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Chapter 5

The Cards Never Lie

     “This is so stupid!” Luz said as she looked at Seraphine chanting as Harkness and Jan began sweeping the house with white sage. “I can’t believe I agreed to this fuckery!”

     “After all we been through as kids? And the crazy shit that we have seen? I can’t believe you don’t believe in this?” Hari said as Seraphine made an aggressive shhh sound.

    “Sorry!” Luz said as she rolled her eyes. 

    “It reminds me of old times!” Hari said with a kind smile.

     “Hari, really!” Luz rebutted in frustration as she saw his eyes twinkle in the candlelight. “My childhood was all sorts of fucked up with the weirdness and the superstitions my family always believed in!”

     “But many of those for me was the best times of my life!” Hari said with a wink.  

     “It’s the time!” Seraphine said as Jan and Harkness sat down with serious faces. 

    “And the academy award goes too!” Luz said mockingly.

     “Shut your mouth, hookah!” Jan scolded. “Have some damn respect!”

     “Sorry, Auntie Jan,” Luz said as she looked at Hari, who smiled as she rolled her eyes. 

     Seraphine began chanting in a language Luz never heard before as she closely observed Seraphine’s actions next.

     “We come in light and peace!” Seraphine said. “We call upon the spirits of the past, present, and future.  To bring light to a lost and damaged soul!” Seraphine said as Luz opened her eyes in defense.

    “Damaged, really?” Luz said as Harkness shrugged her shoulders.

    “She does kind of have a point!” Harkness replied.

    “Bitch!” Luz whispered with a giggle as Seraphine motioned to stay quiet.   

     “Dona Juanita, do you hear my call.  Come into our lighted circle and help guide Luz into the path of goodness and head the dangers that are coming ahead!” Seraphine said as Hari and Luz jumped up as the lightning struck.

    Seraphine looked at Luz, almost in a possessed trance as she said, “Luz is that you!”

     “You really expect me to believe this, Aunt Jan,” Luz said as Seraphine’s face grew angry.

    “Que te falta la respecto!” Seraphine yelled, motioning how her Grandmother used to do, which entailed her pointing her index knuckle at her.  Which Luz recalled from her childhood.

    “You have to have told her!” Luz yelled in shock as she stood up in concerning fear. 

    “What are you talking about?” Harkness said as she looked at Jan in confusion.

    “The knuckle thing!” Luz said in frustration. “You had to have told her about that!” Luz said as her eyes began to get watery.

     “So powerful and yet still doesn’t believe.  Maybe a coquetaso will do the trick!”

     “Remember that gift I gave you one Easter,” Seraphine said as Luz looked up in shock.  With tears falling from her face.

    “The one I left on the bus when Daddy took me to get the shot,” Luz said in nervous curiosity.

     “And you cried every night because that was your favorite companion,” Seraphine.

    “The yellow chick with the jellybean pajama print!” Seraphine and Luz said in unison.

     “Abuela!” Luz said as she began to cry.

    “Mi Angelita!” Seraphine said as they embraced in an emotional and tearful hug. 

     Harkness, Jan, and Hari began to wipe the tears from their face as they began to realize what was occurring for two reasons.  Seraphine was never wholly successful after the last incident that occurred while she went to Texas, losing her innocent.  But because they saw the embrace that Luz was waiting all this time.  Within seconds that feeling was gone as Luz screamed in pain as they heard a slap.

    “What was that for!” Luz yelled as she soothed her head.

    “For having no manners in the way you spit on Jan’s invite,” Seraphine said in anger.

     “Sorry!” Luz said as Seraphine looked at Jan. 

    “Thanks, ma!” Jan said as Seraphine looked at nodded with a smile.

    “I have so many questions!” Luz said as she held on to Seraphine, who was possessed by her late Grandmother.

     “We don’t have much time, Angelita,” Seraphine said in fright.

     “No. I am not losing you again!” Luz said as Seraphine walked her to the Harkness’s chair.  Harkness immediately got up as she pulled the chair out as shoved it in as Luz sat down.

    “What’s happening?” Luz said in a panic. “Why are you rushing this!” Luz said as Seraphine pulled out her tarot cards.

    “Because they are coming!” Seraphine said. 

