The Rideshare Chronicles Novella – The Intro To Destiny – What’s Happening To Me – Act III

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella The Beginning of Destiny

What's Happening to Me


"And cut!" The film director said the naked actress and a naked blonde woman, and a naked Jonathan immediately walked up towards the coat racks that contained the hanging robes.

Jonathan was tanned and chiseled. Jonathan stood six foot two with broad shoulders with his tanned complexion. His arm sculptured arm flexed as he wrapped his sculptured body. His other arm bent as he grabbed the washcloth as wiped the sweat off his washboard abs. Jonathan wrapped the robe around him as he huffed as the short robe still exposed his massive member, which he quickly tied the robe in a loose knot, allowing the dangling silk belt conceal, what now made him a house name in the adult industry.

"Great job, today!" Jessica said as she rushed over towards Jonathan as he smirked, looking for the director.

Jessica was about five-seven with auburn hair. She has a milky white complexion, as was petite. With enlarged breast that was so perky would stay in place. Regardless of the strenuous movement, she would make it on stage or in leisure while Jonathan would wait between sets.

"Yeah," Jonathan said as he waved towards the director.

"Hey, Eric!" Jonathan yelled as he rushed towards the director as Jessica began to follow. Jonathan stopped mid-step as he looked at Jessica.

Jessica looked up at Jonathan in worry as he looked into her green eyes with his piercing blue eyes.

"Can you put on a robe?" Jonathan said in frustration as Jessica smirked.

"But we are in the adult film industry, Charming!" Jessica said as Jonathan began infuriated.

"Don't call me that!" Jonathan scolded as Jessica raised her palms as she backed away.

"I don't know what you saw in that tub of lard, to begin with!" Jessica said as Jonathan's face began to turn red.

"Don't you talk about Alessandra that way!" Jonathan said as he raised his hand as James grabbed his arm to prevent Jonathan from slapping the actress.

"Jessica put a robe on. This is an adult film set, not a whore house!" Eric said as he put Jonathan's hand down. "You have such an ugly attitude, no wonder Hollywood didn't want you around.

Jessica snarled as she said, "Whatever!" Jessica began to walk away as Mark looked at Jonathan in empathy.

"I'm sorry about Jessica's," Mark said as Jonathan interjected.

"Her shitty and entitled attitude," Jonathan said as he looked back as Jessica threw him the finger.

"You know why she acts the way she acts," Mark said as he looked at Jessica in disappointment as he signaled for her to get off his stage.

"And what reason would that be," Jonathan said as he looked at Mark, who began to laugh. "What's so funny?" Jonathan said in confusion.

"Jonathan, can I be completely transparent with you," Mark said as he began to adjust the ties from the robe?

"What?" Jonathan said as he sighed.
"You're handsome and smart as hell. You play the stereotype pretty well," Mark said as he adjusted the robe to Jonathan's liking. "But sometimes I wonder if you got dropped as a kid or something," Mark said as Jonathan looked even more confused.

"Is that suppose to be an insult?" Jonathan said as Mark said.

"Sometimes I wonder if you were even born on this planet," Mark said with a chuckle.

"Can we get some longer robes, Mark!" Jonathan yelled as Mark turned around as nodded.

"On it, buddy," Mark said with enthusiasm. "I'll call you when we are ready to roll!"

Jonathan nodded as he began to walk towards his dressing room as he made his way towards the dimmed lit hallway. The hallways to the film set always made Jonathan nervous as he would hear things that he started to convince himself that were just all in his head.

Jonathan turned as he reached his dressing room as the stool outside Jessica's dressing room flew across the room. As if someone or something threw the metal chair.

Jonathan sighed as he plopped his body on the chair. Exposing his full glory as the lose-tied robe opened. He closed his eyes as he began to recompose himself and quickly looked at the picture he placed on the lighted vanity table as he began to talk to her. As if she were there with him.

"Princess, how I so miss you," Jonathan said as he looked at his phone. Hoping that Alessandra texted. Jonathan immediately began disappointed when he saw no text from the woman he still loved. He smiled as he saw the picture that he never removed from the phone. Jonathan quickly wrapped the robe as he heard a knock on the door.

