneeled in front of Alessandra. "It's just you and me," Jonathan whispered as he grabbed Alessandra's hand. "Like it always will be."

"But Mark," Alessandra said as Jonathan chuckled.

"Fuck that guy!" Jonathan yelled in softness as he rubbed Alessandra's hand. "Remember when I told you that I had to think about you when I had to do with other actresses?"

Alessandra looked at Jonathan in frustration as she said, "But it's not the same, Jonathan!" Alessandra sighed as she whispered, "I'm filming with you. That only would work if I were doing this with someone else, I would imagine."

Jonathan began to think as he began to smile as he got an idea.

"Why don't you think about the night in the apartment when it was just you and I," Jonathan whispered as he pulled her hand as kissed it. "And how we were on the Hollywood sign as she overlooked the city from the cliff of that sign," Jonathan said as Alessandra looked at him in confusion.

"I didn't tell you about that dream," Alessandra said as Jonathan began to act awkward.

"Uh," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra. "Yeah, you did," Jonathan said as he began to look down as he began to ponder the following line. "During our conversation when we ordered delivery from that brunch place!"

"It's called the Breakfast Klub!" Alessandra said as she smiled.

"Yeah, that place!" Jonathan said with a smile.

"Yeah, sounds about right!" Alessandra said with a smile. "That was a hell of a dream!" Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan.

"You want to make it into a reality?" Jonathan said as Alessandra began to laugh. "We can go to California and act like the crazy kids we use to be in college!" Jonathan yelled as Alessandra looked down to see Jonathan was in full salute.

"I think someone enjoyed that dream more than I did?" Alessandra yelled. "Maybe we should do that one day?" Alessandra said as Jonathan smiled.

"We will take it someday!" Jonathan nodded as he began to smile as an idea came to mind. "I know what element is missing?" Jonathan said as he grabbed Alessandra as pulled her up as they made their way back on set.

"Mark!" Jonathan yelled as Mark nervously stood up from his directing chair as Jonathan rushed with Alessandra in hand as he let go of Alessandra. "First of all, I am sorry for my behavior earlier," Jonathan said as he extended his arm as Mark cautiously grabbed his as Jonathan shook it firmly.

Mark looked at Alessandra as he said, "I'm sorry as well, Alessandra," Mark said as Alessandra flashed a humbled smile.

"It's cool, sorry for my first-time jitters," Alessandra said.

"I should know that it was going to happen," Mark said as he extended his hand. "I should have prepared for it."

"I know you're the director and all," Jonathan said as he looked at Mark. "But I have an idea. Something that might just become your signature on the films you make," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra.

"Okay," Mark said as he looked up at Jonathan and Alessandra. "I'm all ears!" *************************************************************

Alessandra came back on set wearing the tight-fitted green satin gown that looked like a vintage 50's gown that flowed on the floor. Her hair fell to the side with a wave secured by a feathered headpiece that fastened the hair in place. Jonathan wore a Stetson that covered his shaven head, along with cowboy boots and chaps.

Jonathan looked at Alessandra in admiration as she stood in front of the seat. She began to practice her lines.

"We need the candlelight!" Mark yelled as the set team immediately ran onto the set as they brought the high standing pillars and placed them around the bed of film said.

"Excuse me, Alessandra?" Timothy said as Alessandra moved away.

"Sorry, Timothy," Alessandra said as she moved away so Timothy can remain on the set.

"You look great, by the way?" Timothy said as he smiled at Alessandra. He looked at Jonathan was looking his way as Timothy looked down.

"Jonathan is not the guy you think he is?' Alessandra said as Timothy looked up. "Yeah, he's intimidating, but he had a good heart."

"He's just protecting you," Timothy said as Jonathan smiled, nodding at Timothy.

"He's doing more than just protecting me," Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan as her Mark walked up to him. Alessandra smiled as she said, "He's helping me become the badass that he knows I can be?" Alessandra said as a tear rolled from Timothy's eye.

