The Rideshare Chronicles Novella Series – My Person’s a Black Magic Woman – Act I

A Rideshare Chronicles Novella Approaching the Road of Destiny

The Rideshare Chronicles Destination Destiny

My Person's A Black Magic Woman

Act I

Jonathan looked back as he saw Alessandra fall to her knees. Jonathan began to cry from the heartbreak Alessandra caused when he denied his marriage proposal, as he saw the driver look through the rearview mirror as Jonathan cleared his throat, fighting against his tears.

"I can lend an ear if you need one, brother?" The driver said. as

Jonathan ignored the thoughtful words as he began to look at the engagement ring with sadness and regret in his eyes, still secured in its little box. The blue Tiffany box as he shut the box closed.

"That's not what I want," Jonathan said as he looked out the window—avoiding eye contact with the driver. "She doesn't even remember our childhood together," Jonathan said as they began to reach the ramp on the highway.

Don't you say that about her!" Jonathan cried in anger as his eyes began to glow.

"What a fucken bitch!" The cab driver said as Jonathan looked at him through the rearview mirror in rage.

"Don't you say that about her!" Jonathan cried in anger as his eyes began to glow.

Derek, the cab driver, began to wipe his eyes in shock, attempting to adjust his groggy eyes as the glow was no longer there.

Jonathan turned out the window as he reached the light nearing the San Antonio International Airport.

The driver shook his head as he felt for the poor guy as he joked about the trick his tired eyes were playing on him.

"I must be seeing things," the driver said as Jonathan turned to the driver in mournful heartbreak.

"What airline are you flying out of," the driver said. "I hope we are going to make it on time?"

"My flight doesn't leave until nine this evening," Jonathan said in mourning as he turned the other way.

"Look, I am sorry for offending your girl," Derek said in heartfelt empathy. "But, I understand the feeling all too well," Derek said as Jonathan wiped the grief off his face.

Jonathan looked through the mirror as the driver looked down at his phone of a picture he had on his lock screen. Jonathan began to realize Derek was experiencing the same feeling as he looked at the picture in regret and sorrow on his phone. A picture of Derek and a woman in the same embrace Alessandra and Jonathan. The same look that only body language could express in thoroughness, Alessandra and Jonathan's love shared in happier times.

"Do you want to grab a drink, Derek? The cab driver?" Jonathan said as the driver looked through the rearview mirror. "I mean, I would pay you extra to talk," Jonathan said as the driver turned off his cab meter and flipped the sign displayed on his windshield window, from open to close.

"Sounds like we both could use a drink," the driver said as he made a U-turn in the busy intersection. "So where are you heading to, bud!" The cab driver said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Los Angeles," Jonathan said as he looked at the phone and gazed at the picture of Alessandra and him with tears forming in his eyes.

"Must be some hell of a woman to have a man like you as heartbroken as you are now," the driver said.

"She is something sort of special, that one," Jonathan said as he put his phone close to his chest and blocked the tears from falling from his face as he cleared his throat. "Regardless of all the issues that she is dealing with," Jonathan said as the driver immediately projected.

"Well, we all have something," the driver said as he flashed an empathetic smile. "I'm Derek, by the way!"

"Jonathan!" he replied. "I'm sorry that I am all sorts of fucked upright, now!" Jonathan said as he looked out the window holding his tears in.

"Aww, man," Derek said as he began to focus on the road. "I know that feeling all too well," Derek said as he looked at Jonathan in the rearview mirror. "Is there somebody else you think," Derek said as Jonathan looked at Derek through the mirror?

"That's the thing. I know there isn't anyone else," Jonathan pleaded as he wiped the tear from his eye.

"You sure about that?" Derek said as Jonathan immediately rebutted.

"Why do you think everyone has a hidden agenda, Derek? Just because someone leaves you doesn't mean they have someone else. Maybe it's something that you did and not the other person!" Jonathan said as Derek focused on the road. Derek broke eye contact immediately in the candid and hurtful observation Jonathan exposed in truth. Which was the guilt that made him believe that all women who leave are cheaters.

"I'm sorry," Derek cried in regret and embarrassment. "You're right,"Derek said as Jonathan began to feel for the guy revealing something that his cab driver wasn't ready to hear. "I guess I am dealing with that something your girl is going through as well."

"Where are we going exactly?" Jonathan said as he began to recognize the surroundings. Which was the same way he would go when he would visit Alessandra and her grandmother Dona Maria.

