The RIdeshare Chronicles Novella Series – The Grand Reunion – Dreams Are Worth A Thousand Words – Act V

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella The Grand Reunion

Dreams are Worth a thousand words


Alessandra woke up as she surveyed her surroundings as began to wipe the sweat from the nightmare she recently woke from.

"Thank God!" Alessandra said as he sighed in relief as she found herself in the comfort of her tiny room in her Houston apartment. She sighed once again as she said to herself, "Why do I have these nightmares again?"

Alessandra perked up in defense as she heard the sound of pattering behind the closed door of her bedroom door as she slowly and cautiously began to make her way to the door.

"Who's there!" Alessandra yelled as she slowly moved her hand towards the doorknob that led to her communal living and dining area. "I have a gun!" Alessandra yelled as she shook her head. "A gun!" Alessandra whispered to herself as she grabbed the robe that matched her pajama set. Placing the robe over her thumb and her index finger, making it look like she had a gun.

The apartment stood quiet as she slowly opened the door as the breeze entered into the opening door opening.

"Holy shit!" Alessandra said as she opened the door as sighed in disbelief. As sparkling water overlooking the balcony, she found herself, fell freely to the never-ending ground as the stars sparkled the colorful galactic sky as A-ha's "Take On Me" acoustic version began to play magically in the background.

"Hello, Princess!" As he walked from what was Alessandra's room, Jonathan said, which was now an open terrace, into the balcony.

"Jonathan!" Alessandra yelled as she ran towards Jonathan. She jumped into his arms as he began to kiss her passionately.

"I missed you so much, Alessandra!" Jonathan whispered as he put her down as began to kiss her. In what Alessandra described as a "Notebook" kiss.

Alessandra pulled away as she smiled as tears rolled down her cheek. "I thought you forgot about me," Alessandra said in a whisper as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"How could I ever?" Jonathan whispered as he wiped the tears from her face. "We are married after all," Jonathan said as a tear fell from his eye.

"Married?" Alessandra said she looked at her ring finger that housed the engagement ring and wedding ring as her eyes widened. "We're married!" Alessandra said as she began to hold her tears back as a woman walked out of the terrace. She had a baby girl as she held a little boy's hand as they walked into the balcony.

"Mommy!" The little boy said he ran into Alessandra's arms as she no longer could hold tears back.

"Mommy?" Alessandra said as she began to weep. "But I can't," Alessandra told as Jonathan put his finger gently against Alessandra's lip.

"Remember what Uncle Mike always said," Jonathan said as the woman smiled as she approached the two.

"My dearest daughter-in-law," the woman said as Jonathan grabbed her hand.

"Alessandra, I want you to meet my mother, the Queen!" Jonathan said as she embraced Alessandra in her arms.

"Welcome home, Princess Alessandra," the woman whispered as she neared her ear. "It's finally good to have you home."

"I'm royalty?" Alessandra said as the little boy kicked her gently to be put down. He ran towards the inside of what looked like a palace.

"You always been royalty?" Jonathan said as he grabbed her hand.

"By marriage, though?" Alessandra said in confusion.

"By your own linage," Jonathan said as she bid his mother fair well. "You, Alessandra, come from an ancient royal bloodline, that you mi amor. Are destined to do great things," Jonathan said as Alessandra chuckled.

"This is obviously a dream!" Alessandra said as Jonathan led her to the ledge of the balcony.

"But dreams are worth a thousand words, babe," Jonathan whispered as he went behind her as he wrapped his around her, pointing to the dancing lights of aurora that shined over the twinkling stars.

"Where are we?" Alessandra said as she closed her eyes as the breeze blew through her hair.

"Home," Jonathan said as Alessandra looked up into his piercing eyes. "Where we both belong, together," Jonathan whispered as Alessandra turned as she lifted her leg as they embraced in a kiss.

"I never want to go back!" Alessandra whispered within the kiss.

"You never have to," Jonathan whispered. "You want to know why?"

"Why, babe?" Alessandra whispered as she flashed a gentle smile.

"Because this is our future," Jonathan whispered as he leaned in and began to kiss her.

"Quick, Jonathan, we don't have much time!" The queen said as she rushed towards Jonathan and Alessandra as the ground began to shake.

"What's happening!" Alessandra said as she perked up as heard the crying screams of her daughter.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he rushed in after Alessandra.

Alessandra began to run through the castle as the walls started to concaved as she began to follow the crying screams of her daughter.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he chased her through the falling palace.

