The Rideshare Chronicles Novella Series – The Beginning of Destiny – Don’t Stop Believing – Act IV

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella The Beginning of Destiny

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

Don't Stop Believing

Act VI

"So how long are you in town for," Maria Romero asked as she walked towards Jonathan, who was standing in the living room of Alessandra's five-hundred-foot apartment.

"A few weeks," Jonathan said as he smiled at the pictures Alessandra neatly arranged on the floating shelf.

"I told you she still loves you," Maria Romero said as she smiled at Jonathan, looking at the picture Alessandra placed in the middle of the shelf. The photo was of Jonathan and Alessandra hugging as she kissed him on the cheek. With Jonathan's face with surprised and loving delight. With Maria Romero, Mike Romero, Alfredo Romero, and Aurora Romero, Christina took their family barbecue.

"Could have fooled me after the many declined phone calls," Jonathan said as he turned to Maria Romero. "A few weeks, we are down an actress."

"Well, from what Matthews and Martinez communicated to me, it might have been a good thing," Maria Romero replied.

"I was thinking," Jonathan said as he cleared his throat. "That may be Alessandra could do this last scene with me."

"No!" Maria Romero said as she turned towards Alessandra, who was still unconscious.

"Come on, Abuela," Jonathan pleaded. "It's respectable work!"

"Alessandra was not raised to be whore!" Maria Romero said as Jonathan raised his eyebrows.

"But I'm her whore!" Jonathan said as Maria pushed Jonathan away as she snarled in disappointment. She sat on the lavender love seat that Alessandra reupholstered to display as a sample of her work.

"It's not that!" Maria Romero said as she looked at Jonathan.

Jonathan walked towards the couch as he took a seat in Alessandra's French script high back chair.

"Then what is it," Jonathan asked in concern as he cupped his hands together.

"Don't you think it's a little funny that your employer," Maria Romero said in suspicion? "The one you are supposed to be intel on. Suddenly, is determining if they should build a Revolution Production studio in San Antonio or Houston?"

'You don't think I know that," Jonathan said as he stood up. "I might be an airhead, but I am not stupid!" Jonathan said as Maria Romero looked down.

"I didn't mean that," Maria Romero said in sympathy.

"Why do you think I took the position!" Jonathan said. "For success! For a title!" Jonathan sighed as he stepped into the conjoined dining area as looked at Alessandra resting. "I did it because I need to be sure that she's going to be okay!"

"So why bring her into all of this!" Maria Romero scolded.

"Because there is no other woman I want to be with, physically. Then with the woman that I love," Jonathan said as he sighed. "And you can't use your savings to continue to pay the remainder of Alessandra's lease," Jonathan said as he looked at Maria Romero.

Maria Romero looked down in disappointment as she said, "You weren't supposed to find out."

"I swore from the day I was made to be her guardian to assure that Alessandra would be okay."

"I am the guardian!" Maria rebutted as Jonathan turned her way.

"That may be true, but I am the one that was chosen to protect her with my power!" Jonathan said as he looked at Maria Romero.

"And then you fell in love!" Maria replied with angered intent. "That is not a good combination.

"And why wouldn't that be!" Jonathan yelled.

"Lower your voice!" Maria whispered.

"Out of all the others. When we were kids, that was sent to her," there was only one that sacrificed his life to protect her. "And now he's dead!"

"Mike," Maria Romero said as she sighed. "Would give up his life for that girl!" Maria said as her eyes began to water.

"And that is why he chose me!" Jonathan said as he looked at Maria Romero. "He knew I would provide not only for her but for our family. Which in her pride, the only way I can provide in this scenario is with an opportunity."?

"But what about Castillo!" Maria Romero pleaded.

"It's an Infliction film, separate from Revolution. He's not even involved in the production of this film," Jonathan pleaded.

"Well, from what Matthews and Martinez stated, he tends to drop in from time to time," Maria Romero sighed as she walked towards the couch.

"And if anything happens," Jonathan said as he followed Maria to the couch. "You have my word that I will do the same thing that Tio Mike did," Jonathan said as he held Maria Romero gently in place. "Because the last thing we need is for you to lose the house that Alessandra is eventually going to move into in the next few months," Jonathan said as Maria Romero fell into his arms.