"A nice bar called the IDKY," Derek said as Jonathan's eyes began to water. "Oh shit, that is you and your girl's bar as well."

"No, it's fine," Jonathan said with a mournful sigh. "It will give me some time to reflect on the good moments that we both shared," Jonathan said as he looked at his phone again.

"Hey, it's going to be okay," Derek said as they pulled into the parking lot of the corner bar. "She will come around again."

"I hope your right," Jonathan said as Derek got out of the car. He stood at Jonathan's door as he said, "So are you going to lick your wounds and feel sorry for yourself? Or are we having a beer before you head to Cali?" Derek said as he opened the door.

Jonathan looked at Derek as he nodded as Derek pulled him out of the car.

"Let's go, big guy!" Derek said in shock as Jonathan towered over the five-foot-six slender frame.

"Damn, bro, how much you bench?" Derek said as he struggled to pull him out of the car.

"Three hundred and fifty? Give or take? Maybe more," Jonathan said nonchalantly. "I lost count a long time ago," Jonathan said as he closed the door behind Jonathan.

"Are you some sort of superhuman or something working for a secret agency or something?" Derek said jokingly.

"Something like that?" Jonathan said in sorrow as they made their way to the bar.

The bar was quiet and quaint, which had a high bar in the corner that stretched about two feet across, which had a pleasant woman greeting the two as they came in. The bar's lower level was in an L-shape, which had two tables placed side by side as the right side of the lower level. The lower level had a jukebox leaning on the wall with three tables surrounding the working jukebox.

"Who's this tall drink of water you brought to me?" Sarah, the bartender, said with flirtatious intent.

"This is Jonathan, my customer," Derek replied with a satisfying smile. "He's flying to Los Angeles, and since his flight doesn't leave till nine P.M., I thought I would bring him to his spot before he goes.

"Why the long face, handsome?" Sarah said as Jonathan walked toward the lower right side as he pulled a chair and sat in sorrow.

Jonathan ignored the conversation as Derek continued with the drink order.

"Two Budweiser and two shots of bourbon," Derek said as Sarah quickly began to pull the beers out as she popped the tops.

"Heartbreak?" Sarah asked as she flipped the two shot glasses as she began to pour the bourbon.

"Is it that obvious," Derek said as he pulled out cash from his pocket for payment.

"You had the same look when Grace said no when you proposed to her," Sarah said as Derek made the expression. "Oh shit!" Sarah said.

"Pour guy," Derek whispered as he leaned towards Sarah as he turned to Jonathan as "Lago Azul" began to play on the jukebox.

"I'm going to change the music!" Sarah said as Jonathan stood up.

"Don't!" Jonathan said as he looked at Sarah with tears in his eyes.

"Don't do this to yourself, guy!" Sarah yelled across the bar. "I hate seeing handsome men like you crying over a girl who doesn't see your worth!"

"It's not like that with her!" Jonathan said as he went to the lower level of the bar as he sat down.

"Damn, he's the whole damn package," Sarah whispered as she looked at Derek. "You think this girl is worth it," Sarah said as she looked at Derek.

Derek continued to look at Jonathan with a intense fascination wondering why he admired this man so much regardless of his heartbreak which is when Sarah gave him the clue as to why.

"I wish someone was in love with me that much to not blame me for the mistakes they have done to have a good woman leave an attractive man such as that guy."

Derek looked at Sarah in confused epiphany.

"What?" Sarah said in defense. "Every time a girl gets fed up and needs her space, you guys want to accuse us of cheating. When the truth is, we get tired of living in a guys shadow," Sarah replied with truth.

"I'll let you know as soon as I find out," Derek replied as he looked towards Jonathan.

"I'm still accepting payment after all!" Sarah said as Derek frowned. He picked up the drinks and walked towards Jonathan, who has had a river of tears rolling down his face.

Derek looked at Jonathan as he began to look at the pictures of the love that he and Alessandra shared in their reunion.

"You know, Sarah was asking about you a moment ago," Derek said enthusiastically as he put the shot and beer in front of Jonathan.

"I can care less," Jonathan said as he threw back the shot of bourbon as he began to take a swig of beer from the glass bottle.

"So, what's so special about this girl," Derek said as Jonathan looked up. "If you don't mind me asking?"

Jonathan smiled as he said, "Everything you ever met that person that, regardless of flaws and all, end up just shining so bright that you can't get enough of it?"