"Baby!" Alessandra yelled as she began to hear the screaming of her son. Alessandra turned as she jumped into the hallway as Jonathan jumped after her. Having the other side of the castle fall into what looked like a dark abyss.

The little boy screamed in agony as Alessandra immediately stood up as she began to run.

"No, I am not going to lose you!" Jonathan said as he grabbed her arm.

"Nor am I losing the children I never thought I would have!" Alessandra said as Jonathan nodded as they began to run towards the screams that went silent.

"Demetrius!" Jonathan screamed as he began to run towards the crying baby girl as Alessandra followed.

As Jonathan turned the corner, he fell to his knees as began to cry.

"Demetrius!" Jonathan cried as the baby boy had blackened as his grey color body began to charge after Jonathan.

Alessandra cried as her body ignited into lavender flames as. She blasted Demetrius with a plasma beam that came from her hand as she fell to the floor. As she began to cry in agonizing grief.

Jonathan perked his head up as he heard the crying of the baby girl.

"Kitana!" As he grabbed Alessandra, Jonathan said, still looking at her dead son lying on the floor.

"We have to save Kitana!" Jonathan said as he pulled Alessandra as he dragged her in a sprint. Like a rag doll. Alessandra still cried in grief as the halls behind them were starting to cave in. Still following the sounds of their crying daughter.

"Get away from her!" Jonathan said as they reached the baby's wing. The crouching figure rose as Alessandra fell back.

The demonic man began to walk towards Jonathan and Alessandra.

Alessandra screamed as she crouched in her corner, having her lavender flames ignite higher as the demonic man began to laugh.

"You're too late, warrior princess!" The demonic man said.

Alessandra looked at him with rage as she lifted into the air. Her flames began to glow brighter as her eyes began to glow. Alessandra screamed as the plasma beam erected from her body as the unknown foe began to cry. In an instant, the figure exploded as the quaking stopped, and Alessandra began to descend to the ground.

Jonathan immediately stood up as he ran towards Alessandra.

"Are you okay?" Jonathan said as Alessandra looked into his sorrow-filled eyes.

"I killed my son!" Alessandra cried as he clutched close as they both began to cry together.

"We were too late to save him," Jonathan cried as he kissed Alessandra's forehead. "You can't blame yourself for the things that occur through the stages of the mass extinction!" Jonathan pleaded in tears.

"Mass extinction?" Alessandra said in tears.

"You will make mistakes on the way, but you can't blame yourself, babe!" Jonathan said as he grabbed Alessandra by the shoulders.

Alessandra looked towards the floor, still in mourning for her son.

"Promise me!" Jonathan screamed as he shook Alessandra.

"Okay, I promise!" Alessandra said as Kitana began to cry.

Alessandra rushed towards the cradle that Kitana laid in as she picked her up and began to rock her daughter. "There, there, my sweet child," Alessandra whispered through her grief.

"Everything is going to be okay," Alessandra whispered as she heard Jonathan gasping for air. "Jonathan?" Alessandra said as she looked at Jonathan, holding his torso.

Jonathan looked at Alessandra in a weakened whisper as blood began to bleed through his royal robe. Alessandra screamed as the blood started to fall out of his mouth as he fell to the floor.

"So this is the girl that is going to save the Universe, the skeletal demon said in a raspy roar.

Alessandra screamed in grief and fury as her flames ignited as lighting began to form into her eyes.

"You're going to pay for this!" Alessandra said as bright lighting began to eject from her hands.

The dark-horned demon began to laugh as he walked towards Alessandra. As she held Kitana tight, the demon's eyes began to glow.

"You're too late!" The demonic figure roared in laughter as a black portal began to open as Alessandra was sucked in.

Alessandra stomped on the ground, which had her feet anchored to the ground. In attempts to be sucked into the portal.

"And to think the Ancient Ones from the Light Order thought you could stop us!" The creature said it roared in laughter as Alessandra stomped again as the suction began to get stronger.

"You won't get away with this!" Alessandra yelled as she helps her baby tightly.

"You and what army?" The creature said. "The Aztecs?" The beast took out the dagger that contained five glowing crystals as he stuck his tongue out to lick the blood. He reached into the bag that hung from his left side as he threw the head of a man with an Aztec headdress as Alessandra began to scream. "Welcome to the Mass Extinction!" The creature said as Alessandra, and her baby was sucked into the black hole.

