The Applied Philosophy of Epistemology

The study of determining whether things are real or fake has long before existed as early as ancient Gracian times as this is a most recent trend of the last to be coming back into our current era. As many things are too good to be true. Or they are easily identified as hoaxes. We’re many people who follow the trend are getting perceptions based on a staged life. Many Instagram followers believe the fictional story that many of these influencers state as one of the major. This is the most recent trend of philosophy coming back into our current era, as many things are too good to be true. Are easily identified as hoaxes. We’re many people who follow the trend are gaining perceptions based on a staged life. Many Instagram followers believe the fictional story that many of these influencers state as critical things .is a most recent trend of philosophy coming back into our current era. Many items are too good to be true. Are easily identified as hoaxes. We’re many people who follow the trend are gaining perceptions based on a staged life. Many Instagram followers believe the fictional story that many of these influencers state. As human nature,” seeing is believing” ideology is what makes us think things are real, which has many people demanding proof that his visual to determine whether the items are authenticq.

Perception has been one of the things that we lead with when it comes to believing our truth. Or gaslighting and bandwagoning call in a psychological manipulation that’s been going on for years and decades is the way that many people get deceived. I think they’re not real. We no longer do in social norms questions the motives and authenticity as one of the most common things that we fought for his great confidence. It is easy to believe when someone has everything we want and believe that because they have it all is why they indeed are happy. Because let’s face it, it’s hard to believe someone is truly happy with their lives if they’re not materialistically winning.

In my mini interactions with people, I’ve gotten to know a lot of social media influencers. A lot of them have become friends. During my first encounter with an influencer while living in Houston. Something interesting to me was mentioned as it was mentioned before in my previous mentors as the store manager, which was “if it’s in social media, then it’s real.“ Another thing that was mentioned with that same topic tone was that if I wanted to get anywhere, I needed to stage my life. Which don’t get me wrong; it did cross my mind once or twice. However, I realized that although I can have K+ followers, I wasn’t going to get anywhere. Because the truth of the matter is, I know I talk about some scorching topics that can trigger a few feelings or two. The fact of the matter is there comes the point where you have to stop being like or wanting to be late to get anywhere. As living as a semi-social light in Houston, when shit hits the fan, it wouldn’t get me anywhere. As the final two months of my living in Houston, I lived a pretty legit life staying in hotels that were way above the price range that I paid nothing for. Which was all because I was someone that I wasn’t authentically be. As many might say that being the loud, loud potty mouth is unacceptable, being this prim and proper girl feel like I was losing my identity.

One goal of epistemology is to determine the criteria for knowledge to know what can or cannot be known. In other words, the study of epistemology fundamentally includes the analysis of meta-epistemology (what we can understand about knowledge itself) Which looking further in researching the topic a little bit more. It tends to be more of a philosophy that I follow. As I’m always looking at the pros and cons, still trying to determine the truth behind something that seems too good to be true, and also examine the motives of those who are initiating it. Were those eating organically and thinking that they’re better than everybody else tends to prove that although they may be following the steps into getting the life that they want, they still live an inorganic life.

They have seen Telemundo one day, called “Dificil De Creer,” or “Hard to Believe” in the English Translations. One of the segments with the depth and the length people would do to gain tons of followers on their Instagram pages. Or, once caught, made it seem like it was a social experiment as the interviewer question the motives of those individuals. However, because this leads to the embarrassment of their lives, they don’t live. It’s hard to determine whether or not that was the real motive. However, looking at the in-depth aesthetics that they used via photoshop and, in one case taking professional pictures behind the green screen, it was hard to determine that this wasn’t the case. They’re leaking the secrets behind the lab that they created for themselves. The technological advancements of holographic persona can be very hard to determine real and what is fake in our modern day society, where a lot of the things that people are attracted to you are very unrealistic physically in many cases.

I was beginning to study psychology and seen advertisements for dark Psychology on social media. It scares me a little to think about what people can with bad intentions as many predators prey on the victims’ most vulnerable emotional feelings. Playing on them to make them feel wanted all for the sake of chopping them in one-way shape, or form is one of the most disturbing things that are all too common in modern-day society. That’s why I understand age you can never be too careful. No matter what anyone tells you. Those who attend a shame more often are the ones that I feel you should worry about as he will lead you into a path of self-destruction due to their unresolved issues and insecurities that dictate their life. When they say misery loves company, because of my experience, hell always wanted my company. Knowing me back then and knowing how vulnerable I was, I’m glad I changed. Resolving my issues helped me so much along the way as back then went insulted or critique by a non-professional about my writing would have stopped me in my tracks and even publishing a book, which is why I always encourage every one of you to start knowing yourself and start loving yourself. As when you do, it becomes easier and more comfortable to walk away from toxic people and dire situations. You are uniquely you, and you should embrace yourself in every single way. Because without you, we’d be living in a world of Stepford wives and husbands.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda Lopez is a Texas Native, born in the heart of San Antonio's West Side Community. Frieda attended Lanier High School and primarily attended Memorial High School where she graduated with the class of 2001. Raised in a blended family dynamic, Ms. Lopez gained her noble character from the women she admired and loved the most, her grandmothers. Frieda attended Alamo Community College where she majored in Liberal Arts primarily studying on biology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and creative writing and shortly attended University of Incarnate Word. She gained a MBA from AIU and has actively participated in local fashion shows until she moved to Houston returning back August 2019. She began her career in healthcare, where she gained the skill of being able to not only resolve conflicts but reach out and engage in the community through her time serving as health care relations customer care and outreach representative. After being let go from her employer which she last served as a Customer Relations Representative for DentaQuest, she began her journey in retail where she came part of the leadership team a month of working as a part time representative for MarketSource and build a relationship with her local Target team. She later served five years with Amtel T-Mobile as a Store Manger after moving to Houston to pursue a management position with unfortunately ended in adversity which opened the opportunity of writing her first book "Journey of an Unraveled Road" will be releasing her second book a fiction based series titled "The Rideshare Chronicles" with the first book to the installment titled "Destination Destiny."

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