"Mr. King," the assistant director said in annoyance.

"Having a bad day, buddy!" Jonathan said in empathy.

"If crazed fans count, then yeah, it's not a great day!" Timothy said as he made a face. "I know you don't fraternize with the fan base, but someone is insisting on seeing you."

"I am not up for press or anything today," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra's picture.

"Talking to your girl, again?" Timothy said as Jonathan turned with a smirk.
"Every day," Jonathan said with a sad smile.

"I am sorry for your loss, bro. She seemed like a very awesome woman," Timothy said as Jonathan made a face of confusion.

"Thanks, I think?" Jonathan said as Timothy interjected.

"Mark will be in just a moment to tell you when we are ready to roll again," Timothy said as he quickly shut the door as Jonathan looked at the picture.

"I hope that when we cross paths again, the love you have for me is still intact!" Jonathan said as he kissed his fingers as extended them to Alessandra's picture. "You will always be my person and my badass, Princess!" Jonathan said as his eyes began watering.

There was a knock on the door once Mark walked in.

"It's a wrap today," Mark said as Jonathan stood up as he walked towards the armoire of the dressing room as the silk robe dropped to the floor.

"Thanks, Mark!" As he pulled the hanging jeans from the hanger, Jonathan said as he began to slip them over his muscular thighs.

"You know?" Mark said as he looked at Jonathan's face. "I like this look on you!"

"Which look is that. The face of mourning?" Jonathan said as he pulled the blue-plaided short-sleeve button-up as he began to fasten the buttons.

"No, this, shaved head," Mark said as he pulled out his phone. "Fans seem to love it too," Mark said as he showed Jonathan the screen.

"No kidding?" Jonathan said, uninterested as he walked toward the mirror as the phone began to ring. He pointed his finger up as he looked at the caller id, which read "Abuela Maria Grandmother in law."

"Jonathan, thank God!" Maria Romero cried as Jonathan's face grew into a panic.

"I'll give you some privacy," Mark said as he quietly creeped out the door.

“Abuela!” Jonathan said in n panic. “What is it!”

"It's Alessandra. I can't find her!" Maria Romero cried as Jonathan's panic set in.

"What do you mean you can't find her!" Jonathan said as he began to panic. "Is she not answering the phone!"

"It's disconnected, mijo!" Maria Romero yelled as she began to cry. "Something happened with her job in Houston!" Maria said as Jonathan gasped.

"She moved to Houston? Why didn't anyone tell me!" Jonathan huffed in disappointment.

"You know how she is with these things," Maria said as she began to cry. "She was raped again!" Maria said as she started to cry in mourning. "At her job, and I couldn't stop it from happening again!"

"Who did!" As he clenched his fist, Jonathan said he attempted to control the flames that were beginning to ignite.

"Does she still have the same passwords?" Jonathan said as he put the phone on speaker as he began pulling up the cellphone account. He sighed as he gained access to the account. "Okay, it's done!" Jonathan said as he took Maria Romero off of the speakerphone. "Well, is she okay? Is she alright?"

"I don't know, baby boy!" Maria began to cry. "She has been distant since it happened, saying that she is cursed and a nobody." Maria Romero called as Jonathan's tears began to fall.

"Why didn't you tell me, Abuela," Jonathan cried. "I knew I should never have taken the job," Jonathan said defeatedly as he fell into his chairs.

"I didn't call you cause I knew you would give it all up. And you know how she is," Maria Romero said as Jonathan replied.

"She would blame herself for the life I chose," Jonathan said as Maria Romero interjected.

"And the Universe as we know it would be doomed," Jonathan sighed, fighting the tears back. Jonathan stood up as he slapped himself to help gain rational composure. "Okay, here is what I need you to do!"

"Anything to assure that my baby girl is okay," Maria Romero cried in helplessness.

"Get it together, Abuela!" Jonathan scolded as Maria Romero began to gain calmness slowly. "Her phone should be back on. Call her until she answers the phone. "No half-ass attempts either. I need all hands on deck!"

