The Psychology of Gluttony

Gluttony is commonly associated with the act of overeating. In reality, I feel like society is using this to shame those as it’s also referenced as “grotesque and an act of self loathing.” I am hear to say “I call bullshit” as this is also a way of deflecting other acts of gluttony as is that the true meaning of gluttony is the act of overindulgence. As let’s be real we live in a world where over indulgence is a lifestyle as we see people living in mansions, sporting their collection of cars, and flaunting their status whether it be through the followers they have, the money the get, or the attention they surround themselves in. At this point, I expect those in denial to be in the mindset of “Fuck that ugly bitch!” as this is also a way of avoiding the truth, which in essence follows a crumb trail of enabled bad behaviors that follow an attempt to lie to themselves by insulting someone, belittling them, undermining their rebuttals in an attempt to psycho analyze the real meaning behind their true actions of standing up for themselves, with on thing they continue to neglect. Which is far more important in this trail of bread crumbs that the vultures of society just eat up trying to hide their trail back home. What is that you say? The most important person in this journey. You. Which in our modern day society, the things that you over indulge yourself and flaunt is the depiction of success as a person. Where in a world everyone is after the same thing in filled envy and wrath, will have those who will stop at nothing to get what they don’t ethically work for knock you off that track. Where in the hypothetical trail of bread crumbs, you have no way to find your way back home.

Gluttony is a form a self-hatred

Ironically enough, gluttony is a form of self hatred. It’s hard to see it that way because of the fact that this is commonly use to reward one’s self if you think about it. How you might ask? Well think about it like this. You have a rough day at work or life that day seems like a bee hive piñata. You try to look at the positive side of things, treating yourself to something to make your day go better and it seems like it just gets worst. The next step is to do something a little more special. Such as eating at a nice restaurant, which turns into a night of drinking with your friends, that may end up with a night of pushing the limits that may end up in a promiscuous night of “fuck it.” When the night is over and you wake up, you feel the effects of it and depending on the day, may end up doing it all over again. Depending on the week you may find yourself in a hole with no money, maxed out cards, and a potential financial trouble in the environmental trigger of the events that occurred. It’s a quick and temporary escape from the world that ends up leaving you still with the same feeling and in other ways to escape the world whether it be behavioral addition or chemical dependency. Which in the end self hatred encompasses continual feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and low self-esteem according to Psychology Today. If you really think about it, when in the act of gluttony by whatever means. You become surrounded with people who really don’t give a “shit” about you as they are around indulging on the over excessive amounts of whatever you gluttonize yourself with, having those things that you have in excess being eaten by those bottom feeders. Not realizing that those who truly care about you sincerely and authentically have been pushed from your life as the lie you tell yourself is that “they are jealous” which in the sincerity of true compassion and love for you. End up just pointing out the things they become concerned that is taking you down the rabbit hole of self destruction.

Self hatred according to explains this quality perfecting which they starting by defining it and explaining it as follows “Self-hatred encompasses continual feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and low self-esteem. People may constantly compare themselves to others, perceive only the negative and ignore the positive, and believe that they will never be (good enough.) ” One point that they emphasize which I 100% believe is that “We all have value.” In the words of Elle Woods “You’re just not reading the manual.” Psychology Today also defines the causes of self hatred which are as follows “Feelings of self-loathing are deeply painful, but exploring those emotions is the first step toward healing. If you’re struggling with hateful thoughts, reflect on what sparked them. Did you make a mistake at work? Did a recent dinner with a friend lead you to feel envious? Identifying these triggers can allow you to diffuse them the next time they arise. Beyond immediate triggers, the roots of self-hatred can often be traced to environmental circumstances such as hypercritical parenting, or personalitytraits such as perfectionism. Once feelings of worthlessness take hold, they can be difficult to release; the stories that form around early experiences can become deeply entrenched. But there are still many ways for people to confront self-criticism and develop a strong sense of self (”

The Logic of Over Indulgence, Self Hatred, and Self Loathing in Gluttony

Many will argue that this is not accurate and that it’s “fake news.” Well I hate to burst your bubble that doing that you are also being gluttonous in that act as your over indulging in your self doubt which trickles into the sin of envy as the deflections that occur are based on the fact that I make a point depending on the motive of the person that can be either “not seeing this first” or “not being able to see it in this kind of light.” Truth is if you think about it, no one has pointed this idealism as everyone is too busy chasing after sin. If you think about it, which is why I decided to go back to school to be active in the Psychology field. Which brings one fact that came late in the human history as “eating disorders” were never an actual psychological condition until 2002 which diagnosis of “eating disorders were not associated with mental illness until 2013 according to Psychology Today’s article “The Self “Loathsome Gluttony” of Binge-eating Disorder” that Sylvia R Karasu M.D. emphasizes in her article ( We live in a a world that we all overindulge on materialistic and non materialistic items including knowledge and the need to know the things that in a tangled web of self -deceiving tendencies, we get the answers pre-maturely that we were never emotionally ready to face. This I feel is different, as we all are looking for the answers to happiness that is our never ending battle in life, starts by facing this truth that we continue to lie to ourselves. That ultimately in the end has us chasing our tells with no concrete answers, no true success stories, and just a boulevard of broken dreams and lost hope.

