Just How Sexist Is The World We Live In

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I encountered a article by Hope Lasater called 17 Real Examples Of Subtle Sexism That Made Me So Angry that touched home. Where the examples given are so relatable. Which made me think about my own experiences and how social norms turns the other ways or spins this as an act of being over sensitive. Making society believe that women can be overly sensitive for being transparent on how we feel. Which comes from the idealism of a dominant sex, male perceived in the eyes of those over confidently men. Which in my experience show to be the most over emotional creatures in society. As they throw temper tantrums in the face of bruised ego, resulting to a common attempt to scare the threat away with intimidation tactics that consist of physical, psychological, and emotional. Which when faced with losing a battle. Result to victimhood and bandwagoning in an attempt to gaslight those stronger than them. Which looking back in my elementary days, alway was truth when a boy bullied a girl. Which got me suspended when a little boy try to kiss me in the cheek and slapped him for catching me off guard. Which made me the bad guy at the end. As he would not stop bullying me and expected me to let him kiss me on the cheek. He got me fucked up early in life. Which still being friends after nineteen years, reminds me of that moment and how he knew I would fuck shit up for the greater good. Which he’s apologized for that years ago.

Many of us deal with the ugly reality of how things are in today’s society by ignoring the problem all together. Which in turn becomes an automatic trauma response that we also got conditioned to do with the mantra of “Don’t look for trouble” which let’s be real. Sometimes “Trouble looks for us” even when don’t even go looking for it. Which looking at the bigger picture of things, shows that society has also conditioned people to take “advantage of vulnerable situations” all in the sake of self gratifying a wounded ego. Which helped me plan the next blog series, which will describe the many common social problems we face in todays world. Which are as follows:

  • Anti social behavior
  • Poverty
  • Drug abuse
  • Prostitution
  • Racial discrimination
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Economic Deprivation
  • Political Corruption
  • Unemployment
  • Sexual abuse
  • stress
  • Rape
  • Early pregnancy
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Animal abuse
  • The shortage of schools
  • The lack of infrastructure
  • Bullying
  • Obesity
  • High crime rate

Which all results from bad behaviors evoked by combination of things such as trauma, insecurity, entitlement, and a gratification of making those emotions go away. Which all stems from the cry for help that those who attempted to ignore or hush, a worldwide pandemic of bad behavior.

At the end of the day, it will take someone to control or resolve these issues that haunt them and enable their bad behavior. Which in the end, the denial is what makes them think that they don’t have a problem because of the fear of vulnerability. Which part of the fact that sexism still exist is the bandwagoning manipulation of making women feel less of themselves or victimized. Which is another thing society belittles, is victims who are trying to find the peace in the traumatic events that occur. Which we all have something we are trying to come to peace with. Which those who claim to live a perfect life I become “cautious” about. Since we all have something or have experienced something; it makes me wonder what “bad behaviors” they have engaged in. What lies they told themselves. Which vulnerable situations they took advantage of. As these are the behaviors of those who live perfect lives who become predators of the vulnerable.

Times have changed, but it seems like the idealisms have not. Where for me, they seem like recycled isms from the past that for whatever reason, think will work. As the entitlement that rears it’s ugly head is that we are better equipped of handling the repercussions. Where those in the mentalities of the past, end up running away when they realize they don’t have a better grasp of things. As it’s not the idealism that is the problem, it’s the person who adapted that in narcissism. Where not looking at the bigger picture, they neglect to see the things that can happen in the worst and best case scenario.

Togetherness is something that we need if we want to change these things. Not a half ass attempt to it, where we are pretending to be a part of it and then sway the other way as it doesn’t seem to be beneficial. Because the truth is that’s the selfishness talking. As we don’t seem to have patience for it to play out. The anxiety of it all makes us retreat when it’s not convenient and then attempt to try to join forces with it when we see the other side is not in our best interest. Which another thing that social norms have caused us to do is sweet talk our way of redemption when we need it. On our time table. Which once bridges are burnt there is no turning back? Right? Wrong as the one thing we also gained is that we give up immediately. Which working to build that bridge is the way to restore the allies we need to help us fight our big fight. Which another thing that becomes relevant in this. Is that we truly are a entitled society.

Every one of those instances, I can relate to said in the BuzzFeed article. Along with a few more things. When men call us crazy when we stand up for ourselves and having other women that they prey on in their vulnerability in the fear of being alone, turn against us. Which is why sexism hasn’t been fought effectively. But in the same turning table, women have also been made to be sexist toward men. Becoming man haters and stereotyping them based on behaviors and physical features. Where the truth is, when a woman is deceived is put in a much worst situation. Which is how I feel domestic violence started. As the need for freedom in a now oppressed life in your personal life, you end up in a low key Stockholm situation. Which I use to be in. I think that is why I am still single. Because if I am going to fight, I’m going hard no matter how dark things may seem. Which is maybe why I got the unwanted identity of “Girl on Fire” because like Katniss, I am going to fight for the greater good in rationality. Willing self to sacrifice my self for the greater good. It’s not about closing your eyes and hoping the dangers disappear as you personally make yourself vulnerable. It’s not about agreeing to fit in. It’s about opening your eyes and identifying these dangers and finding the relevant ways to fight back. Because facing yourself for the fairness you want to see, you start becoming stronger. Which in the best case scenario. You become unstoppable.

Recognizing these dangers shouldn’t get you scared. It should help you seeing the issues around you and looking in yourself on how you can stop it. Living in fear is no way to live. As those who claim they aren’t, show that in their act of deflection. As the gaslighting, bandwagoning is the way they attempt to infiltrate the danger. Which if someone has ill intention,, will make them act on the actions to infiltrate the attackers. Because truth is we all have experienced that. Where if we truly want to fight this. We must truly be in this together.

Published by Frieda Lopez at Frieda the Writer

Frieda López is the writer for Journey of an Unraveled Road who was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. Through her professional career in Customer Relations and Retail Management, she has utilized her experience and interactions with the behavioral patterns, which was used to start her personal journey with Journey of A Unraveled Road as her debut novel. She has completed philosophy, psychology, and theology courses at San Antonio College as well as creative writing courses. Frieda López has been a lifelong writer since 2nd grade. A survivor of childhood trauma, childhood abuse, and domestic violence, she wrote this piece, which started this book as her personal journey; works from home in San Antonio, TX.

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