"Sounds like an addiction!" Derek said as he threw back the bourbon, making a face from the harsh bitterness of the liquor. "It's not an addiction," Jonathan said as he looked at the pictures that he uploaded from prom night that had Alessandra surprised by the personal appearance. "It's love between star-crossed lovers!" Derek glanced at the picture from afar as Jonathan continued to smile.

"And if it's an addiction, then it's the best one to have as regardless of the heartbreak, she makes me want to be a better version of myself, even after the breakup," Jonathan said as Derek began to roll his eyes in repression.

Derek couldn't help to think about his breakup and the things that he took as his girl being controlling, when all she really attempted to do was make him see the better version of himself that Derek didn't allow himself to see.

"Like Romero and Juliet! Ah man, that is a death sentence right there!" Derek said as he gulped beer as he attempted to rationalize his insecurities.

"But love is worth every moment of it. It's worth the pain because you only get to the pleasure next," Jonathan said as he put his phone down.

"You're not from around here, are you!" Derek said as he looked at Jonathan in admiration.

"You can say that!" Jonathan said as he took a chug of his beer.

"Was the sex good at least?" Derek said as he smirked.

"There is nothing that compares to it," Jonathan said as Derek chuckled bashfully.

"No wonder you're so whooped!" Derek said as he chugged the last of his beer. "I call that power of the pussy!" Derek said as he stood up.

"Please, let me get the next round. You've done enough," Jonathan said as he got up.

"Then I will get the music then!" Derek said as he stood up and walked up.

"What can I get you, handsome!" Sarah said as she blinked her eyelashes flirtatiously.

"The same thing," Jonathan said as she turned around and looked at Derek flipping through the music.

"Must be a special and lucky girl!" Sarah said as Jonathan turned back.

"Huh?" Jonathan said as he turned around as Sarah looked insecure from the rejection.

"The girl you hung up on, she's a lucky woman!" Sarah said as she smiled in compassion.

"Yeah, she is," Jonathan said as he looked at Derek.

"Truth of the matter is, give her time," Sarah said as she handed him the drinks. "She will come around. And if she's worth waiting for, don't fuck it up in the typical male prideful insecurity!" Sarah said as she winked.

"Thanks, Sarah!" Jonathan said as a familiar song came on as Derek joined him as he helped them with drinks. As Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" began to play, bringing a smile to his broken-hearted face. Thinking about the memories that he made with Alessandra before the heartbreak.

"You know this song?" Derek said as Jonathan began to gain back his smile.

"Alessandra and I use to sing this when her dad used to barbecue when we were kids!" Jonathan said as he began to chuckle. "It was always her go-to karaoke song that she said was the summary of our love story!"

"There you go!" Derek said as Sarah walked over to bring another round.

"It's a sign, and it's on the house!" Sarah said as Jonathan smiled as he nodded in thankfulness.

"Are you any good!" Derek said as Jonathan looked at Derek in confusion.

"At what!" Jonathan said as Derek shook his head.

"Don't prove the stereotype that attractive matches the lack of brain cells!" Derek said as he continued. "Karaoke!"

"That was Alessandra's thing, not mine!" Jonathan said.

"My grandfather always had a saying," Derek said as he downed the third shot of bourbon. "Sing it into existence!" Derek said as Jonathan bashfully declined. "You want her back!" Derek said as he waved at Sarah. "Then don't stop believing!"

Jonathan slammed the two shots as Sarah made her way with another round as Sarah and Derek looked at one another with a nod.

"Don't stop believing!" Jonathan belted as Derek took another shot as he joined in the chorus.

"That's it, big guy!" Derek said as he smiled as he saw the smile on his new friend's face.

"It's just the beginning of the end as we approach the destination of destiny!" Jonathan yelled as the song began to end.

"So, what's in Los Angeles that is having you leave such a catch as your girl!" Derek said as Jonathan chuckled as he downed a gulp of beer.

"Work. Alessandra's a catch now, huh!" Jonathan said as he put the empty bottle now.

"I mean, just knowing Journey makes her a catch," Derek said as he chugged the last gulp of beer. "And if she likes these kinds of bars, that makes her humble. Which is hard to encounter these days with reality TV and the portrayals of glamour. Thanks to The Housewives!"

“Alessandra is different!” Jonathan emphasized as she smiled. "to tell you the truth, I feel like she's not coming with me because it's Los Angeles," Jonathan said as he smiled. "She's always been a camping and dive bar kind of girl!"