Alessandra screamed as the sun rays from the noon sun hit her face as the music from the alarm clock played Black Kid's "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You."

"Jonathan?" Alessandra yelled as she looked around to find herself in her room. "Oh shit!" Alessandra said as she saw time on the clock.

Alessandra immediately got out of bed as rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth as her phone began to ring.

"Good Afternoon!" Maria Romero said as she could hear the swishing of the toothbrush. "Or should I say morning!" Abuela Romero said with a chuckle.

"I need to call you back!" Alessandra said as she screamed as she fell over the pile of clothing she had lying on the floor.

"Why are you so nervous!" Maria Romero said as she began to laugh.

"Bye, Abuela!" Alessandra said as Maria Romero laughed.

"Clean that house, and your culo good!" Maria said with laughter as Alessandra huffed. "Tell mijo I said hi!"

"Bye, Abuela!" Alessandra said as Maria Romero yelled.

"And wear that dress he likes!" Maria yelled.

"I thought it was slutty in your eyes?" Alessandra scolded.

"It's Jonathan?" Maria Romero said as Alessandra nodded.

"Good point!" Alessandra said in agreeance as she looked at her messy apartment.

"And it should be easy to clean up since I just left a few days ago," Maria said as Alessandra stayed quiet. "Oh boy!" Maria said.

"Bye, Abuela!" Alessandra said as she began to look around as she began to ponder where she should start.

"She's not going to show up!" Jonathan said in frustration as he signaled for the bartender at The Dunvale Hideaway for another drink.

"She will show," Maria said as she sighed. "You two are so alike sometimes, which is why it never worked out the way it should of."

"What do you mean by that?" Jonathan said in the offense.

"You both lacked patients!" Maria Romero scolded. "That is the problem with you millennials!"

"You're stereotyping, now!" Jonathan said as "Waiting for Tonight" began to play. Jonathan began to chuckle.

"What's so funny!" Maria Romero said in the offense. "The song that is playing, it's so Alessandra!" Jonathan said with a chuckle.

"Which song is that?" Maria Romero said in curiosity.

"Waiting for tonight!" Jonathan said as Maria Romero scuffed.

"Oh, don't remind me!" Maria Romero said as she began to chuckle. "Alessandra played that all through high school, especially during you guy's school dance."

Jonathan smiled as he began to remember that night when the bridge played as Alessandra walked out in the prom dress she made herself.

"Memories?" Maria said as Jonathan laughed as the bridge began to play.

"Good ones!" Jonathan said as Alessandra walked into the door. "I have to call you back, Abuela!" Jonathan said as, for a moment, life played in slow motion. "Woah!" Jonathan said as Alessandra walked in, holding her clutch as he grabbed the bouquet of roses he picked up from the mom-and-pop floral shop down the street.

Jonathan was enchanted by Alessandra as she wore her hair in neatly placed beach waves as her honey hazel eyes began to glow in the dim room. Jonathan's breath was taken away as he looked at Alessandra hug the bar staff. That he already knew, Alessandra made friends as she smiled as he pointed to Jonathan, who was standing a foot breathlessly away.

Alessandra began to walk towards Jonathan in her asymmetrical Aztec print red bodycon dress as he began to feel his heart pounding as his hands began to get sweaty.

"Well, hello stranger!" Alessandra said as Jonathan stood nervously as she hugged him. "Okay?" Alessandra said as she brushed her hair from her face.

"Wow!" Jonathan said as he began to shake his head to snap out of the mesmerizing trance he was in. "I'm sorry, babe." Jonathan paused as he looked at Alessandra in concern as he turned around. "Is it okay if I call you babe?" Jonathan asked in regard.

Alessandra's face grew into a smile as she nodded.

"Hey, girl!" Harkness said as she smiled at Alessandra and Jonathan.

"I hope this big guy didn't give you any trouble," Alessandra said as she glanced at Jonathan.

Harkness smiled as he looked at Alessandra as they both giggled.

"What?" Jonathan said as he looked at Harkness and Alessandra in confusion.

"You don't remember, Harkness?" Alessandra said. "From college?"

"Oh shit!" Jonathan said apologetically. "Harkness!" Jonathan said as she saluted Jonathan.

"What's up, man!" Harkness said as Jonathan's face began to blush in embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry, mamas!" Jonathan said apologetically.

"I swear, Alessandra," Harkness said with a giggle as she handed Alessandra her drink. "You always had a way of bewitching this man."