"That is the most romantic thing I have ever heard," Timothy said as Jonathan began to walk towards Alessandra and Timothy.

"We are getting ready to shoot, babe," Jonathan said as Timothy hugged Jonathan. Jonathan looked down at Timothy with an awkward look as he looked at Alessandra. Alessandra was smiling.

"Congratulations on the engagement, you too!" Timothy said as Alessandra looked at the ring. Alessandra began to smile, which made Jonathan smile from the happiness of not only hearing those words—but seeing Alessandra smile hearing that as well as Timothy walked away.

"You ready?" Jonathan said as he grabbed Alessandra gently.

"As ready as I am going to be," Alessandra said as she looked into Jonathan's eyes.

"The acting, you have locked down," Jonathan said in reassurance. "When it comes to the adult scene," Jonathan said as Alessandra looked up. "Think of us and the Hollywood sign."

"What if I fuck up?" Alessandra said in nervousness.

"Then we shoot again!" Jonathan said with a smile. "You finally gained a lust for life that I swear I never imaged I would see," Jonathan said as Alessandra smiled. "You know what is next?" Jonathan said with a loving smile.

"What?" Alessandra said in curiosity.

"Gaining the power of being the badass you are meant to be," Jonathan said as Mark yelled to warn the team that was about to shoot the take.

Mark sat in the video village as he yelled, "Action."

"Why to risk your life for a socialite like me," Alessandra said as she went into character.

"Because a beautiful girl like you deserves a chance to find what she's capable of," Jonathan said in character.

"Stop with the seduction, Travis!' Alessandra said as she turned violent. "You're just like every single man that tries to save a damsel in distress with money!" Alessandra said as Jonathan grabbed Alessandra by the arm.

"Why are you so stubborn, woman!" Jonathan said as he pulled Alessandra close. "Why don't you believe in love!"

"Because it doesn't exist!" Alessandra yelled as Mark nodded in satisfaction. "You don't think I been down this road before?" Alessandra said as tears began to roll down her eyes. "You don't think that I tried in the past?" Alessandra said as she looked down.

Jonathan threw Alessandra to the bed as Alessandra looked at him helplessly as Jonathan turned around as ripped his shirt open as he turned towards Alessandra.

"Do you think someone who doesn't love you would take this!" Jonathan said as he pointed towards the fake wound that bandaged on his left side of his abdomen.

"Well, you're a foolish man!" Alessandra said as she turned away.

Jonathan rushed towards Alessandra as he lifted her by the arm.

"God damn it, Gretta," Jonathan said as he sighed. "I fucken love you!" Jonathan said as tears began to roll down his eyes.

Alessandra looked into his piercing eyes as Lana Del Rey's "Lust for Life" began to play.

"Cut!" Timothy said as Mark slapped his hand. "That's not the music we agreed with!" Timothy whispered.

"Shut it," Mark whispered. "It's perfect," Mark whispered as he got closer to the video monitor. He began to exhale as the scene was about to start.

"Why!" Alessandra said as she looked at the fake wound. "Why do you have to be so stupid, Travis!" Alessandra said in tears as she turned away as Jonathan pulled her back.

"Because I am stupid for you, Gretta, that's why!" Jonathan said as Alessandra looked at Jonathan, which followed with Jonathan kissing her softly. "Because what was meant to be a mission to assure that you stayed alive!" Jonathan said as he turned away. "I fell stupid in love with you!"

Alessandra turned his face around softly as she said, "I'm stupid for you too, Travis!" Alessandra said as they began to kiss.

"Are we filming an adult film or a soap opera?" Timothy said as Mark shushed him yet again.

Jonathan began to unzip Alessandra's dress as they began to kiss.

"Start the song from the beginning," Mark said as he looked up in confusion as the song played from the beginning on its own as a chill began to run through his body.

