The Rideshare Chronicles Novella Series – Everything Happens for a Reason Act II

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella Approaching the Road of Destiny

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

Everything Happens for a Reason

Act II

"Damn, you're gorgeous!" Jonathan said as they began to dance to Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" as the class of 2001 gathered around as they smiled.

"You're better than me!" Alessandra said as she looked at a younger Jonathan. "I don't know why you think of me in such high regards. I'm always going to be the ugly duckling," Alessandra said as she turned away as looked at the growing crowd.

Jonathan smiled as he looked at Alessandra lovingly as he smiled and said, "And when you rise from the ashes like a phoenix," Jonathan said as he brought her face closer. "That is going to be the happiest day of life!"

"You talk like I am going to be some superhero or something," Alessandra said as Jonathan turned her.

"And what if you are destined to be one!" Jonathan said as Alessandra huffed. "Damn, babe, I wish you could see what I see!"

"What is that a nobody?" Alessandra said as she laughed in insecurity as she looked to the floor.

"Why do you do that, Alessandra?" Jonathan asked in concern.

"I'm preparing for the worst," Alessandra said as she tried to fight the tears. "Everyone leaves in the end," Alessandra said as she inhaled to fight the tears.

"Hey!" Jonathan said as she pulled Alessandra's face as she looked into his piercing blue eyes. "I am not your mother!"

"I know," Alessandra said as she smiled in comfort.

"And dad and Abuela are still around!" Jonathan said as Alessandra chuckled.

"You talk like we are already married," Alessandra said as she blushed.

"Because we are!" Jonathan said as Alessandra smiled at the crowd awkwardly as Christina raised their thumbs in excitement. "You know, AR Jay would be right in front with Christina, cheering you on. Miss, nobody likes me because I am a reject!"

"Because I am!" Alessandra said as Jonathan looked at Christina. He nodded at Christina's nod of approval.

Jonathan leaned into Alessandra's ear as he whispered, "So why is everyone circling us looking like it's a romantic comedy. Instead of turning into a scene from Carrie, then!"

"Pity!" Alessandra said as she chuckled along with Jonathan.

"It's because they see what I see, my person!" Jonathan said softly. "Because I am going to marry my person. And my badass!"

"You say that now, but that will all change in college," Alessandra said defensively

Jonathan lifted her face as he said, "I'm going to marry you, Alessandra, and then you'll regret everything you said," Jonathan said as he dipped Alessandra.

"We shall see," Alessandra said as Jonathan lifted her.

"Well, Miss Doubtful, I am a man of my word. You'll see!" Jonathan said.

"You'll leave like everyone has," Alessandra said as she looked into Jonathan's eyes as tears begin to fall.

"No, I won't!" Jonathan said as Alessandra looked into his eyes.

"How are you so sure, Jonathan!" Alessandra said as she began to burst her bubble.

"Because our love is eternal!" Jonathan said as Alessandra. "Because I am with my badass and my person!" Jonathan said as he kissed Alessandra as the chorus of the song began to play as she raised her leg as Jonathan and Alessandra embraced in a fairytale kiss.

Jonathan began to kiss Alessandra as his blue flames began to rise, along with Alessandra's lavender flames, which caused lavender and blue sparks to grow as they continued with their kiss was interrupted by screams.

Jonathan pushed Alessandra behind him as she also began to scream as the ballroom started to disintegrate into ashy remnants of what used to be the ballroom that Alessandra and Jonathan danced in during Alessandra's prom night. The wind began to circulate behind Jonathan as Alessandra started to be sucked into a black portal.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan began to jump towards Alessandra, who started to scream in pain as she began to get sucked into the portal.

"Don't let me go!" Alessandra yelled as blood began to bleed up into the bodice of her prom dress.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as her eyes began to roll back as she screamed in agonizing pain. Jonathan started to scream in horror as he cried in mourning as her body was sucked into the closing portal. "Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as he fell helplessly to the floor as grabbed her blood-drenched corsage.

Jonathan held the corsage near his blood-spattered white button-up as he began to cry in mourning of what just happened.