    “Who’s coming!” Luz yelled.

    “That my child you aren’t ready for,” Seraphine said as she laid the first card down, which showed the upside-down fool. 

    “I remember what this means!” Luz said as she looked at the card. 

     “Quickly, hookah!” Jan said as Luz looked up at Jan.

     “The right side up fool means a sense of confidence, happiness, and light.  Whereas the upside-down fool means that arrogance and pride are steering someone away from their path!” Luz said quickly as Harkness, Jan, and Hari looked at one another in shocking content. 

      “You never lose your heritage!” Seraphine said as Luz smiled.  Recalling her Grandmother’s advice would give when she decided to give up the heritage of following her Grandmother’s footsteps.

    “The Tower,” Luz said as she began to grow a look of worry.

    “Things have to fall apart before you can build anew, mi Angelita,” Seraphine said as the death card appeared right side up as Hari looked a bit fearful.

    “Don’t worry, papasito!” Seraphine said as Hari smiled.  Recalling Dona Jaunita calling him that as a child. “It means new beginnings,” Seraphine reassured. “Because with death comes a new life!”

    “For a minute there, I was a little worried,” Hari said as Seraphine flipped the Seven of Pentacles.

    “But that’s already happened,” Luz said as Seraphine looked up in concern. “I mean, what else do I have to lose?” Luz said as Seraphine flipped the other card as she caressed Luz’s hair and looked down at the medallion.

     “You know what this card is, Angelita de Luz!” Seraphine said as she gently whisked the medallion in her hand. “Always, always were that.  You hear!” Seraphine said as Luz grabbed her hand. “You’re triumph depends on it!”

     “What if I don’t!” Luz said as Seraphine began to flip the cards.  Which continued to reveal with each card the Ten of Swords.  

     “Physical death!” Jan said as she stood up in shock. 

    “I must go!” Seraphine said as she grabbed Luz and hugged her tight.

    “No, you can’t!” Luz rebutted as Seraphine’s eyes began to roll back. “Abuela!” Luz pleaded as tears started to fall from her eyes as the lights turned back on.

    “I think she’s gone, sweet pea!” Jan said in a mournful tone. 

    “Abuela!” Luz said as Harkness and Hari walked over to Luz as they began to comfort their grieving friend.

    Seraphine looked at Luz as she shook her head in sadness.

    “Abuela!” Luz said as she hit the floor in tears as Jan, Hari, and Harkness rushed towards her to lift her up.  Luz shook her arm as she stood up and ran out the door in tears.

    “What happened?” Harkness said as she rushed towards Seraphine, who was drained by the séance. 

    “Something wicked incoming!” Seraphine said as Jan’s face began to grow concerned.

   “Hari!” Jan said. “Go check on Luz.  The girls and I need to chat!” Jan replied as Hari nodded and rushed out the door into the twilight of the midnight sky.

    Hari began to gasp for air as he began to see the lightning bugs dance like they use to when they were kids.  Which only seemed to happen when Luz was around. 

      Luz turned as she heard the grass crunch with the light footsteps Hari attempted to make.  Which he knew since, as kids, Luz always needed time to process things.  Especially since she had so much tragedy occur.

      “I just came to check on you, Luz,” Hari said in a cautious empathetic tone.

     “Go away!” Luz said as she dug her head into her knees as began to cry. 

    Hari already knew that her doing that was when she really needed someone to talk to. 

    “Well, I am going to sit right here,” Hari said as he looked at Luz, who was giving him a disgusted look. 

    “I said to leave me alone, Hari!” Luz said in frustration.

    Hari looked at Luz with a smile as he said, “You always tell me the same thing, but yet.  You always call me back.  I figured that I would save us both the time and trouble,” Hari said.

    Luz began to cry in mournful tears as Hari brought her in. 

    “It’s so fucken unfair,” Luz cried as Hari caressed her hair as she continued to vent. “First, I lose Abuela! Then I lose my parents! Then I get Abuela back only to lose her again! And get some cryptic bullshit message that basically says I am walking into a death trap!” Luz cried as she pushed Hari away as she stood up!

    Luz looked towards the lake as she screamed as she began to cry.  Which the lighting bugs continued to dance on the lake, revealing their reflection on the water. 