Jonathan began taking off his shirt as he began to slip Alessandra's dress as gently placed her on the bed as he moved towards the middle of her thighs.

Alessandra began to close her eyes as she began to think about the dream that she had where she found herself and Jonathan making love on the Hollywood sign as she started to moan in pleasure.

"God damn, this is good!" Mark said he grabbed a towel and wiped his sweaty palms as he began to call for the shots he needed to the team on his mic.

Jonathan lifted Alessandra as she wrapped her legs around his waist as they moved to the next scene as the crew began to gather to see the shot.

"I want to have that kind of love that one day," An actress said as her eyes glossed over as she observed the scene taking place.

"No kidding," the male actor whispered as he looked at the actress.

The candle's flame began to flicker as they began to rise as they started going into the third scene, which was mean to be the martini shot of the scene, which Mark allowed continuing filming due to the chemistry that was taking place.

Jonathan began moaning in unison with Alessandra as he lifted her. She sat up on top of him, still inserted in her. Alessandra looked into Jonathan's eyes.

"I love you!" Alessandra whispered as Jonathan looked into her eyes.

"It was all worth in the end," Jonathan said as Alessandra began to scream as she climaxed, which Jonathan followed shortly. As the flames began to rise slowly and delicately, the fire started to soften as they began to flicker off—one by one.

"And cut!" Mark yelled as the cast and crew began to cheer and applaud.

Jonathan kissed Alessandra softly as they stayed jointed together.

"Cut guys! Great job!" Mark yelled as he began to walk toward the set.

"I did it," Alessandra whispered as Jonathan smiled, still having his eyes closed.

Jonathan slowly opened his eyes, keeping his smile intact as she said, "Now that is the confident badass I was waiting to see."

"Lust for life?" Alessandra whispered as she kissed him softly.

"Together forever," Jonathan whispered back as he smiled gently at Alessandra.

"That was amazing you too," Mark said as the cast and crew still applauded. "I know we said this was the last scene," Mark sighed as Jonathan and Alessandra ignored him as they continued to kiss.

"But I just had another idea that Alessandra inspired."

"Well, that would be up to her at this point," Jonathan said as he continued to kiss her.

"What's the idea?" Alessandra said as she slowly turned to Mark.

"How do you feel about playing an Aztec Princess, Itza Hellfire?" Mark asked as Jonathan looked at Mark in confusion.

"Where did you get that name from?" Jonathan asked in curiosity.

"This scene," Mark said as he looked at Alessandra and Jonathan. "It's a hell of a fiery scene!"

Alessandra laughed as she looked at Jonathan as he smiled. "Well, I guess Itza Hellfire is going to have to see the script first!" Alessandra said as Jonathan smiled at Alessandra.

Jonathan turned to Mark, still holding Alessandra in place as he shrugged. "You heard Itza; we are going to need a script first."

Jonathan and Alessandra stood outside as they waited for the Passeio car to arrive outside the filming set.

Jonathan looked as he began to survey the area as he felt something was wrong.

The door opened as Timothy walked out the door.

"Good job, guys!" Timothy said as he began walking to the parking lot.

"Thanks," Alessandra said as she neared Jonathan as she began to jump up and down.

"No problem Alessandra," Timothy said as he paused. "Or should I say, Itza Hellfire!" Timothy said as Jonathan began to look around in concern.

Timothy looked at Jonathan in confusion as he said, "You okay, buddy?" Timothy asked in concern.

"Huh?" Jonathan said as he looked at Timothy. "Oh, yeah!" Jonathan reassured. "You know what filming does to our creative minds!" Jonathan said as he looked down at Alessandra. Who was doing her signature pee dance?

"If you need to go, babe," Jonathan said as Alessandra looked up at Jonathan. "We still have about ten minutes," Jonathan said as she ran inside.

"See you in a few days, Alessandra," Timothy said as he waved bye to Alessandra and Jonathan.