Jonathan began to turn slowly as the growing moans became louder. Jonathan's hands were clammy as his heart began to beat heart. Jonathan began to scream as he saw Alessandra's family, empaled one by one on what was left of a glass building.

"The mass extinction is coming!" Dona Maria said. Jonathan began to cry as he rushed towards Dona Maria. Who was the only one in the family that was still alive?

"No!" Jonathan said as he attempted to pull her off. Dona Maria began to scream from the pain of the movement that had her dangling from the metal support of the destroyed.

"Don't let them get my little girl!" As Jonathan was thrown back, Dona Maria said a demonic red entity that devoured Dona Maria.

Jonathan immediately stood up as he began to run as the red beast chased him through San Antonio, TX. Jonathan fell as he immediately screamed as he fell upon the rotting flesh of the remains of a decaying corpse.

Jonathan immediately got up, attempting not to lose any momentum as the pouncing monster threw him down. Jonathan screamed in pain as the claws of the demon dug his claws into Jonathan, which had Jonathan ignite in flames as the creature began to cry.

The peeping heads of creatures began to rise from the rubble as they began to slowly make their way towards Jonathan as he began blasting away with his plasma flames. "You got to make it out of this one, man!" Jonathan said to himself as he began to ignite the decayed bodies as it began to cause an inferno. "I'm sorry!" Jonathan said as he began to run.

Jonathan began panting. With the screaming of the creatures as he found the remains of a building. Which looked like what used to be a hotel. Which he immediately sook shelter as he rolled into the exposed interior of the marbled floor.

"Please let me make it out alive!" Jonathan said as he began to shake as tears of fear began to roll down his face.

The red creatures began to sniff around, attempting to find Jonathan. Jonathan sighed as they started to retreat in the failed attempt to find their next meal.

"Thank God!" Jonathan said as he heard Alessandra's voice call.

"Jonathan," Alessandra whispered as he looked back, seeing Alessandra in a warrior-like armor. "You're okay!" Jonathan said in relief.

"Of course, I am, silly!" Alessandra said as she ambled towards Jonathan.

"You had me so worried, babe!" Jonathan said as he hugged Alessandra.

"You know I have to thank you for helping me realize my power," Alessandra said as Jonathan kissed her forehead.

"Always, babe!" Jonathan said as he sighed in relief. "I thought I almost lost you," Jonathan said as he began to weep.

"You know I owe you," Alessandra whispered as she stepped away.

"That's what a team is for, babe," Jonathan said as he attempted to get close to her. Alessandra inched away.

"I owe you," Alessandra said as she turned around.

"Babe?" Jonathan said as he backed away. "What's wrong?" Jonathan said as Alessandra turned back around.

"Oh, nothing, lover! I am paying you back for breaking my heart!" Alessandra said as her skin began to decay in the armor, Jonathan started to turn slowly as he felt as he saw the red monster breathing right on him.

"Alessandra, this isn't you," Jonathan said as he stepped slowly away from the creature.

"That's what happens when you break a badasses heart!" Alessandra yelled.

Jonathan turned as he began to scream as Alessandra was no longer herself. But a decaying horned human with glowing eyes.

"No!" Jonathan yelled as Alessandra pierced Jonathan with a black metal sword. She began to laugh as she stepped away.

Jonathan looked down at his bloody torso as he heard the creature snarled. Jonathan slowly turned and began to scream as the beast opened its mouth as he devoured Jonathan.

"Mr. King!" The flight attendant said as Jonathan jumped up from the nightmare he just had.

"Alessandra!" Jonathan yelled as the flight attendant looked around.

"There is no Alessandra who boarded the plane," the flight attendant said as she sat next to Jonathan. "Do you need me to call anyone?"

"No," Jonathan said as he stood up. "I just need to get my luggage!" Jonathan said as he rushed out of the airplane. He pulled his phone out as he dialed Alessandra's number.

Jonathan began to get panicked as a busy signal immediately came on after dialing Alessandra.