"A girl of my dreams, no disrespect," Derek said as Jonathan nodded. "So, what kind of work do you do," Derek inquired.

"I got a big break with a film company that, let's just say," Jonathan said as he took a swig of beer. "Caters to the adult entertainment." "A porn star, you got a big ol dick don't you," Derek said jokingly as he took a swig of his beer. "No wonder she said no!"

"That wasn't the reason. Believe it or not, Alessandra was very supportive," Jonathan mourned as he took a sip of beer. "She even was willing to star in one with me," Jonathan said as Derek smiled.

"So, she's kinky?" Derek said as Jonathan looked at him in anger. "Bro, I'm sorry!" Derek said in embarrassing intimidation.

"Watch it!" Jonathan said as he pointed at Derek. "No, it's not even that," Jonathan said as he began to calm down. "It's something more. It's the connection and the trust we have for one another. It's the passion we share and just knowing that the whole world disappears when we are together," Jonathan said as Derek began to smile. "I can't explain it, but she's my person!"

"And she rejected the lifestyle of the rich and famous?" Derek yelled in shock. "I mean, look at you! You're going to make it in the industry!"

"It's not even about fame," Jonathan said as he flipped his phone over and smiled, looking at the photo of Alessandra and him once again.

"She will be crawling back when the money rolls in, just watch!" Derek said in a defensive tone.

"She's never been that kind of gal!" Jonathan said as Journey's "Lights" began to play. "She's a guy's gal, which is the part of her that I love the most!"

"That is just code, for she has a lot of male friends!" Derek said as he leaned in and began to get intrigued. "I mean, does she have a lot of guy friends!"

"A few," Jonathan said with confidence as he took another drink of beer.

"And you don't get jealous?" Derek replied in shock.

"She never gave me a reason to be," Jonathan said as Derek lifted the beer bottle to present a toast.

"Cheers to you, bro!" Derek said as Jonathan clunked his bottle.

"Because I would be livid if my girl had guy friends." "Why would that be?" Jonathan asked in curiosity.

"Because you never know!" Derek said as he began to get an uneasy expression.

"Sounds a little insecure if you ask me," Jonathan said as Derek turned red from embarrassment.

Jonathan couldn't help to feel bad about the comment.

"See, that is why Alessandra doesn't let me love her the way she deserves," Jonathan said as he chugged the second bottle. "Because she always expects the worst," Jonathan said as he grinned. "But then again, what do you expect on this planet!" Jonathan said as Derek looked at Sarah with an awkward look.

"You talk about the present like you are from another planet!" Derek said as Jonathan looked at Derek with a severe face. Derek began to fall back on his chair in nervousness as Jonathan started to laugh. "You got me!" Derek said as he pointed at Jonathan. "Can you get us another round, beautiful!" Derek said as he looked at Sarah as he stood up.

"I'll get the drinks!" Jonathan said as he stood up with both unfinished beers in hand.

"I'm going to the little boy's room!" Derek said as he gulped the last of the content in the last bottle of beer. "Don't teleport out of here, now!" Derek said as Jonathan chuckled in his deep sultry voice. "I still have you to take you to the airport!" Derek said as Jonathan nodded.

"Just in case, I can call a cab!" Jonathan replied in concern. "The last thing I need is for you to ruin or end your life. After all, you are a good guy deep down," Jonathan said as Derek smiled in appreciation.

"A commitment is a commitment!" Derek said as he walked towards the back bar's bathroom as Metallica's "I Disappear" began to play on the jukebox.

"Sarah!" Jonathan said. "Make it two rounds. One on me!" Jonathan said as he sat at the bar, with a nod from Sarah.

"You got it, Romero!" Sarah said as the door slammed open.

"Put your hands in the air, and no one gets hurt!" The masked man said as two men came running in with revolvers in hand.

Sarah dropped to the ground as Jonathan calmly took another drink from his beer, chugging half of it in one gulp. He was continuing to scroll through the pictures of him and Alessandra.

"I said hands up, you oversized," the masked man said as he looked at Jonathan from head to toe as he was taken away by his attractiveness.

Jonathan didn't budge as he scrolled through the pictures with a smile that made the masked men uneasy.

"He's probably deaf!" The second masked man whispered to the first masked man.

"I don't know whether to shoot or to through myself at this fine man!" The masked man said.