"And then what?" Maria said as she attempted to find back tears.

"We are going to find her," Jonathan said as Mark walked in the door. "I'll be on the first flight home!"

"Don't do that, mijo!" Maria said as Jonathan rebutted.

"You know how I am. I will see you soon. I have to go!" Jonathan said as Mark sighed.

"Is everything okay?" Mark asked in concern. Jonathan grabbed his items, dropping the picture of Alessandra as he held his things off the vanity. He quickly shoved it into his bag as he walked out the door. "I'm heading back home!"

Mark quickly grabbed the picture as he rushed to Jonathan's side.

"To San Antonio?" Mark yelled as he began to catch up.

"Yes!" Jonathan said as the heel of his shoe began to echo through the hall.

"Well, that is why I came in," Mark said as Jonathan stopped inches from the exit door. "Antonio Castillo, the CEO of Infliction Films, finally bought out Revolution Productions," Mark said.

"So, how is this relevant to me going home?" Jonathan said in confusion.

"He wants to capitalize the market in San Antonio," Mark said as Jonathan became concerned.

"Why all of a sudden?" Jonathan asked in concern.

"Because it's a great place for new fresh talent!" Mark said in excitement. "Which as an Easter Egg of the news, we want to film in Houston, TX!"

"How ironic!" Jonathan said as Mark chuckled.

"Okay, Alanis!" Mark said as he flipped the picture over. "I thought your girl was dead?"

"We are just on a little break right now," Jonathan said as Mark's face grew into nervousness. "What's with the face," Jonathan said as Mark looked up.

"You're girl was here!" Mark said as Jonathan quickly ran out the door.

"She's probably gone, already!" Mark yelled as the door slammed behind Jonathan.

Agent Matthews and Martinez quickly jumped out of the car as Jonathan threw Martinez his duffle bag.

"What is it!" Matthews yelled.
"Alessandra! She was here!" As he ran through the misty dark ally, Jonathan said as Martinez and Matthews immediately entered the car as they began to drive.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he ran through the ally. He began to shout her name in panic as he slipped on a puddle as attempted to turn the corner. "Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he looked around at the crossroads of the ally. "God damn it!" Jonathan whispered to himself.

Jonathan began to run straight ahead as he began to pant. He looked behind him as he saw the black Jaguars headlights. Jonathan started to ignite in flames as he began to run faster through the eight-block ally way as he saw what looked like a photo. Jonathan kneeled to pick up the image as he saw blood on the exposure part, which had him turn it around. It was the picture of Alessandra and him during their first summer together in college when they vacationed during a college break.

"Oh god!" Jonathan said in a panic as he began to see the trial of items that Alessandra left behind. "Alessandra!" Jonathan cried as his voice echoed through the dark ally way.

"Oh shit!" Matthews said as Martinez yelled from the passenger side.

"She might be in trouble!" Martinez said as the three men perked up as they heard a woman scream.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he materialized into thin air as Matthew rushed towards the running car. He pushed the pedal as the car roared in motion.

Jonathan materialized back to the estimated coordinates that he heard the screaming. "Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled.

"Jonathan?!" Alessandra yelled back as Jonathan's face lit up with hope running towards the other screams that he began to hear. His flames ignited as he began to run as. He paused in shock as he began to see a lavender glow, which caused him to fall to his knees.

The screams grew louder, which had him crawl to the corner of the brick building. Jonathan's eyes widened as he peeked through the corner and saw Alessandra igniting in flames.

"No fucken way!" As Sarah lay helplessly on the floor, Jonathan whispered as the three men who attempted to rape her began shooting at Alessandra.

Alessandra screamed as the gunshots fired. As she put her hands in the air, the bullets fell to the ground. The men began to cry as the gun clicked as the empty chamber shot blanks. The men started to run as Alessandra looked at her flaming body in fear and shock. Alessandra looked down at the beaten woman as she clenched her fist.