"I knew I shouldn't think of left!" Jonathan said to himself as he walked towards the customer service booth of his airline. He attempted to dial again and got a busy signal. "Damn it!" Jonathan yelled as the flight attendant looked at Jonathan in the offense. "Not you. I am sorry!"

"How can I help you, sir," the flight agent said in annoyance. "I need to get back to San Antonio asap!" Jonathan said as he dialed again. He was getting another busy signal.

"Is something wrong?" The flight attendant asked in concern.

"It's my girlfriend. Well, my ex-girlfriend," Jonathan said as the flight attendant looked at him awkwardly.

"Why are you chasing after an ex-girlfriend!" The flight attendant said she jumped up in startled shock as Jonathan pounded his fist on the counter.

"Because something might be wrong!" Jonathan said.

"Well, did you do something wrong?" The agent said in defense.

"No, it's not like that?" Jonathan said as he looked at his phone as smiled. "She just needs space to become the woman that she's meant to be. That I know, she is destined to be!" Jonathan said as the flight attendant jumped up for joy.

"Yay for love!" The flight attendant screamed joyfully as Jonathan looked at her in confusion. "Well, are you good with her parents?"

"Huh?" Jonathan said as the flight attendant immediately got aggravated.

"Her parents have you called to check with her parents to find out if she's okay!" The flight attendant said as she put her hands on her hips in frustration.

"Oh right!" Jonathan said as he began to dial Dona Maria's landline.

"I swear, it's always the cute ones who are so stupid!" The agent said as Jonathan put the phone to his ear.

"Hey!" Jonathan said in the offense as Dona Maria picked up the phone. "Dona Maria!" Jonathan said in nervous relief.

“Hello Mijo,” Dona Maria said. "I am so sorry about Alessandra," Dona Maria said in sadness.

"Is she okay!" Jonathan said in a panic. "She's in her room. Is everything okay?" Doña Maria said in concern.

"So, she's there?" Jonathan said as Dona Maria interjected.

"Now is not a good time to talk with her," Doña Maria said empathetically. "You know how she is when she regrets a decision."

"Thank God!" Jonathan said as he sighed in relief. "Are you sure she's okay, though?"

"Other than regretting the worst decision of her life, she's okay," Doña Maria said in empathy. "Why the concern?"

"No reason," Jonathan said as he looked at the agent. "I just missed her, that's all!"

"You know how stubborn and prideful she can be," Doña Maria said with a sigh.

"That's why I love the girl!" Jonathan said as Dona Maria sighed.

"I blame myself for this," Doña Maria said in regret.

"Now I know where she gets the insecurity from," Jonathan said as Maria began to cuss at him in Spanish.

"Forget I said that!" Jonathan yelled as he pulled the phone away from his ear.

"You're lucky I love you like a son!" Maria said. "Maybe one day you will be!"

"I do not doubt it," Jonathan reassured. "It's a small price to pay for her to find the power that we all know she has!"
"Well, she is a special girl!" Maria said as Jonathan nodded. "Well, if you need me, I am a phone call away!" Jonathan said.

"I'm looking forward to when you guys finally tie the knot!" Dona Maria said. "You two were destined to be together!"

"That is why this is the right move for both of us. We both know we shielded her from the world that truly exists," Jonathan said as the flight attendant moved her arms as she whispered, "staying or going.

"Please don't be a stranger," Dona Maria said.

"Well, you're the only family I have here," Jonathan said.

"Have you heard from your mother?" Dona Maria said as a man in a black suit tapped Jonathan on the shoulder.

"I have to let you go, Abuela!" Jonathan said as he looked at the man in the sunglasses. "I'll call when I have a chance!" Jonathan said as he hung up the phone.

"Are you Jonathan King?" The man in the suit asked.

Jonathan looked at the agent as she shrugged her shoulders in confusion.

"Who are you!" Jonathan asked as another man in a suit walked in front of him.

"That's my luggage!" Jonathan said as the agent walked away in feared concern.

"Nice chat, Jonathan!" The agent said as Jonathan threw his hands in the air in frustration.