"Bye Timothy," Alessandra said as she ran inside as Timothy began walking to the parking lot.

Timothy looked back as Jonathan continued to look around in concern.

"I swear, out of this world," Timothy whispered to himself as he grinned and began walking to the parking lot that was across the street from the set.

Timothy began to shiver as the wind started to blow. Timothy stopped in his track as he started to hear growls in the night air of the abandoned parking lot.

Timothy looked around as his body began to shake as the growls started to get louder. "It's just the howling of the wind," Timothy whispered to himself as he began to walk towards his vehicle. He looked back as the wind stood still as the growls continued to grow louder as he began to run towards the car as his heart began to race.

Timothy ran to his car as he attempted to unlock the vehicle as dropped the keys through his quaking hands.

"Damn it!" Timothy said as he crouched, quickly grabbed the keys, and pressed the car's unlock button. Timothy's phone began to light up as Muse's "Uprising" began to play on his phone.

Timothy's body began to quake harder as he began to breathe hard in fear and nervousness. He pulled out the phone as the song continued, which had him look up slowly as the growl was right in front of him.

Timothy screamed as he dropped the phone. He kicked the demonic monkey creature as he began to run towards his vehicle as. He began to force the car door open as the alarm turned on.

Timothy looked as the growling a smiling creature threw the remote down as it began to walk towards Timothy, as he fell to the floor as he gasped in fear. The growls started to grow around him as he slowly looked around as an army of demonic monkeys surrounded him.

"Getaway!" Timothy yelled as they roared as they began to pounce on him. Timothy screamed in fear as he crouched into a ball as said a prayer. In the assumption that it would be his last day on Earth.

Timothy looked up as the demonic creatures began to scream in pain as the glowing blue light faded.

"Run!" Jonathan said as Timothy began to run back towards the studio as. He began to hear the painful moans as he saw the blue light flicker in the night.

Timothy ran as fast as he could as he screamed at Alessandra, who was coming out of the studio.

"Inside!" Timothy yelled as he looked back to see that Jonathan was out of sight as he pulled Alessandra in.

"What's wrong?" Alessandra pleaded as Timothy locked the doors behind them.

"Hide!" Timothy said as he turned behind him as Jonathan was standing in front of them.

"You, okay?" Jonathan said in confusion as Jonathan handed him the remote control from the car.

"What's going on?" Alessandra said as she looked at Timothy and Jonathan in confusion

Timothy began to control his breathing as Timothy started to catch his breath.

Jonathan looked at Timothy in worrisome concern.

"You know, crazy fans and people who don't take rejection very well when you tell them that they aren't an actor we are looking for," Timothy said as he looked at Jonathan in concern.

"I had to intervene the only way I knew how," Jonathan reassured. "After the incident, I thought I would check on you to make sure no one came in," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra. "To assure you were okay."

"Okay, but you know I can handle myself with the combat training my uncle taught me early on as a teen," Alessandra said as she looked at Timothy, still in shock. She looked at Timothy as she put her hand on his back as he stated, "I'll protect you, buddy."

Jonathan looked at Alessandra with a smile and a nod as she attempted to calm him down.

"Is it too late to add another, stop? Charming?" Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan as he smiled at Alessandra.

"Not at all," Jonathan said as he smiled at Alessandra. "Anyone hungry?" Jonathan said as he began to make arrangements on the rideshare trip.
Timothy looked at Jonathan in frightened confusion as he looked at Alessandra.

"You'll get used to it?" Alessandra said as Jonathan's phone pinged in the Passeio chime, notifying them the ride was out in front.

"The rides here," Jonathan said as he pushed the two gently aside as he escorted them outside and into the car.

Timothy looked at his phone as the song stopped.

"How ironic?" Alessandra said as they entered the car. "I was just thinking about how I was going to stand up to the ugly opinions and the stereotyping that was about to come my way?" Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan as he began to smile.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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