The Common Horror Film Characters and Getting Inspired From Everyday Life

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So many of us have seen horror movies. In so many story lines, we can already tell which Scream Queen or King is going to be the on the chopping block when it comes to these story lines. The reason being is that these characters resembles the common people that we engage with in our everyday lives. Which to put it bluntly, are the stereotypes that these individuals are made to resemble those in our everyday lives. If you think about it. Have you thought about it. For Halloween this year, get creative and think about that for a bit. Who’s knows. You might have a horror movie start that you just haven’t noticed yet.

Coincidentally, these horror story plots get inspired by many things. Primarily being real life events. As fiction plays on the real life scenarios with a dark twist into them. Which is why I love writing. You can spin a real life event and manipulate the scenarios to tell an amazing story. Take some pointers of your narcissistic friend. It really gets your creative juices flowing. Truth is, it helped me run into two ideas for a psychological horror thriller. How do you think some of these amazing horror films got inspired. As one in particular “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” which tells the tale of a cannibal family in Travis County. Which for the longest time I was afraid to travel to Austin, TX as during a high school roadtrip, ended up having a friends vehicle stalled on Slaughter Lane, which is rumored to have taken place miles further down. Which the boyfriend I had who told us the tale, ended up scaring himself when we started to hear rustling on the feeder road, which at one point in time. Was just wooded area before Austin got bigger. Which a good horror story will scare the living crap out of anyone. So if your in a creative burst, here are the common characters in a horror movies story line.

Recall one of the most recent horror films you have seen and lets go over the elemental characters that reside in these horror films. As you can put in many characters in the story that you want, here are the characters you want to make sure appear in that storyline according to

10. The Cop

9. The Final Girl

8. The Jock

7. The Bad Girl

6. The Killer

5. The Old Person

4. The Token

3. The Skeptic

2. The Sexy Couple

  1. The Hysteria

Every story has these elemental characters. As these characters play a vital role in these storylines. They help lead the stories through the plots as metaphorical and climatic elements in the story. Foretelling is also key in these stories as this elements preps those characters of the impeccable doom that is coming. These characters best lead the scenario of what’s to come. It also allows you to help those characters end the story or use them in the climax. The choice is up to you.

At the end of the day, these characters portray the real life characters that appear in everyday life. Use your world to help you create the story and don’t be afraid to use those elements to add suspense to your story if you get your creative juices going and use traumas that have occurred in your life. I am all about resolving your internalized issues. So this is the best way to begin that journey of resolving those internalized issues.

Many of us have a story to tell. Many of us want to find closure. If you feel like your story is not storyline worthy. Get creative. As inspiration is everywhere. Truth is the ironic way that “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” began was with a murder happening in the small world as well as taking a trip to Sears. Which the murder weapon was inspired by a visit to the store. Hey if you feel like you are not creative enough. Write anyway. As at the end of the day, it’s about emotional healing. We will begin working on the psychology of these characters more closely in the next couple blogs to come. In honor of the Halloween.

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