"Thanks a lot, lady!" Jonathan yelled as the two men got into Jonathan's face.

"Agent Matthews and Martinez have a few questions our associates would like to ask you, personally!" Martinez said as he grabbed escorted Jonathan down the terminal entrance.

"Can I get some lube if you're going to be so rough!" Jonathan said as the men continued to escort him into the parking garage. As people began to gather as they began accompanying him. "Nothing to see here!" Jonathan yelled as they moved away, looking back at the men escorting him.

"So, are you loan sharks?" Jonathan said as he looked at Martinez and Matthews. "No, you can't' be. You're too pretty, and I don't gamble!" Jonathan said as he began to laugh at his joke.

"Quiet, pretty boy!" Matthews said as they neared a black Jaguar parked near the glass door that led to the car.

"Nice parking. I mean, you can't be related to Alessandra because at least her family knows how to park cars!" Jonathan said as Matthews looked at Jonathan as his eyebrows squinted behind his shade.

"I told you he knew Alessandra!" Martinez said as Matthews opened the car door. Martinez threw Jonathan into the back seat as he fell headfirst into the double roll of car seats that were faced towards each other.

"You're welcome!" Jonathan yelled as he buttoned his now exposed muscular chest.

"Jonathan, Jonathan!" A man dressed in what looked like traditional Aztec tribal gear.

"If you're dressed for Halloween," Jonathan said as he chuckled at the severe face of the Aztec-dressed man in a headdress.

"So, this is the man my great-granddaughter is crying over at the moment?" The "I hope you know if you spread anymore, you are going to be free-balling!" Jonathan said as the man grinned in seriousness.

"I can see why she's so smitten over an extraterrestrial!" The man said as Jonathan immediately ejected from his seat.

"How do you know that!" Jonathan said as his flames began to ignite.

"Because I was there when your species was created!" The man said as his eyes began to glow in a white life.

"What the hell are you!" Jonathan said as his flames began to get brighter. "You're not Alessandra's relative!" Jonathan said as he clenched his fist.

"Who do you think sent you to protect my dear great-grandchild of mine!" The man said as Jonathan rebutted in anger.

"Who are you!" Jonathan said as his fist began to glow.

"I'm Xiuhtechutili!" The man replied as the glow of his eyes began to fade.

“Wait thee Xiuhtechutili!” Jonathan said in disbelief. "Alessandra and I were told stories about you as a child!" Jonathan said in excitement. "Not the white-washed version, but the legit heroic ones!" Jonathan said as his excitement immediately turned into defense as he looked at him in suspicion.

Xiuhtechutili sighed as he knocked on the window behind him as it began to roll down. "Can you give Doña Maria a warning that we will be dropping by?"

"Yes, sir!" Matthews said as he rolled the window back up.

"I just called her," Jonathan said.

"We have an agreement that I would give her a heads up when I would drop by and see my great-granddaughter!"

"Why would you have to do that!" Jonathan said as Xiuhtechutili grabbed his arm as began to scream as. He felt the heat of the light waves flashing as they found himself in Alessandra's room as she lay in bed, crying.

Jonathan's heart broke as she laid next to the photo album that she made of them as Lady Antebellum "Need You Now" started to play as Alessandra began to scream as she cried in mourning.

"She's going to see us!" Jonathan said as he ducked as Doña Maria rushed into the room.

"You have ten minutes, Xiu," Doña Maria mumbled under his breath as Jonathan's face lit up in relief.

"Told you I knew them," Xiuhtechutili whispered as Jonathan's eyes began to water as Doña Maria hugged Alessandra as tears started to fall from her eyes.

"Why did you bring me here!" Jonathan said as he began to wipe the tears from his eyes.

"Because everything is for the reason that you don't realize at the moment," Xiuhtechutili said in an empathetic whisper as he patted Jonathan's shoulder as Alessandra pulled away.

"I can't believe I gave up the love of my life, Abuela!" Alessandra said as she began to cry.

"It's all for the reason that you don't realize at the moment," Maria said as she wipes the tears from Alessandra's eyes.