The Gluttony of Power In Society

One of the major problems when it comes to gluttony is the overindulgence of power. One of my favorite movies being “Kill Bill Volume 1” has one of my favorite characters in the movie which O-Ren Ishii. The back story this girl is a very traumatic one, which in associated with fiction; assume that stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life. Then there was child trafficking. Which makes me empathize for this character as in the present, she is in a gluttonous state of money, riches, pride, and most importantly, power. Over indulging of power is what Wonder Woman 84 as both villains indulge in, one being passive aggressive campaign of manipulation which screams “You too can have it all” and Cheetah turning into the villain she becomes while over indulging on the life she never had. Which in a psychological stand point and with pure speculation may be depicted as her not doing anything to change it. Except for engaging in the sins of envy, wrath, and of course gluttony. Where another point is the easy way out is never a permanent solution to solving problems that we have not only within ourselves but around us. As self control is one thing that we all must practice if we want to make things permanently right.

Sometimes I wonder what would have happened in O-Ren Ishii would of done if she resolved those feeling that she left unresolved as gaining vengeance of her families death ended up putting her in a slippery slope of unjustifiably bad things all in the sake of protecting the things that she gained by attempting to murder “The Black Mamba.” Which makes another point about our common society. We have many people with amazing and noble intentions that have power that get easily misguided due to the insecurities they hold as those who attack them with insults belittling, and shame puts them on a path of self destruction. Which in power and in leadership is destined for disaster. As you are not only liable for yourself, but for those individuals that they are leading through the trenches. Which ultimately due to the irresponsible acts of leadership, can be liable as the blood spilt is on your hands. As this is not for the greater good. It now becomes a slippery slope that in your personal vendetta, you’re now putting others in jeopardy to prove to yourself that other people aren’t right.

Ways To Stop Gluttony and Self Loathing

Before you go on this gloom and doom feeling sorry for yourself, let me give it to you how it is “Suck it up buttercup.” This doom and gloom mentality is insecurity at is finest. In the act of denial when someone points it out to you is a form of insecurity as well as denial in the act of insecurity and filled in doubt. Which reality check, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way in the burning world that we live in. I mean let’s point out the facts which 1. No one has told us or reassured us that this is a normal feeling in this systematic world of unfairness and fear. 2. Acknowledging it or even catching yourself and admitting to your insecurity is a milestone if u think about it as you finally admitted that you might be doubtful of your own security. And last but not least 3. Continuing to read this blog page and looking for an answer that is un-bias and actually reading it from someone sincere, (that since I am still not in the limelight yet which is why it’s hard to prove in a big picture scale) means that you are looking to improve. And for you doing that act is a huge milestone in your journey which deserves a standing ovation. Which if you could see me now in writing this, I am literally stand up and clapping for you as I am super excited that you are taking ownership of your life and breaking the invisible chains we all put ourselves in.

Jodi Clarke, MA, LPC/MHSP from goes into the details of how self hatred begins, which typical million dollar answer is trauma and of course the workplace, but also gives you some tips on how to stop self loathing. Which i really hope you do because “you are fucken perfect” to me and to P!nk as she emphasizes in her song “Fucken Perfect”. Here are some key points on that love/hate relationship we all have and getting right with the love for yourself ( Jodi Clarke, MA, LPC/MHSP. How to Stop Your Self-Hatred. August 3, 2020.

  1. Tame Your Inner Critic
  2. Inventory Your Strengths
  3. Learn to Accept Compliments (Side note. I always thought people were just telling me what I wanted to hear.)
  4. Develop Self-Compassion
  5. Practice Forgiveness (Most importantly. Practice forgiving yourself. That’s the hardest.)

At The End of The Day

Trust me when I say this is that self-loathing is more than likely the things that you feel the way you feel and do the things that you do to try to make yourself feeling better. Gratitude is another thing that strengthen the ability to stop self hating myself as well and forgive others. Being grateful of the things you have, helps you gain a new way of seeing the world. As you begin to appreciate the things you have to survive. And the rest is just the icing on the cake. In the end know that we all struggle through these feelings, no matter how good someone lies about it. But it’s not about focusing on other people, it’s about focusing on you and your life. In the end, the most important person on the journey is you. If your okay with the way it is, props to you. But if you ever find that these things don’t work for you, remember that you always have a reference to help you find your way back home. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

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