The Hidden Messages In Horror Films

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Horror movies have been around for some time. For almost a century, horror films have been a massive part of our culture, beginning with the first horror film dating back to 1896 with the movie “The House of the Devil,” according to LIVEABOUTDOT.COM ( Although many of us don’t know, many of these horror genres have hidden meanings to them as one of these meanings in the wake of zombie movies was an analogy to cultural zombification, which was referenced. Or what references to cultural fears The popularity of the body snatchers became the analogy of being controlled psychologically by a specific parasite. You have to ask yourself if this is truly happening in our everyday world. Here is an excellent video about the analogies behind horror genres:

Ordinarily, we see these films as entertainment, but what is it about horror movies that scare us? Which plays into the fear of the unknown that we all become fearful of. The reason being as this is the control. Which the sex scenes in the Vanity Fair states are that the behaviors we act carelessly are the act of “Being prey.” Which many people don’t stop and see these kinds of things. If you have time, check out the video as it will make you see horror films differently.

Recently, I ended up seeing the movie “US,” which creeped me out as one of the things that it made me think about is if the parallel universe genuinely exists. Where in biology news, it’s rumored to have been discovered. Which it’s hard to determine what’s real and what is not these days. Jordan Peele, to me, makes him a fantastic story teller because he plays into this idealism throughout his films. Which truth is, makes me anxious to see his take of Candyman, as the original one scared the living crap out of me with his interpretation. I can only imagine what we can expect.

Realism is what makes in our times the best horror movies. However, it also sets us up for failure when we don’t know how real life scenarios will play out. For instance, how many of you all honestly thought that this COVID pandemic was going to be the Zombie Apocalypse? Ironically enough, most people thought we would be living the real-life TWD or 28 Days Later as the epidemic has proven to be some scary shit. The lesson I got from this pandemic is always preparing for the worst-case scenario no matter how “crazy” people think you are. I mean, I did plan last minute on growing a little garden, but amid the third wave, we got enough to get us by for an extreme case scenario. In which worst case scenario, Pedro will become soup. I am just kidding. I don’t think it will get to the survival of the fittest system, but I do feel that being proactive and precautious is key to get through this pandemic.

Other iconic genre of horror films is the idealism of “Going crazy,” which I hate to say that ship has gone and sailed from not being a reality as the pandemic has everyone getting more anxious than usual. But that is not “Crazy” that’s “Human Nature” in the presence of facing an unknown situation. You tend to think about the things you didn’t plan for. Or how you will get by with that 800.00 biweekly pandemic relief check. Which let’s just call it for what it is, we are all struggling. But the truth of the matter, there is hope. But to achieve that hope, we have to work together to gain that hope. But in the meantime, journal and write about your fears and struggles. Who knows, you might end up coming up with a new genre or get creative with your situation. And with what’s happening with pre-pandemic and while we reach post-pandemic, I got many storylines for some remarkable horror stories.

Reality can be a scary thing, but why run and fall like those clique Scream Queens? Like real talk, how many of them said it was nothing and ended up having a date with the Grim Reaper in these films? Almost all of them. As the protagonist who identified the issue becomes proactive and fights the antagonist and, in many cases, becomes the hero of the story. And for those who will argue that “Not all of them survived,” one thing I will say is “Make good choices.” How many of these started by taking a shortcut or having a selfish intent that got everyone in a bad situation? Which if you think about it, that might be the moral of all these horror stories. It is plain “makes good choices.”

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