The Truth Behind Drug Addiction and Other Addictions

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Remembering my pre-journey, I had a stigma about the what an addict was. Mainly because it was a stereotype that was passed on early on in life. Truth of the matter is that it was deflection of the things I was codependent on to deal with the true underlying issue. Which one thing that people talk about chemical dependency. But there are so many other addictions people have. Truth of the matter there is a list of so many addictions that someone can have in the behavior part of addictions. Which addiction is clearly defined as the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. And according to, these are a few of those addictons

Which the truth of the matter is that addiction is a social problem that is plaguing the nation more than we know.

How Do Addictions Start

Everyone has been addicted to one things at one point in time. Which it’s not certain on how many addictive patterns stop. Some will argue that it’s will of strength. One of the theories that has me attempting to prove while I attain my psychology degree. Is that this starts with the unresolved issues we have. Identifying the behavior patterns on the things that many engage in unknowingly at times, tends to circle around the need to self medicate (in the chemical side) or self gratification (in the behavior side)to contain or have a sense of control of those stigmas that haunt those who don’t resolve the issues. Where many times it has to do in my theory, the perceptions we portray to the world. In the current theories according to Harvard Help Guide, it deals with this

According to the current theory about addiction, dopamine interacts with another neurotransmitter, glutamate, to take over the brain’s system of reward-related learning. This system has an important role in sustaining life because it links activities needed for human survival (such as eating and sex) with pleasure and reward.

So with this in mind, it’s safe to say that unresolved issues may be a root cause to some of these additions as we tend to overcompensate on these behaviors with reward. Where the things we need in survival instinct turn into rewards such as food and love. As part of survival instinct is that we all need companionship. But when those two mechanisms that are commonly used as rewards stop fulfilling pleasure. We end up going to other forms of pleasure. Whether it be through behaviors or chemical dependency.

One of the most common factors we engage once these mechanisms stop working, we tend to lean on these behaviors which is more common than you might think. What happens when we have a bad day at work? Or we have a heartbreak or a breakup? We tend to lean on some sort of reward to ease the pain a little? Which the rewards comes from simply saying “I made it through the day.” Right? Well while most people have control over this, which self control becomes key. Others tend to enjoy the reward and begin to rely on the reward as it makes them feel productive or motivated to get through the day. The idealism comes from working a Monday thru Friday shift. Where the acts of this begin a course of binging on activities to get through the day.

Like many cases, not all are created equally. As depending on the motivator, they tend to rely on other short term motivators. For example, those motivated with money. One of the most common behaviors is being a work a holic. Where it starts off with financial gain of some sort of means, but use it to suppress a bigger issue. One of the things I noticed in my behaviors was that I purposely took on projects, keeping myself busy to suppress the internalized issues I gained thoughout the years. And as we are conditioned to suppress this with the iconic Disney saying “Conceal but don’t feel,” it’s easy treading that slippery slope. As one of the common things that many have revealed is the fear of being alone. Which a lot will stop there as another common behavior is that the fear of vulnerability will have anyone who is strong of character deny this fact. As the perception of being strong can make others think that they are not the person they perceive. Which is unfortunate as many people suffer in silence. Where they continue this path without ever resolving those issues. And like many elderly people feel in this age, they feel they lose the hope for living. As the sad thing we also get conditioned to believe that it’s too late to do anything at that point.

Visualizing this future case scenario, it made me begin to watch the behavior patterns of my elderly family members. Where many of them, especially burdened with a terminal illness, tend to lose hope to fight. Which many learn how to resolve their own issues. As many begin to self reflect and begin to see the brighter things in life. But due to the condition of social norms, many tend to beat themselves up in nursing facilities depending on what state that person is in. Either positive or negative.

Everyone has something, but identifying what is the trigger. Seems to help prevent those things from occurring. Have you ever met anyone who quits cold turkey? Or someone who is truly happy regardless of what’s going on? What if you through in Quantum Physics in the mix? Which you might ask why I do this. Well if you do your research on it, it might make some more sense. As one thing that keeps all of us in this state is social norms. When people don’t have hope, that same thought ends up being released into the world. Which in one of my chapters of my book talks about the ripple effect we have in this world. Which if you ask me we all have an affect on the world around us. It may sound far fetched, but ultimately it’s the “doom and gloom” we low key feel that we infect others with. Like this virus.

With that said, I am going to step away for a bit until my research on the next major blog topic about the “The COVID Treatments You Can Expect Based On Your Tax Bracket” as this is enough “gloom and doom” which in Honor of Halloween talk about the psychology of horror movies, the origins of them, and discuss the holiday “Dia De Los Muertos” which is the “Day of the Dead.” Which celebrates the lives of those who left us. Have and great and Happy Halloween. Also if you like these or have something you want me to touch base, feel free to shoot me an email at Also as running a page is not cheap, please feel free to submit any donations you wish. Hopefully with more success, I can start working on the non-profit ventures I hope to launch one day. Which will offer emotional help for those who can’t find their way. Take care and stay safe.


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