"But I gave up every everything I ever wanted. And for what, because I didn't think I was good enough! Because of the fear of getting hurt!" Alessandra said as she blew her nose. "I mean, what if he forgets about me! What if I lost him forever!"

"I've been asking myself the same thing, Mija!" Doña Maria said as Alessandra slapped her arm gently as she began to laugh. "Why do you have to make jokes about my heartbreak, Abuela," Alessandra told as Jonathan flashed a faint smile behind his tears. "You remind me of Jonathan," Alessandra said as she began to cry some more.

"Well, maybe it's those little reminders you need to keep your heart open for when he comes back!" Dona Maria said as Alessandra scuffed.

"All my life, I was worried about Jonathan living me when I'm the one that left. Just like mom did!" Alessandra cried as she threw herself on her bed.

"Babe!" Jonathan said as he began to cry as he looked at Xiuhtechutili with tears rolling down his face. "I can't take any more of this, bro!"

"Patience, child. After all, you are going to be my grandson-in-law one day!" Xiuhtechutili said as he smiled as Doña Maria turned off the music with anger.

"You need to stop hearing this sad shit and start looking at this from a different perspective!" Maria said as she held her finger up as she rushed to the other room.

"Abuela, what are you doing!" Alessandra said as she sat up on the bed.

Maria Romero flashed the CD that Alessandra gifted her for Christmas of the song that they would hear when Alessandra would always feel the pain when she would feel the pain of her mom leaving.

"No, Celia Cruz!" Alessandra said she plopped her head on the bed as she could hear the CD begin to move as "La Vida Un Carnival" by Celia Cruz.

Doña Maria began to move her hips as she moved in a circular motion as the song started to play. "He might be an airhead, but Jonathan is not stupid!"

"Hey!" Jonathan said in defense as he looked at Xiuhtechutili.

"Well, to be fair, that is pretty questionable!" Xiuhtechutili said he began to smile as his two leading ladies began to dance in Alessandra's small bedroom.

"Maybe not now, but soon enough, you will be that warrior woman we all know you are destined to be, mijita!" Doña Maria said as she twirled Alessandra around. "And pretty soon, later in the future," Doña Maria said as she began to gasp for air. "You, too, will make me a great grandmother finally!"

"You think so?" Alessandra said as she sat her Abuela down as she began to gasp for air.

"I'm getting too old for this!" Doña Maria said as she grabbed leaned and kissed Alessandra's forehead. "I know so!" Doña Maria said as Alessandra smiled. "It's written in the stars, pinky swear!"

Alessandra wrapped her pinky around Abuela's finger as Jonathan smiled.

"I will always love you, babe. You're my badass and my person!" Jonathan said as he felt the touch of another hand touch his right shoulder.

"It's time to go, lover boy!" Chalchiuhtlicue said as Jonathan began to scream once again as he felt the heat of the flashing lights as he began to ascend into a lighted abyss.

"Can you give a guy some warning!" Jonathan said as he looked to the left of him. "Who the fuck are you!" Jonathan yelled as the woman in the same style of Aztec attire smiled.

"I'm Alessandra's great grandmother," Chalchiuhtlicue said as Jonathan's eyes widened.

"You mean to tell me that, Alessandra is," Jonathan said as Martinez took off his shades revealing his light brown eyes.

"The chosen one!" Martinez said as Matthews smacked him on the shoulder.

"Sorry about that!" Matthews said as the window rolled up as he began to scold Martinez about his nosiness.

"Our great-granddaughter is more powerful than you realize!" Chalchiuhtlicue said.

"I mean, damn!" Jonathan said as he sat back on the leather plush seat.

"Which is why we are here," Xiuhtechutili said as he sighed. "The mass extinction," Xiuhtechutili said as Jonathan immediately gasped in rebuttal.

"What did you say?" Jonathan said as Xiuhtechutili and Chalchiuhtlicue looked at each other in shock.

"How do you know about the mass extinction?" Chalchiuhtlicue said as Jonathan began to think as the fear grew in his face.

