Psychology of Horror Movie Elemental Characters Part 2

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to these characters. As in essence, many of these characters can act as wildcards depending on your storyline. As we have seen in many of these horror-themed storylines. Here is the rest of the line up on “Psychology of Horror Movie Elemental Characters Part 2”

The Old Person

Betty White – Lake Place

The old person represent wisdom in these horror-theme storylines. They know the orgin and the history of these horror stories. Like the cop, they also can play a wildcard as the intention of the “old person” can also be questionable. Which let’s refer to this stereotype as the elderly person as this is the reference the original blog uses The truth is in this clique, the motive can be good (defending the innocents) or like in Lake Placid (protecting evil) by aiding the killer or playing a parental role to the misunderstood villain. Some of these characters may appear sweet and innocent. Which later in the story, find that they can be evil as hell. Creepy af and show to be an aid for the greater good. Or even play as a token, as killing them would stop the warnings ahead to assure that the intention of the killer continues to rein. Or in the idealism of “you cant teach a old dog new tricks,” can push the antognist on a killing spree like in “Carrie.”

The Token

Michelle Rodriguez – Resident Evil

The token is the hypothetical sacrifice in these movies. As in Scream, Casey Gueller played by Drew Barrymore is an innocent bystander that gets killed in the first part of the franchise. Or can be the group of main characters that in attempting to survive, is the first person of the group of greater good to be the first to die first. As Michelle Rodriguez’s character did in Resident Evil. As you root for the bunch to survive the storyline, ends up getting killed off towards the end of the movie.

The Skeptic

Leslie Bib – Trik or Treat

The Skeptic is the one who doubts the sequence of events happening throughout the movie. Being a wildcard themselves can be the “Token” as demonstrated in “Trik or Treat” or can become the killer or even the final girl. As the token has internalized fear as why they refuse to believe the things that are staged or exaggerations as this elemental character has unresolved issues that stem fear throughout the storyline. Although many of these characters may not have any developmental role, many of them do like in some of the sequels of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. Where once faced with the truth, end up figuring out how to face their fear head on. Or in many cases, the skeptic becomes the hysteric. Where once faced with the truth, their world starts crumbling down and begin to do erratic things like falling while escaping or just completely put their guard down in at the assumption that they escaped impeccable doom and end up getting killed off. In many of the movies that the final girl appears to survive, becomes part of the kill count as they underestimate that the danger is finally over. Like in the prequel to “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

The Sexy Couple

Mathew Lillard/Skeet Ulrich – Schema

The sexy couple can be an arrange of character combinations. Like the two best friends seeking revenge and helping each other along the killing spree. Or being the ones that end up getting killed off. The sexy couple respresents the idealism that things are too good to be true. Which in many situations, you kind loathe the sexy couple as they are always happy and joyful. Looking to be the perfect dual later to find out that either one of them had a dark secret they were keeping from the other party. Or that because one follows the dominate partner, ending up dying together in impeccable doom. This is a symbolism of domestic violence either being emotional or physical in horror-themed storylines.

The Hysteric

Betsy Barker -Evil Dead

The hysteric becomes the weakest link in the storyline as this one is the most annoying one of the bunch. Where they begin to panic and get desperate in trying to escape impeccable doom, lose complete rational thinking in the storyline. It can be male or female and can be only olne person or multiple characters in a storyline. It represents irrational cognitive thinking and is the easiest to kill in the storyline. As like life, in desperation, not staying rational, you end up scratching and clawing in defense not realizing that the things they do irrational. Always thinking they are one step ahead of the game. Just falling into a situation where they end either getting trapped and easy prey for the killer. Like getting stuck in a bear trap. Or because of the weakness and the fear that overpowers someone, becomes the first one to get possessed like Linda did in Evil Dead. In the end, the hysteric is always the one to become a victim if they don’t gain character development.

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