The Psychology of Sloth

Sloth is referenced to the act of laziness. Which is far from the true meaning of this sixth deadly sin. Sloth’s true definition is the act of reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness. Which entitlement is the key to this Sin if you think about it. We live in a world where we feel that things are owed to us by the things that we endure in our life. The act of entitlement has caused a lot of bad things to the press such as rich quick schemes that promise financial wealth with making little effort on earning it. We also see those who utilizes someone else’s tragedy to fit our own benefit over exaggerating the truth so the story can be much more believable where we prosecute those for another Sin, Pride. Which truth of the matter is that more people see this as a way to get out of financial bad situation. And when they end up getting what they want, living in that fear and that internalized fear, becomes a downward spiral and snowball effect that is lead by gained crutches of addictive behaviors that ends up making us worst sinner than we really are. Which not making the effort to resolve these and crutching on bandaids, makes us bigger sinners than we started off as.

The Basis of Sin – Sloth

Sloth I feel is where things start. Which desperation is where it begins. Desperation stems from the feeling of desiring the change we want when all bets are off. Remember that feeling that you got when things seemed hopeless? Which follows the feeling of wishing that things would go away? And that as dark as things are, you hope that someone comes to save you and no one ever does? What is the feeling you get after which is what you say to yourself “I would do anything for this feeling to go away?” That is the presence of desperation. We are told of many stories of how this plays out after. Making deals with the devil or getting the help in conditions, that in the end has people losing themselves and in the end, losing their life. Except for one. The story of Adam and Eve, which the story is told as the devil manipulating Eve to bite into the apple. Which The Netflix Series “Lucifer” depicts a different story that Eve was tired of being “Adam’s” possession that in the story of the true bible, has Adam committing adultery. Which the bible has proven to be a “tale” that is skewed to being a depiction that is tailored for someone’s benefit. Which if you really look at it, is psychological manipulation that entails the action of sloth. As it’s the easiest way to have people follow your lead in the act of gaslighting and narcissistic tendency.

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The Common Behaviors of Sloth and Laziness

It’s easy to confuse the act of sloth and laziness at it includes the same common fears. Scott Jeffrey explains these behaviors very well in his article “The 8 Voices of Laziness and How to Overcome Them” from which are the following (Scott Jeffrey. The 8 Voices of Laziness and How to Overcome Them. July 8, 2018.

  1. Confusion: “I don’t know what to do.”
  2. Neurotic Fear: “I just can’t.”
  3. Fixed Mindset: “I’m afraid I’ll fail or look stupid.”
  4. Lethargy: “I’m too tired. I don’t have the energy.”
  5. Apathy: “I just don’t care about anything.”
  6. Regret: “I’m too old to get started. It’s too late.”
  7. Identity: “I’m just a lazy person.”
  8. Shame: “I shouldn’t be so lazy.”

Things To Keep Aware Of

Desperation is the gateway where those who have the intention to manipulate us in our feeling of desperation. I hate to say this, but many of those people prey on those in that feeling. They are the proverbial devils in our world. The “Devils In A Sunday Hat” per say. But I can’t help to feel empathy for them. As the fears they have is what keeps them on this slipper slope. And in a world where we are crucified on the cross and made into the demons we are not for one mistake, that we all deflect in our gaslighting efforts; we also fear the same thing. The fear of the “shame” is what keeps us from being transparent. The fear of “failure” is what keeps us from rising up. The fear of being “judged” in a a world where those in “MeToo” were afraid of coming out as they were slut shamed and made to have hidden intentions that truth of the matter is “they were attempting to confront their “trauma and confront their attacker.” Where fear of “success” has us afraid of the “unknown” things and people that may come our way. Where the fear of being “transparent” that leads the fear of “shame.” Where the fear of “death” is the fate we fear as we face when we are in too deep. Fear is what keeps us in the shadows and hope to be gone. But bravery and courage is two different things. Bravery is the act of courage still stemmed with the feeling of fear. Where courage is facing it all, with the elimination of fear. Even in the face of courage there is some fear. But rationality and selflessness is what keeps you going. In a world where we feel there is no heroes, truly comes heroes in the act of courage. Who knows you may be a hero in the making. Where denying a settlement to keep my mind shut would only prove one point, that I was fearful in embracing what may be a destiny unraveled by a road I almost was afraid to take. Which is why my advertiser felt the best way to depict this journey was simply as “From zero to bonafide badass.” Which the zero, being what I saw myself as, turned to a bonafide badass as being the phoenix I always identified with, rose from the ashes.

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