"On my flight, I had a nightmare," Jonathan said as he looked at Chalchiuhtlicue and Xiuhtechutili. "That Alessandra mentioned the mass extinction."

Xiuhtechutili and Chalchiuhtlicue began to get concerned as they began to talk amongst themselves in a language that Jonathan couldn't understand.

"And she rejected the lifestyle of the rich and famous?" Derek yelled in shock. "I mean, look at you! You're going to make it in the industry!"

"It's not even about fame," Jonathan said as he flipped his phone over and smiled, looking at the photo of Alessandra and him once again.

"She will be crawling back when the money rolls in, just watch!" Derek said in a defensive tone.

"She's never been that kind of gal!" Jonathan said as Journey's "Lights" began to play. "She's a guy's gal, which is the part of her that I love the most!"

"That is just code, for she has a lot of male friends!" Derek said as he leaned in and began to get intrigued. "I mean, does she have a lot of guy friends!"

"A few," Jonathan said with confidence as he took another drink of beer.

"And you don't get jealous?" Derek replied in shock.

"She never gave me a reason to be," Jonathan said as Derek lifted the beer bottle to present a toast.

"Cheers to you, bro!" Derek said as Jonathan clunked his bottle.

"Because I would be livid if my girl had guy friends." "Why would that be?" Jonathan asked in curiosity.

"Because you never know!" Derek said as he began to get an uneasy expression.

"Sounds a little insecure if you ask me," Jonathan said as Derek turned red from embarrassment.

Jonathan couldn't help to feel bad about the comment.

"See, that is why Alessandra doesn't let me love her the way she deserves," Jonathan said as he chugged the second bottle. "Because she always expects the worst," Jonathan said as he grinned. "But then again, what do you expect on this planet!" Jonathan said as Derek looked at Sarah with an awkward look.

"You talk about the present like you are from another planet!" Derek said as Jonathan looked at Derek with a severe face. Derek began to fall back on his chair in nervousness as Jonathan started to laugh. "You got me!" Derek said as he pointed at Jonathan. "Can you get us another round, beautiful!" Derek said as he looked at Sarah as he stood up.

"I'll get the drinks!" Jonathan said as he stood up with both unfinished beers in hand.

"I'm going to the little boy's room!" Derek said as he gulped the last of the content in the last bottle of beer. "Don't teleport out of here, now!" Derek said as Jonathan chuckled in his deep sultry voice. "I still have you to take you to the airport!" Derek said as Jonathan nodded.

"Just in case, I can call a cab!" Jonathan replied in concern. "The last thing I need is for you to ruin or end your life. After all, you are a good guy deep down," Jonathan said as Derek smiled in appreciation.

"A commitment is a commitment!" Derek said as he walked towards the back bar's bathroom as Metallica's "I Disappear" began to play on the jukebox.

"Sarah!" Jonathan said. "Make it two rounds. One on me!" Jonathan said as he sat at the bar, with a nod from Sarah.

"You got it, Romero!" Sarah said as the door slammed open.

"Put your hands in the air, and no one gets hurt!" The masked man said as two men came running in with revolvers in hand.

Sarah dropped to the ground as Jonathan calmly took another drink from his beer, chugging half of it in one gulp. He was continuing to scroll through the pictures of him and Alessandra.

"I said hands up, you oversized," the masked man said as he looked at Jonathan from head to toe as he was taken away by his attractiveness.

Jonathan didn't budge as he scrolled through the pictures with a smile that made the masked men uneasy.

"He's probably deaf!" The second masked man whispered to the first masked man.

"I don't know whether to shoot or to through myself at this fine man!" The masked man said.

"Neither!" Jonathan said as he whipped the beer bottle into the first masked man's skull, Jonathan said he grabbed the cock gun from the second masked man as he flipped back, kicking the third mask man. The third mask man fell with a thud as he groaned in pain.

Jonathan kicked the second man as he flipped over the banister of the first level of the bar as he began to grab the second one by the neck.

"You need to leave now!" Jonathan said as the door slammed open.