"I won't allow what happens to me, happen to someone and get away it!" Alessandra said as she screamed in anger as a plasma ray struck the first man. Alessandra's eyes in terror as the man combusted into a bloody mess that splattered on the wall. "I'm a murderer!" Alessandra said in fear as she looked at her hands as the flames danced around her hands.

Alessandra looked up as she heard the screams of the men as. She saw the shadows of the men running back towards her way as Alessandra turned in panic. Not knowing if the flames would hurt the injured woman or if she should continue fighting for her justice. Alessandra screamed as she saw an enormous shadow walking towards her way as the Jaguar hit the two men as they ran.

"Stay away from me!" Alessandra yelled in fear as the woman began to gain consciousness as she began to roll in a weakened state in her leather pants and low-cut red blouse that seemed lower than what she wore. Along with the busted button of her leather pants.

The dark ally began to glow in the blue flames that danced on the tall brick building as the flame disengaged as Jonathan started to walk cautiously towards Alessandra.

"Alessandra?" Jonathan said as her face began to light up.

"Jonathan?" Alessandra said. She sighed in relief as she ran towards Jonathan, which had her stop in her tracks as she saw the lavender flames dancing on her leg. "Stay back!" Alessandra said in fright. "I'm a murderous freak!" Alessandra said as she cried.

"Babe, it's okay," Jonathan said as his face began to show in the dim light.

"Getaway!" Alessandra said as she looked at her hands as the flames continued to dance on her hand.

"It was self-defense, babe," Jonathan said in calmness as Sarah began to scream. Sarah immediately lifted her body as she started to run in panic, ignoring Jonathan as she ran.

Sarah slipped onto the remains of the assaulter as she began to scream at the sight of the blood. Sarah immediately stood up as the clink of her heels began to echo through the ally.

"There is a perfectly logical explanation, babe," Jonathan said in empathy.

Alessandra looked at her ignited lavender hand as she began to cry. She looked at Jonathan in tears as she said, "What's happening to me!"

Alessandra began to turn as she heard the gurgling grows that were behind her.

"Alessandra!" As he ignited in his light blue flames, Jonathan yelled as he began to run towards the lower-level demon.

The demon was hairless, resembling what looked like a possessed monkey as it ran with its hinged legs and the knuckles of his hinged arm.

Alessandra backed towards the wall as she began to scream. Pushing as deep as the wall would take her, hoping that it would make her disappear into the brick of the towering building.

Jonathan lifted his arm as his bicep flexed. He fired a plasma ray that stopped the tiny demon in its track as it screamed from the burning beam as Alessandra began to shake.

"What the fuck!" Alessandra yelled in frightened shock as the demon fell to the floor as snarled in its last breath.

"Babe," Jonathan said as he turned around slowly as he backed away as Alessandra's flames ignited hire as she began to glow. "There is a perfectly logical explanation for all this," Jonathan said as the demon quickly jumped as Jonathan started to walk as he raised his hand as the plasma ray hit the pouncing monster.

Alessandra's eyes began to roll back as Jonathan rushed as he caught her before she fell to the ground.

"Holy shit!" Martinez said as he stepped out of the car, he rushed a block ahead in the ally way.

“Martinez, Alessandra. Alessandra, Martinez!” Jonathan said as he waved Alessandra’s limp hand at Martinez.
"So this the girl?" Matthew said as he attempted to grab Jonathan from his hands. Which Jonathan pulled back as he refused to let her go."

"The only love of my life!" As he looked at Alessandra lovingly, Jonathan said he used his supporting hand to wipe the hair off her face.

"Her powers came sooner than we anticipated," Martinez said as Jonathan smiled in pride.

"Babe," Jonathan whispered as he pulled her close as kissed her on the forehead. "You got your new power," Jonathan said in loving humbleness. "I knew you would," Jonathan said as he held her closer.

"Let's move it, Romero," Martinez said. "We don't have much time!" Martinez said as he opened the backseat door open as Jonathan gently laid her on the plush leather seat.

As Jonathan and the team entered the car, Alessandra's phone rang. Jonathan carefully dug into her pocket, being careful not to move her as he saw the picture of Alessandra, Maria Romero, and Jonathan on the screen as it read, "Abuela. Heart. Heart."