     “Can I show you something?” Hari said as he dusted the dirt off his blue jeans and made his way towards Luz. “You preach about how the things your family practice were nothing but parlor tricks.  Things that the hopeless want to believe in restoring their faith in the world,” Hari said as he grabbed Luz’s hand. “But yet, you ignore the magic all around you!” Hari said as he turned Luz towards the lighting bugs that began to glow brighter. 

    “They always did that,” Luz said as she turned towards Hari.

    “After I heard about your parents, I came back home in hopes that you would return home as well.  Hari smirked as he let go of Luz’s hands as he walked towards the end of the peer, which followed the pattering of Luz’s feet walking toward Hari. “In Japanese culture, they say that lighting bugs are the spirits of the dead, warriors that come to earth to light the way.”

    “Of course, you would know about Japanese culture,” Luz said as she looked at Hari.  Who was still looking at the frolicking lighting bugs “?It was a great movie, by the way!”

    “You would say that, but then again, you always weren’t the girly type,” Hari said as Luz hit him on the shoulder. 

    “Shut up!” Luz said as Hari rebutted.

    “You say it like it’s a bad thing!” Hari said as he grabbed her gently as turned her back to the beautiful sight. “I want to show you something!” Hari said as he pulled out his phone. 

    “You going to show me one of your headshots!” Luz joked as Hari shook his head in disapproval. 

    “Will you stop with the walls.  We have history, after all,” Hari said as he took out his phone. 

    “It’s just the dark lake?” Luz said as she pulled the phone from Hari’s hand as she began to see the rest of the videos he took standing at the lake. 

    “Since I’ve moved back. I’ve come back to the place that brought me the most happiness because something was missing.  But you know my stubborn ass, I never wanted to admit what it was,” Hari said as he looked at Luz playing back the roll of videos.

     “You mean,” Luz said as she looked at Hari.

     “The magic only happens when you’re around,” Hari said as he began to get close. “Don’t you see Luz? You’re something extraordinary and magical.  I wish you would see that for once,” Hari said as Luz interjected.

    “Yeah, a magical tub of lard!” Luz replied as Hari rebutted.

    “Stop that!” Hari scolded. “You always have been the radiant beauty in my eyes,” Hari said as he began to lean until the “Gold Digger” ringtone began to play.

    “It’s your girlfriend,” Luz said as she looked down at the phone as she passed it to Hari. 

     “Luz, wait!” Hari said as she walked away. 

     “I’m going to go help Jan and the others clean up!” Luz said as she glided through the yard as the wind began to blow. 

    “Hello!” Hari said as he began to follow Luz.  

     “What are you doing back so soon, hookah!” Jan said as she looked around, attempting to find Hari.

    “Where’s Hari?” Harkness said as she began to clear the table.

    “I’m right here!” Hari said as he shut the door behind him.

    “His girlfriend called,” Luz said as she made her way to the dining parlor. 

    “We are on a little break,” Hari rebutted, looking at Luz.

    “Well, until it’s official, your still together,” Luz said as Seraphine nodded in agreeance. 

    “Truce?” Seraphine said as Luz nodded as a banging on the door hit.

    “Where you expecting more company?” Luz said as Jan rushed towards the door. 

    “Get out of sight!” Jan said as Luz followed. 

    “A gentleman caller, I see!” Luz said as Harkness laughed. 

    “Sweetpea, I mean it!” Jan said as Hari opened the door. 

     “Well, if it isn’t the woman of the hour,” the tall blond attractive, clean-cut pale man said.

    Harkness immediately stood up in defense as Seraphine came to her side as Harkness pushed Seraphine behind her. 

     “Aren’t you going to invite me in, Jan?” The attractive man said as Luz was about to speak.

    “Don’t invite him in! You’re not welcome!” Jan said as she walked out the door pushing the man out as she slammed the door behind him. 

     Harkness looked fearful as Luz, Seraphine, and Hari looked at each other in confusion.

    “Someone might want to tell him that some sun would do him some good!” Luz said as Harkness stormed towards the entrance and walked up the stairs.  Seraphine immediately rushed after Harkness.

    “Did I say something wrong?” Luz said as she turned to Hari, shrugging his shoulders.

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