"Neither!" Jonathan said as he whipped the beer bottle into the first masked man's skull, Jonathan said he grabbed the cock gun from the second masked man as he flipped back, kicking the third mask man. The third mask man fell with a thud as he groaned in pain.

Jonathan kicked the second man as he flipped over the banister of the first level of the bar as he began to grab the second one by the neck.

"You need to leave now!" Jonathan said as the door slammed open.

Jonathan said that Jonathan's flames began to ignite as the bullets ricochet off his chiseled body.

"Huge mistake!" Jonathan said he threw the man he had by the neck in the back of the bar.

Jonathan said as Sarah crotched further into a ball as she covered her ears.

Jonathan stood with his chest puffed out as he grinned as the masked men pulled the trigger as the gun ran out of bullets.

"Now you pissed me off!" Jonathan said as the men attempted to run as Jonathan began to glow brighter as the men started to run.

Jonathan ran towards the men as he pulled them back into the room as. Time returned to normal as he threw them towards the pool tables. The pool tables shattered as they fell into it, causing the billiard balls to begin to roll around the floor.

"There are gunshots, and there are people in the bar!" Derek said as he was crouched behind the urinal. "I think my friend got shot!" Derek cried.

"We are sending the authorities now!" The 911 operator said in urgency as she could hear the commotion in the background.

"No! No! No!" a voice said as Derek crawled towards the door to get a peek without putting himself in danger.

Directly immediately bolted as he saw a glimpse of the masked men who where laying on the floor as he rushed out of the bathroom to check on Jonathan.

"Can a fucken guy just drown in his sorrows and get fucked up after the love of his life rejects his proposal!" Jonathan yelled as he scuffed with a loud "Huh!"

"Are you okay!" Derek said as he began to pat Jonathan to see if he was harmed .

Jonathan looked at Derek, who began to panic as he saw the weapons lying around the bar floors.

"The ambulance! It's coming buddy! Derek said as he his eyes began to squint from the confusion of not finding any wounds or damage on his new friend Jonathan.

Jonathan turned to Derek with a smile as Derek looked at Jonathan in shock.

"I don't see any blood!" Derek said in a panic. "Let hopes that clotting vein doesn't burst because then we are in trouble!"

"That's my dick!" Jonathan said as Derek immediately took his hands of his member he mistaken for a swollen, blocked vein.

"I'm sorry, brother, I am not gay or anything," Derek reassured. "But damn, buddy! You are sure going to do great things in your new adventure!"

"As I said, it belongs to my leading lady!" Jonathan said as he began to walk towards the masked man who began to get up from the floor as he began to scream as he stumbled to get away.

"What are you!" The masked man yelled. "Get him away from me!" The masked man said as he grabbed the man by the neck and began to walk him to the mounted coat rack, which had the rest of his henchmen hanging as Santana's "Black Magic Woman" began to play.

Sarah got up as she backed away from Jonathan as turned towards Derek as he began to back away as Jonathan began to glow.

"The authorities should be here any minute," Jonathan said as he dug into Derek's pocket as he unarmed the alarm, which followed with a pop of the trunk.

Derek looked at Sarah in shock and confusion as he looked at Jonathan's back. He had a bullet jammed in his body that pierced through his button-up shirt; which looked like it was deflected by something bulletproof.

"Did you wear a bulletproof vest or something?" Derek said as the bullet ejected from Jonathan's body as Derek began to back away.

"He's not human!" Sarah whispered in shock as Jonathan chuckled with humbled humor.

"I hope your girl knows that you're a fucken freak!" Sarah yelled as Jonathan turned around, having Sarah yelled as she fell back in fear and shock.

"She's a magical kind of woman!" Jonathan said as he walked out the door as Derek back away. "A black magic kind of woman," Jonathan said purposely as he looked at Sarah. "She doesn't know yet, but she will, eventually," Jonathan whispered as he began to walk away.

"I think you should get another driver!" Derek said in fear as he watched Jonathan grab the luggage out of the car.

"I don't need a driver!" Jonathan said as he smiled as he began to ignite in flames as the police started to pull in urgently. As Jonathan shut the truck, he was gone.

Jonathan was no where in sight when the authorities came to the scene as they rushed in and began to cuff the masked men as the investigator walked towards Derek.

"Sir!" The Balcones Height's police officer said as Derek stood in shock. Giving no response to the officer's questions as Santana's "Black Magic Woman" continued to play in the background.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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