Jonathan said that Jonathan's flames began to ignite as the bullets ricochet off his chiseled body.

"Huge mistake!" Jonathan said he threw the man he had by the neck in the back of the bar.

Jonathan said as Sarah crotched further into a ball as she covered her ears.

Jonathan stood with his chest puffed out as he grinned as the masked men pulled the trigger as the gun ran out of bullets.

"Now you pissed me off!" Jonathan said as the men attempted to run as Jonathan began to glow brighter as the men started to run.

Jonathan ran towards the men as he pulled them back into the room as. Time returned to normal as he threw them towards the pool tables. The pool tables shattered as they fell into it, causing the billiard balls to begin to roll around the floor.

"There are gunshots, and there are people in the bar!" Derek said as he was crouched behind the urinal. "I think my friend got shot!" Derek cried.

"We are sending the authorities now!" The 911 operator said in urgency as she could hear the commotion in the background.

"No! No! No!" a voice said as Derek crawled towards the door to get a peek without putting himself in danger.

Directly immediately bolted as he saw a glimpse of the masked men who where laying on the floor as he rushed out of the bathroom to check on Jonathan.

"Can a fucken guy just drown in his sorrows and get fucked up after the love of his life rejects his proposal!" Jonathan yelled as he scuffed with a loud "Huh!"

"Are you okay!" Derek said as he began to pat Jonathan to see if he was harmed .

Jonathan looked at Derek, who began to panic as he saw the weapons lying around the bar floors.

"The ambulance! It's coming buddy! Derek said as he his eyes began to squint from the confusion of not finding any wounds or damage on his new friend Jonathan.

Jonathan turned to Derek with a smile as Derek looked at Jonathan in shock.

"I don't see any blood!" Derek said in a panic. "Let hopes that clotting vein doesn't burst because then we are in trouble!"

"That's my dick!" Jonathan said as Derek immediately took his hands of his member he mistaken for a swollen, blocked vein.

"I'm sorry, brother, I am not gay or anything," Derek reassured. "But damn, buddy! You are sure going to do great things in your new adventure!"

"As I said, it belongs to my leading lady!" Jonathan said as he began to walk towards the masked man who began to get up from the floor as he began to scream as he stumbled to get away.

"What are you!" The masked man yelled. "Get him away from me!" The masked man said as he grabbed the man by the neck and began to walk him to the mounted coat rack, which had the rest of his henchmen hanging as Santana's "Black Magic Woman" began to play.

Sarah got up as she backed away from Jonathan as turned towards Derek as he began to back away as Jonathan began to glow.

"The authorities should be here any minute," Jonathan said as he dug into Derek's pocket as he unarmed the alarm, which followed with a pop of the trunk.

Derek looked at Sarah in shock and confusion as he looked at Jonathan's back. He had a bullet jammed in his body that pierced through his button-up shirt; which looked like it was deflected by something bulletproof.

"Did you wear a bulletproof vest or something?" Derek said as the bullet ejected from Jonathan's body as Derek began to back away.

"He's not human!" Sarah whispered in shock as Jonathan chuckled with humbled humor.

"I hope your girl knows that you're a fucken freak!" Sarah yelled as Jonathan turned around, having Sarah yelled as she fell back in fear and shock.

"She's a magical kind of woman!" Jonathan said as he walked out the door as Derek back away. "A black magic kind of woman," Jonathan said purposely as he looked at Sarah. "She doesn't know yet, but she will, eventually," Jonathan whispered as he began to walk away.

"I think you should get another driver!" Derek said in fear as he watched Jonathan grab the luggage out of the car.

"I don't need a driver!" Jonathan said as he smiled as he began to ignite in flames as the police started to pull in urgently. As Jonathan shut the truck, he was gone.

Jonathan was no where in sight when the authorities came to the scene as they rushed in and began to cuff the masked men as the investigator walked towards Derek.

"Sir!" The Balcones Height's police officer said as Derek stood in shock. Giving no response to the officer's questions as Santana's "Black Magic Woman" continued to play in the background.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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