"Aye, Mijo!" Maria Romero said. "I am glad that you are here for Alessandra."

"I am not here just for her. I am here for our family," Jonathan said as he hugged Maria.

"Abuela?" Alessandra said as Maria broke from Jonathan's embrace in panic. "Is that you?"

"Yes, Mija, coming!" Maria Romero yelled as she pushed Jonathan out of the way.

Jonathan moved frantically, finding a place to hide. Her tiny apartment had no places for hiding. Maria Romero put her finger on her lips as she began making her way towards the darkened bedroom.

"What am I doing here?" Alessandra said in an awakened whisper.

"Rest mi Niña," Maria Romero said as she began to scratch Alessandra's head.

"Why am I back home?" Alessandra said as she sat up. Alessandra groaned from the soreness she had in her body.

"Where else would you be?" Maria Romero said in a soothing voice.

"Los Angeles," Alessandra said in a confused, weakened voice.

"Los Angeles," Maria Romero said in a surprised whisper. "I thought you were done with that boy."

"Abuela, you know I still love Jonathan," Alessandra said as she moaned from her body aches.

"And yet you avoid his phone calls," Maria Romero whispered in disapproval. "Kind of like how you did when you gave us some upsetting news.

"Yeah, about that," Alessandra said as she looked at her Abuela. "I am so sorry. You know how I can be."

"And that is why this is your final free pass," Maria Romero whispered in a scolding tone. "So, what happened?"

Alessandra looked at Maria Romero in fear as she began to sigh. "What I forgot to mention was that it was an attempted sexual assault."

"Attempted?" Maria Romero whispered in confusion.

"It happens so quick," Alessandra said as she began to recall the incident. "I was in the hotel room when I heard a knock on the door," Alessandra said as she looked at Mara Romero. "It was my boss who stormed into the room in a drunken stupor. Saying that if I didn't leave willingly, he would get what he deserved." Alessandra said as she looked at her Abuela. "The next thing I know, water is coming from the roof as the fire sprinklers turned on as I see my boss screaming as his hand," Alessandra said as she looked down at her blanket.

"What?" Maria Romero whispered in concern.

"It just melted off," Alessandra said as Maria Romero held her hand.

"Something was protecting you that day," Maria Romero said as she smiled at Alessandra.

"And then in Los Angeles, the same thing happened." Alessandra looked at Abuela with fear in her eyes.

"But this time, I killed someone!" Alessandra said as she began to cry.

"Alessandra," Maria Romero said. "What triggered that action."

Alessandra looked at her Abuela as she began to cry. "They were raping her!" Alessandra said as Maria brought her close. "And then the gunshots! I was afraid I was going to die!" Alessandra said as she began to cry.

Maria sighed as she said, "Well, it's a good thing you still had insurance?" Maria Romero said as Alessandra turned away.

"What do you mean?" Alessandra said as she looked at Maria Romero, whipping her tears in confusion.

"You were airlifted back home," Maria Romero said as she brushed the hair out of Alessandra's face.

"Airlifted?" Alessandra said as Maria Romero nodded.

Yeah, I brought you back from Memorial Hospital with Jonathan's help.

"Jonathan? Is he here!" Alessandra said as she quickly stood up as stumbled back on the bed.

"He's gone for the moment," Maria Romero said as she laid Alessandra down.

"That was some fall," Maria Romero said as Alessandra looked at her in confusion.

"But Jonathan, I saw him," Alessandra said as she looked more confused. "He was covered in flames," Alessandra said as she looked at Maria Romero. "Like I was!"

"You always had a wild imagination, Mija. Rest up!" Maria Romero said as she walked to the door. "The doctors told us that nasty bump would make your imagination run wild for a few days."

"But it was real!" Alessandra said as she began to panic.

"I have good news," Maria Romero said as Alessandra looked at her in confusion.

"Jonathan is going to be in town for a few days," Maria said as Alessandra's phone pinged.

"Are you too incognito?" Alessandra said as Maria Romero's face grew suspicious.

"What would give you that idea?" Maria Romero said awkwardly.

Alessandra lifted the phone as she said, "He just texted me."

"Oh, well, this family always had impeccable timing," Maria said as Alessandra looked at Abuela.