"Hey, Abuela," Jonathan said in a whisper as Martinez lowered the back window.

"Oh, thank God!" Maria Romero said as she began to cry in relief. "Is she okay?"

"She's fine, Abuela," Jonathan said as he sighed.

"What happened?" Maria Romero cried in a panic.

"Alessandra is fine," Jonathan said as he sighed as Maria Romero began to cuss in Spanish.

"She's okay, Doña Maria!" Matthews said as she sighed in relief.

"Thank the stars, you all are okay," Maria Romero said in relief.

"What happened?" Maria said as Jonathan chuckled.

"You won't believe me if I told you," Jonathan said as he grinned in delight.

"She gained power!" Martinez said as Matthews slapped him on the arm.

"She what!" Doña Maria said as she began to sound frantic. "Is she okay? Is she hurt!"

"She's fine, just a little," Jonathan said as he sighed. "Surprised is all."

"So she freaked out," Maria Romero said as Jonathan chuckled as his face became irritated as Usher's "Without You" began to play on the satellite radio.

"Sorry!" Martinez said as he turned off the radio as Jonathan continued the conversation.

"So, do we have any idea of what made her gain power?" Maria Romero asked in concern as Matthews and Martinez's phone began to play the same song.

"Guys, really?" Jonathan yelled as Matthews and Martinez quickly pulled out their phones as shut their phones off.

"Sorry, Jonathan," Matthews said as Jonathan attempted to continue the conversation.

"No clue, but something happened after she left the studio," Jonathan said.

"She was looking for you, wasn't she?" Maria Romero said with a calm whisper. "I know she still loved you!" Maria said joyfully.

"Or she could have come to tell me to go fuck off!" Jonathan said in concern.

"Nonsense, so what caused this, you think?" Maria Romero asked in curiosity.

"One of my co-workers," Jonathan said in concern. "I found her on the floor, beaten and what might have been an attempted sexual assault."

"What makes you think that?" Maria Romero asked in concern.

"Because her blouse was exposing more than it did when she first came to work," Jonathan said as he looked at Alessandra. "But then it happened."

"What!" Maria Romero asked in frightening concern.

"Alessandra killed a man in self-defense?" Jonathan said calmly.

"Alessandra wouldn't do that," Maria Romero said in humor.

"With a plasma ray," Jonathan said.

"Oh," Maria Romero replied. "But I thought that couldn't happen."

"Well, if you get angry enough, it can happen. Or at least I am told," Jonathan said doubtfully.

"Well, the Queen has a lot more resources since Azullion has become the safe house for the Light Order.

“Azullion is the power source Abuela!” Jonathan corrected.

"Celestron is the home planet, a sister to Earth. When are you going to get it right!"

"Don't get all offended!" Maria Romero said with a chuckle.

"You sound like the boy that took offense to Alessandra's rejection,"

"I don't want to hear it," Jonathan said as he shook his head from what Maria Romero just said.

"Stop worrying. You know that girl loves you very much," Maria Romero reassured. "Any other powers we should be concerned about?"

Jonathan began to speak as the radio started to play "Without You" once again.

"Seriously!" Jonathan yelled as Matthews stopped the car.

"It's not us!" Matthews yelled in frustration as his phone began to play the song. Along with Martinez's phone.

"I call bullshit!" Jonathan yelled.

"What's going on!" Maria Romero asked in concern.

"Nothing, just these two idiots acting like," Jonathan paused as he began to hear the song start to play on his phone. He slowly began to pull it out as he looked at Alessandra, who was starting to glow.

"Jonathan," Alessandra whispered, still unconscious from the incident earlier as she laid over towards Jonathan's side as he smiled.

"What's with the music?" Maria Romero asked in curiosity.
"You're right," Jonathan said with a smile. "She still does love me!"

"Jonathan, what's going on," Maria said in enthralled confusion.

"I think Alessandra gained another power!" Jonathan said as he smiled. Matthews and Martinez nodded as they smiled in delight.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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