"Hey," Jonathan said as he looked at Harkness. "How's Seraphine?" Jonathan said in curiosity.

"Going on seven years tomorrow!" Harkness said as she flashed the wedding band.

"Congrats, girl!" Jonathan said as he took a sip of his beer. "You live here or something?"

Alessandra smiled as she looked at Jonathan. "She's moving back to New Orleans," Alessandra said as Jonathan looked at Harkness.

"No way!" Jonathan said congratulatory.

"I left my heart in New Orleans, and it's time that I go with the one I love," Harkness said as she smiled. "Which begs the question?" Harkness said as she looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan looked at Harkness nervously as Alessandra awkwardly turned towards the electronic jukebox.

"When are you going to pop the question?" Harkness said as she slowly walked away as a customer began to call her for a drink.

"Don't listen to her!" Alessandra said as she turned towards Jonathan as The Weeknd's "I Feel It Coming" began to play on the jukebox.

Jonathan smiled as he tipped the glass as took the last gulp of his drink. "Well, if you wouldn't be so stubborn, we would be going on seven years too."

Alessandra looked at Jonathan in aggravation as he lifted his eyebrows as a man behind the bar walked towards the two.

"Are you, Alessandra and Jonathan," the man said as he looked at Harkness.

Alessandra turned as Harkness tended to the customer as she began to grin.

"Who's asking?" Jonathan said as the man looked at him, nodding Harkness.

"You two!" the man said as Alessandra and Jonathan stood up as they followed the man towards the back.

Alessandra looked at Jonathan as she shrugged. Jonathan followed the man as Alessandra followed.

The man led them to the back patio closed off with a private party sign. He walked toward the plug as he stuck the cord into the sockets.

Alessandra was taken away by the lights set in the back patio as she looked at Jonathan.

"Compliments of Harkness," the man said in a monotone. "Happy anniversary!" The man said as the music stopped as Harkness peeked through the window as she began to play "Love Me Harder."

Alessandra looked up towards the speakers, which immediately followed a glance towards Harkness's window, which followed with an awkward turn by Harkness as she pretended to stock the bar as she said hi.

"I'm so sorry," Alessandra said as Jonathan looked at Alessandra with a glow in his eye. "I had no idea!"

"Damn, you're beautiful, Alessandra!" Jonathan said as he rushed towards Alessandra. He picked her up as he began to kiss her hard and passionately as Alessandra wrapped her around his neck.

Jonathan busted the door open to Alessandra's apartment as he carried Alessandra. Still having her legs wrapped around his hips as they kissed passionately as Jonathan kicked the door shut.

"I love you, Alessandra!" Jonathan whispered as he walked toward her open bedroom door.

"I love you too, Charming!" Alessandra said as the song began to play on her mounted iPod speaker that was in her bedroom.

Jonathan threw her on the bed as he took his shirt off. Alessandra bit her lip as he mounted on top of her, which immediately was interrupted by a kiss.

Alessandra lifted her red Aztec print bodycon dress as Jonathan whipped the pants off his muscular legs as mounted on top of Alessandra, which followed with a soft moan as Jonathan began to thrust his hips.

"I missed you, Papi!" Alessandra whispered in a pleasurable moan.

"I missed you more!" Jonathan whispered as he picked her up as her body slapped on the wooden door, as she began to scream in pleasure.

"I'm sorry!" Alessandra moaned in pleasure as her body began to slap against the door.

"I'm the stupid one!" Jonathan said as he began to kiss her. "I should have been more dominant so that you wouldn't have an excuse!"

"You don't need an excuse, Papi!" Alessandra said as she began to moan louder. "I'm always going to be your girl!" Alessandra screamed as she closed her eyes as started to indulge in the pleasure of the love inside her.

Alessandra felt a breeze, which made her open her eyes as she was on a cliff overlooking the city's lights that she recognized in movies. She looked up as she saw the Hollywood sign as closed her eyes.

"It's just a dream," Alessandra whispered as she began to moan.

"No, baby!" Jonathan said as he began to moan. "This is real life," Jonathan said as he started to moan in pleasure. "The life we were meant to spend together, forever!" Jonathan screamed as Alessandra screamed with him in unison.

"Don't wake me up from this dream, Charming!" Alessandra said as her moans grow louder.

"Dreams are worth a thousand words!" Jonathan screamed as he thrust hard into Alessandra as she began to scream in pleasure along with Jonathan.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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