"Family?" Alessandra said as Maria smiled.

"Why are we all lying to ourselves," Maria said with a sigh. "We all know you're going to give in the love of that man eventually. After all, he is your protector," Maria said as she smiled. "And the love of your life."

"I don't know why I acted like such a bitch to him. I mean, he probably hates me because I forgot about our childhood together."

"You been through so much in the short life you live," Maria said in empathy. "It happens when going experience as much trauma as you have," Maria said as she smiled as Alessandra looked at her picture of Jonathan and her on the lock screen of her phone.

"Thanks, Abuela, for being the mom I always wished I had," Alessandra said as she smiled at her Abuela.

"I'm lucky to have a daughter like you," Maria said in a whisper. "Now, get some rest."

"Abuela?" Alessandra said as Maria opened the door.

"Can you push play on that thing over there," Alessandra said as she pointed to the mounted iPod, she kept that was engraved with the words "Jonathan and Alessandra forever."

"Of course," Maria said as Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" began to play as Alessandra started to smile as she put her phone down and turned to rest.

Maria Romero whipped her finger as Jonathan hid behind the kitchen doorway. Jonathan quickly moved towards the living area as Maria Romero stormed into the room.

"That's our song!" Jonathan said as he began to get giddy.

"Keep your voice down!" Maria whispered. "You couldn't be patient!"

"I just wanted to go along with it was all a dream scenario," Jonathan whispered as she shook her head.

"This is the part that I hate," Maria Romero said in a whisper.

"I hate lying to my granddaughter."

"But she's not emotionally ready," Jonathan whispered in reassurance. "You heard her. She melted her douche bag boss's handoff. For all we know, she is a ticking time bomb."

"I was afraid of that," Maria Romero said as Jonathan looked into space as he began to recall the moment they danced to the song at prom.

"You know, that is the song that always keeps her calm," Maria Romero said as Jonathan looked at her as smiled. "See, I told you she still loves you."

"Everything will be okay, Abuela," Jonathan said as he hugged Maria, who began to hold tears back. "I promise!"

"Make sure you tell my son, Mike," Maria Romero said as she paused. "The information about her powers," Maria Romero said as a tear fell.

Jonathan felt the tear land on his hand as he said, "You miss him, don't you?"

"Of course, I miss him," Maria said as she wiped her tears. "Since his death, Alessandra seemed like she was never the same. Mike was her father for a short time."

"Yeah, I remember." As he began to recall the lecture, Jonathan said he gave Jonathan when he dropped them off at prom.

"Will I ever get to see my son again?" Maria said as she looked at Maria.

"I'm not sure, Abuela?" Jonathan said in empathy. "We can only hope," Jonathan said as he sighed.

"And what if we can't stop it," Maria said as she pulled away from Jonathan. "What if we can't stop the mass extinction from happening?"

Jonathan pulled her close as his tears began to fall. "Then we go down as a family," Jonathan said as he held Maria Romero, who started to cry as Jonathan closed his eyes as he had his Abuela. To the song that brought so much joy to them during much more innocent times.

Jonathan began to smile as the next song played, which made him chuckle about the happiness his driver brought to him in the wake of his heartbreak.

"Mike uses to love this song," Maria Romero said as she began to laugh.

"It was the portrayal of our love story, Alessandra would say," Jonathan said as he smiled as Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" began to play.

"There is something that Tio Mike promised me to assure before he was killed in the call of duty."

"I remember that night at prom," Jonathan said. "He knew that it was his time," Jonathan said as his eyes began to water as Maria Romero's eyes also began to water. "After you touch my girl, and I will kill you," Jonathan said as they both began to chuckle. "He said, promises me, son," Jonathan said as he cleared his cracking voice. "Make sure my girl and our family don't stop believing."

Maria Romero held back tears as she held her tears inside.

"And that," Jonathan said as a tear fell from his eyes. "Is what I swore I would do, regardless of if Alessandra and I didn't end up together."

Maria stood up as she hugged Jonathan, burying her head into his chest as she began to cry.

"That's why," Jonathan said as he looked down as tears rolled down his eyes. "We can't stop believing!"

Maria Romero looked up at Jonathan with a mournful smile as she fell back into his chest as began to cry.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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