Countdown to the End of the Presidential Election

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I don’t know about you, but I am so over the Presidential Election. I mean for me I can care less who wins. I casted my vote and that is all I can do. It’s one and done. But what I can’t stand is that those who assume that my writing is meant to sway towards one side versus the other. They have me fucked up. Because the truth of the matter is, both sides show some shadiness if you ask me. One thing that I miss the most is the everyday pettiness, where people think your just simply insecure, versus making it an insecurity driven by a political bias. Because truth of the matter is. It has nothing to do with Red or Blue and all to do with psychology.

At the end of the day, everyone has already made up their mind. There is no point trying to persuade the other side as those decision have already either voted early. Or just simply have stuck their heels in the ground. The attempted bandwagoning on choosing sides is the everyday thing that I deal with as people never know what side I am on due to the fact that I remain unbiased and continue to make my decisions based off the behavior patterns that I observe on both sides. Where the nonverbal queues and voice inflictions can say a lot about the persons true intention along with the behavior pattern.

Another thing that I noticed is that the lines are drawn and friendships are being destroyed for the sake of which side you fall. Having a showdown with both sides of deflection. Having people use harsh acts or emotional traumas against each others. Convincing themselves whatever they want to assume according to their view point. Which the you’re with me or you’re against me act becomes superficial and a sense of petty pride. Because some of the things that you say, can’t be taken back. And the loyalties you show to a candidate that is not even someone who is always there for you is in the end something that you may soon regret once this election is over. At the end of the day, choose your loyalties wisely. You never know what you are at jeopardy of losing in this American Popularity Contest.

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Frieda Lopez is a Texas Native, born in the heart of San Antonio's West Side Community. Frieda attended Lanier High School and primarily attended Memorial High School where she graduated with the class of 2001. Raised in a blended family dynamic, Ms. Lopez gained her noble character from the women she admired and loved the most, her grandmothers. Frieda attended Alamo Community College where she majored in Liberal Arts primarily studying on biology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and creative writing and shortly attended University of Incarnate Word. She gained a MBA from AIU and has actively participated in local fashion shows until she moved to Houston returning back August 2019. She began her career in healthcare, where she gained the skill of being able to not only resolve conflicts but reach out and engage in the community through her time serving as health care relations customer care and outreach representative. After being let go from her employer which she last served as a Customer Relations Representative for DentaQuest, she began her journey in retail where she came part of the leadership team a month of working as a part time representative for MarketSource and build a relationship with her local Target team. She later served five years with Amtel T-Mobile as a Store Manger after moving to Houston to pursue a management position with unfortunately ended in adversity which opened the opportunity of writing her first book "Journey of an Unraveled Road" will be releasing her second book a fiction based series titled "The Rideshare Chronicles" with the first book to the installment titled "Destination Destiny."

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