The Common Behavioral Patterns To Look For

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When I think of behavioral patterns, I think of the Matrix as the movie’s basis is on the idealism that we are all programmed to be a certain way not to disrupt the Matrix. But if you think about it, it holds a little truth. If you look at social norms and how people engage in social group settings, it’s all about how those who are deemed in a social circle decide what is best for them. Is that hard to believe? Why do we tend to follow those who deny the things that we point out that is not true? Why do we not fight back against what we know that is not right in our hearts of hearts or at least speak up when something sounds sketchy? It’s because of the fear of retaliation and the things that may happen to us if we disagree with dictatorship.

One of the things that we don’t realize when stricken in fear is the things big picture scenarios that can occur in these situations. But the truth of the matter is, in those scenarios, competition is a threat. Even if you don’t attempt to cause friction, but in these individuals, you can never win or even be right. You don’t have to do anything at all, and you can still be forced into the crossfire. Because the truth of the matter is, the intimidation in a natural way to shine is all the leverage they need to make this occur. Which the scenario can be in all avenues from work life to your personal life. But the truth of the matter is to watch out for the red flags in behavioral patterns and start working on a diplomatic exit strategy.

People Who Never Take Accountability

People who point fingers and blame other people for the things that are in their control is a behavioral pattern you should be cautious of. One must have to evaluate the situation very carefully and see the factors and behaviors very closely. In an obvious situation, in leadership roles. They tend to delegate the most riskier tasks that can cause incrimination on someone lower on the totem pole. You must also confront them very carefully as they are a wildcard. Most commonly, those in a leadership role will have a reputation that proceeds them. It’s natural for someone to get defensive when confronted with an indiscretion. Don’t assume immediately, as it’s expected as we live in a society that crucifies us for the mistake. Once they see the error of their way, they will come to a rational sense. However, if the person has a reputation of throwing people throwing someone under the bus, or making people they dislike into villains and never praises someone for their achievements, then you must be cautious about this person. Most commonly, they will dislike people when they don’t get their way or when someone outperforms them or shows more skill and a much more noble character. If they continuously throw people under the bus, be extremely cautious with this person as another common thing that they show is never taking accountability for the things they caused.

People Who Are Manipulative

These are the people that you must be the most careful with. One of the most significant warning signs of manipulative people is that they don’t respect boundaries. They tend to play the victim as this is a way that this manipulative tactic that is commonly used in sympathy manipulation. According to Psychology Today (,fears%20and%20insecurities.%20They%20often%20make%20you%20defensive.), manipulators prey on sensibility. The best way to determine if you are dealing with a manipulator is by setting boundaries and not falling for the guilt trip. They also tend to avoid responsibility as a manipulator also never takes accountability. Manipulators will also play innocent and provide hysteria in their victims and use gaslighting techniques to make others think they are the problem. Manipular people were awesome manipulate others as they will use a bandwagon to make you look like the bad guy are you. The truth of the matter is you must realize that those who are easily manipulated are also keeping you want to stay away from. As one of the things that we will discuss sooner in the blog is that people who care about what other people think is another toxic person you want to stay away from.

People Who Are Selfish

Selfish people are another toxic person you would want to stay away from them as it’s always about them and never about anybody else. They tend to make you feel bad for them, as victimhood is still their way of manipulating the truth. These individuals have many unresolved abandonment issues from early childhood, as this is a common characteristic found and people who have been abandoned. The thing that you must watch out for this individual is that they will stop at nothing to get what they feel they deserved. Regardless of the work or effort, they put into something. They tend to be to face as he is there another toxic person that cares about what people think of them. As your motive is gaining validity or appreciation and even the smallest things. In the workplace, these people always want praise for something that isn’t their job description.

People Who Belittle

People who belittle are in another common want to stay away from. They tend always to make you feel like it’s never enough, utilizing manipulation on your insecurities to make you think that. People who belittle me and your issues, as when you end up raising the power or disputing or you battling something at the success, they tend to turn to violence. These individuals tend to have a lot of insecurities as individuals are very unsure of themselves. They tend to surround themselves around people who seem less inferior than they are as they always find people that seem to have more insecurity issues, and they do. They will tend to be manipulative as well. In addition to that, they will make you feel like the lowest person in the world as they thrive off of other people’s pain. They tend to inflict more pain on others as a way of protecting their emotional feelings. However, these are the most fragile individuals as if they are not in denial, are most likely to commit suicide once the truth is revealed.

People Who Care What People Think Of Them

People who care what people think is another person you want to stay away from. The 10 to thrive off praise and value compliments. They tend to be very argumentative as well as very defensive. This is an act of self-preserving the image that they have made the world that they live in perceive to be. The Dodge confrontation, especially if they’re very unsure of themselves on rebuttals. But they are also quick to make people look like you’re the bad guy when you outsmart them and insults. The most common threat or we are that they will try to instill the blanket statement. What everyone’s going to think about you,” which, as long as you’re most definitely confident in yourself and do not value the opinion of others, is an empty threat that would never be successful? People who care about what other people think are also susceptible to being in denial.

People Who Are In Denial

People in denial will always fabricate the truth. This is another toxic person you want to stay away from, as they will tend to lie about the things they’ve done to protect themselves. They will always make someone look bad as these are typically people that will start rumors or engage in gossip. These are the most dangerous individuals as they also show tendencies of rage and anger. Most commonly, people in denial will result in two behavioral addictions as well as chemical de dependencyPeople in denial will always fabricate the truth. This is another toxic person you want to stay away from, as they will tend to lie about the things they’ve done to protect themselves. They will always make someone look bad as these are typically people that will start rumors or engage in gossip. These are the most dangerous individuals as they also show tendencies of rage and anger. Most commonly, people in denial will result in two behavioral addictions, as well as chemical dependency. As this is an escape for them from the reality that they truly live in. They tend to be very sociopathic and narcissistic as in the face of defeat. They will always say that they won in the end they regardless of how major the losses. Depending on the mental stability of the individual, these can be the most dangerous individuals as they will result in nothing to hide the truth.

Now before we crucify anyone on the cross, we must always remember that we, too, are guilty of these behaviors. As the truth of the matter is, these behaviors are conditions through social norms. Deflection is a standard behavior that we all have engaged in since we fear what people will say about us. The truth of the matter is people will go to extremes and demonizes for even the smallest and pettiest mistake. As bad habits are tough to break, you must give a fair chance to these individuals to prove that they are willing to change the errors of their mistakes. Now I’m not saying just to let these people walk away free if they continue to make these mistakes intentionally, which is also a way of manipulation. Don’t get antisocial and avoid hanging out with your friends and family because living in fear is no way to live. It’s all about establishing boundaries, assuring that those boundaries are set, that you don’t allow people to get away with destructive behaviors once those boundaries are set, and attempt to resolve the issues without judgment or without prejudice rationally as these common factors are also social norm conformity that we all have ended up gaining in life. We are all human and human nature. We are a program to make mistakes. Forgiveness is also crucial; however, you did not just give someone forgiveness without having them establish that trust that was once there. As this is entitlement at the end of the day, the golden rule is “treat people how you wanna be treated.“ If someone is not giving you the same treatment, they want in return, and it’s a batch deal. And if they’re not willing to work on fixing those mistakes or those indiscretions. Then maybe it’s time to reestablish those relationships or walk away from those toxic relationships if no resolution on both ends is coming to fruition. Both individuals matter, and it just might be that those relationships. Might not have been meant to be.

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